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How To Find Malls Near Me

Shopping has been described by a lot of people as a therapeutic activity and especially by women. We all know that shopping and women go hand in hand and who would blame them? After all, anything that makes you feel awesome and is positive should be practiced more often, right? that aside, Malls are basically the modern type of shopping center where a variety of things can be found in a number of shopping stores that are interconnected through walkways such that they are basically under one roof or appear to be in one way or the other.

In a shopping mall, you will be able to access a wide variety of goods and services. You can shop for clothes, shoes, bags, foodstuffs; you can access restaurants, movie theaters, drug store, salons, barber shops, and many others. It will just give you an all round experience as most things can be found or offered in malls.

It is a great experience to go to a shopping mall for all your shopping needs or for other purposes because they are peaceful in that there are no distractions from vehicles or even bicycles. This is because all the car owners that access the mall are required to park their cars in the parking lots before entering the mall. Malls are usually open Monday-Sunday except during Holiday Season in which most shopping mall hours are extended. Time schedule may differ in every countries.

In our current generation, it is a habit for most people to go to the mall for shopping and to basically hang out in theaters or restaurants and just have a good time with their friends. This has led to an increased number of malls being built all across the world today. Every country is striving to have malls to cater for its people’s needs at all times. This goes to say that one will always be able to find a mall regardless of where they will be.


In our current era, there is nothing that cannot be found as long as it is under the sun. This also applies to malls. For shopaholics, it is quite vital that they are able to locate a mall within their environment and at any time for whatever reason, they may have. Some of the basic methods you can use when trying to locate a mall around you are explained below.

Malls Near Me – Using the map

This is an application that was developed and designed by google to be a helper when it comes to finding directions to a place. Over the years it has proved to be quite effective in that it has always been able to generate the results at all time. When searching for malls, simply input the search information to the search box and click on the search ‘button’. In just a few seconds, you will have your answer and be on your way. Google map uses a person’s IP address. This address is able to let the google map know your location so that it can also generate results that are closer to where you are. The results are usually generated and displayed on a map using red images. When you zoom in the displayed location, you will be able to have a clearer view of the place as you will be able to see the streets, roads and even lanes that lead to that particular mall. If you follow the paths outlined by the map, you will be able to trace down the exact location of the mall. All you have to do is pick a location and make it your preferred destination.

Ask around: this method is very easy and can get you the desired results in just a matter of minutes. It is also very effective. There are malls everywhere in each and every town and they are several in number. Asking can get you the results so much faster that you will be on your way as soon as you are done asking. All you have to do is call your family, friends, colleagues or even neighbors and ask for a pointer in the right direction. To some greater extent, you may not even have to call them. You can just simply walk over to them and ask about the nearest mall to you and you will have an answer. The best thing about this method is that you will get to know everything about everything that pertains to that mall. All the extra information you may ever need will be made available to you. therefore, when you go to the mall you will have a clearer understanding of how it operates, the kind of experience to expect, where you will be able to locate what you are looking for and many other things.

Search the internet directly: this is one of the other easy ways. Using google search engine or the yahoo search engine, all you have to do is input the search information and in this case, it is the ‘malls near (your current location)’ followed by clicking on the search ‘button’. In just a few minutes a new page will be launched that contains the results to the search. There will be a number of results in relation to your search and you will have to go through them so that you can filter them and get to settle on one mall that pleases you.  When you settle on one of the results then you can use the google map as discussed above but this time round you will input the exact name of the mall in the search box.

Use of other websites: there are a number of websites that are amazing when it comes to listing business. Consequently, some of them have listings for malls too. These websites come in handy when looking for a mall for you to do your various shopping. The mallsandstores.com is one of the greatest websites. For this site, you will be required to input the basic information in the search boxes and they include your address/zip/postal code, city, state or your country. You will then have to specify the miles that you would like the mall to be within and then select the mall type. After all this information is input in the search box, click the search button and wait for a few seconds and the results will be generated. This website is simply genius because it gives more control over the distance.

Locationsnearmenow.net is also a great website to use. This website uses your IP address to generate a map with indications of shopping malls near you. It is a great website and pretty many works the same as the google map. www.10best.com can also come in handy when locating shopping malls or outlets. They always display the top ten best malls in different states. All the information you may need concerning the displayed mall will be made available to you. It is an easy to use website and all you have to do is sign in to be able to use it to your maximum benefit.

www.yellowpages.com is also a website with very comprehensive listings for different businesses. There are different states with cities under it and all you have to do is click on the city in which you are in indicated under your state. A new page will be launched and you get a list of all the malls in that particular city including their directions and working hours. www.tripadvisor.com is also a great website that you can use for your search. All these websites are great but even so, there are other websites on the internet that you can also use.


Regardless of where you are now, whether in a new country, state, city or town, you can be confident of the fact that you will always be able to access a mall because they are all over the world. In some countries, they may be fewer than other countries but that should not worry you. As long as you put to use either of the above-mentioned methods of search, you will be able to find a mall with a lot of ease. From where you are now, the consciousness of a shopping mall being within your environment should dominate your mind. Therefore, get searching and you will not be disappointed. It is just a matter of minutes before you find a location now in whichever place you are in. Mall locations are all over the world, you definitely find one right now.


In a bid to find the closest mall near you, you will still have to put to use one of the above-mentioned methods and find the various malls within your area first. After that, you will then filter the results to know which one is closest to you and which one is the furthest from where you are. As seen above, google map may prove to be the quite effective because of the fact that it uses a person’s IP address to generate the results making these results closer to where you are. Other than this, there is also the Malls and Stores website that is also very excellent. This is because it gives you a chance to have control over the distance of the mall. There is a provision for you to input the miles that the mall should be within and therefore you can input the shortest distance in this search box. As much as google map and Malls and Stores websites stand out, this does not mean that the other methods are less effective. They will always yield the desired results.


The nearest mall location is the one that you can get to with a lot of ease. By determining the one that is closest to you, then definitely it is the location nearest to where you are. By using either of the mentioned methods, you will be able to deduct this information without any struggles at all. All you have to do is to be keen with your search and make sure that you have all the right search information to avoid any misleading results.