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Luby’s Near Me

Luby’s is a public company in the restaurant’s industry even though it is a casual dining restaurant.  The restaurant was founded by Robert Luby back in 1947. Its first location was San Antonio, Texas in the United States of America.  Luby’s, Inc., is headquartered in Houston, Texas, in the United States. The subsidiaries of Luby’s, Inc., include Fuddruckers, Cheeseburger in paradise and Koo Koo Roo.

Ever since it grew its roots to cover a larger ground, Luby’s has been one of the most popular cafeterias and especially in Texas. This has been due to their great meals as well as their great services. The subsidiaries are also doing great in the restaurant’s industry and this, in turn, boosts the Luby’s brand, therefore, expanding it even some more.

Luby’s Near Me – Using the map

There are only four states that Luby’s operate and they are Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Mississippi. The highest number of Luby’s cafeteria is found in Texas while the other states have less than three Luby’s locations. Even so, in the cities where it is operational, it has been able to capture the attention and love of the locals. It is well loved and a lot of people like the way their meals carry that homemade ‘feel’.


Wherever you are right now, it is an important thing that you are able to track down the nearest Luby’s. You could be in a different city or a different state altogether and you want to have a meal at Luby’s. Using any of the above-mentioned methods, you will be able to find a suitable location.  By logging on to the Luby’s website, you will be able to access the list for all the places so that you can choose from or use the zip code of that area to search for a location. Using google maps will also be highly effective because it will use your current IP address to find locations closest to you right now. The results will always change depending on the where your current location is. These two methods can prove to be very effective but do not, by any chance, discredit the other means.

Other than just offering their services to the locals of a place, Luby’s also offers its culinary services on a contract basis to some institutions as well as work premises. These institutions include hospitals, schools or a workstation. It is vital that they have cafeterias where the staff can have an easy access to meals. It also takes care of corporate dining needs for different companies or establishments.

It may have been under different management but it has always stayed on top of its game keeping up with the competitions. In 2009 it faced a lot of challenges that were caused by the economic recession and they were forced to close down some of its stores; 25 to be exact. Even so, the following years were kind and it picked up again and bought Fuddruckers and Koo Koo Roo. This goes to show that Luby’s knows how to stay afloat and keep being relevant for its customer’s needs.

For all the Luby’s found in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Mississippi, it is important that they can be tracked down by its customers. Its ability to be located with a lot of ease will keep increasing its clientele as well as the fact that they are pocket-friendly.


In the event that you are a lover of Luby’s meals, you should not worry about how you will locate any of its restaurants. There are a number of ways in which this process has been made easy for anyone who is searching.  One can do one of the followings to locate its cafeterias.

Ask around: this is not as bad as it may sound. You simply have to call and ask the people you are familiar with. These people could be your friends, your relatives, your colleagues or even walk to your neighbor’s and ask them about the nearest Luby’s location around that area. Technology may have cleared off the need for this but even so, it is as effective as any other method as well as the simplest. The fact that it will give you the same results means that you should not overlook it or underestimate how effective it can be.

Use google maps: google map is an application that was developed by google. It was designed in such a way that it can generate the exact location of a place without any problems. This application is downloadable and one can get it on google play store. One can use it on their phone or can access it on their computers. Regardless of how you get access to it, the results will just be the same. All you will have to do is enter your search details which will include the name of the place you are looking for which is Luby’s restaurant. The application will then use your IP address to generate results of the search.

Usually, the results are generated based on the IP address which means the results will be all the places that are closer to where you currently are. The results will appear on a map with red pins to show the locations. Upon clicking on the pin, the map will zoom in so that the place is made perfectly clear and that the roads, streets and even lanes that lead to the place are made perfectly visible. This map will make it easy for you to find the place because as you walk or drive towards it, your position will be displayed on the map showing you where you are and where you are heading to. However, it is a must that a website has integrated google maps API in their website for this to work effectively.

Use Luby’s website: by visiting their website, you will be exposed to a number of ways that can help you in finding their locations. First of all, after logging on to their website, click the ‘locations’ category. After this page has opened, there will be three ways explaining on how to get a location. You will either click on one of the states that have been displayed on a map where Luby’s is operational. These states are Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Mississippi. You can also use their store locator. The store locator will need you to feed the information like your city, state or zip code. I would advise the use of a zip code or city to narrow down the search. The last way and the most direct is to click on a link indicated on the website so that you can view the listing for all the locations in each of the states mentioned above.  All the three methods are simple and very efficient when looking for a Luby’s location.  The fact that it is their website, not even a single location will miss and therefore, you can trust it a hundred and fifty percent.

Use other websites: there are a number of websites that have listings for different businesses, company locations as well as offer information about specific locations or places. To find Luby’s near you, one of the websites you can use is www.tripadvisor.com . This website will always prove to be sufficient and highly dependable when it comes to finding any kind of restaurant or even other types of establishments. No matter where you are, as long as you are within Texas, Mississippi or Oklahoma, Trip Advisor will generate a great result for you. You can also use www.menuis.com to find a Luby’s cafeteria in your state or city. All you will need is to enter your state or city in the search box and click the search ‘button’. In a matter of minutes, you will have your results. There are also other websites that can prove to be effective when it comes to searching for Luby’s.


As indicated above, there are a number of ways that one can use to get a location. Luby’s is only operational in Texas, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. Even so, Texas has the highest number of locations as compared to the other two. The total number across Texas is approximately over ninety. This means that finding Luby’s cafeteria in the cities found in Texas is a lot easier. This also means that their distances from where you are will be effective and definitely to your convenience.

This is as compared to those in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Mississippi which are not so many. In Oklahoma, there are only two locations while in the other two; there is only one location per state.  Meaning, that they may not as closer to you as you would like them to be. This will also mean that the one that you can get to a lot faster is the one that is near you regardless of the number of miles you will have to cover. Even so, the methods are still applicable anywhere you are. Being able to locate the places is a great thing so that you can feel safe knowing where to go in case the need for Luby’s delicacies arises.


Luby’s has upped its game so that it can stay competitive with other restaurants and this is a great thing. Luby’s has brought in a whole new experience when it comes to breakfast.  Serving breakfast as a buffet is a good thing. Every Saturday and Sunday, the customers get to enjoy the ‘All You Can Eat’ service.  The customers will be required to pay a certain standard amount so that they can eat all that they want from the selection of foods made available. In the event that you finish your food, there is some few waiting staff that can help you if you need a refill. To get the list of the locations that offer the above-mentioned service, going through their website is the best way. Eat All You Can is a deal for just the selected cafeterias and not all of them. There is a Pdf file that contains the information of the participating locations and it is found on the website. So before you head out, be sure with your facts first.