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McDonalds Near Me Open Now

Looking for answer where is the closest McDonalds Near Me, one of the most famous fast food restaurants? Then your search for closest McDonalds ends here. McDonalds is truly exceptional, that is why people so often wonder where can I find mcdonald near me. McDonalds is one of the most popular places especially for kids that want to buy toys and it is also a place where people get to hang around together and is also a perfect place to stop by to buy food or to call for delivery.

McDonalds near me now

Another pro to searching McDonalds near me now is that the food is served fast and there are thousands of McDonald’s stores that it seems to follow you wherever you go. The service is pretty okay to since it is mostly self-bussing and most stores are also open for 24 hours. You can go here to study for you final exams and pull an all-nighter. Or hang out when you cannot seem to sleep.

We have provided for you Google Maps because they discover location based on your IP address or by your GPS location.

McDonalds Near Me – Using the map

McDonald’s breakfast hours

If you are wondering what are the McDonald’s breakfast hours then you have come to the right place. Every working day or from Monday till Friday McDonald’s breakfast hours are from 5:00AM to 10:30AM. On Saturday breakfast hours are from 5:00AM till 11:00AM. On Sunday McDonald’s breakfast hours are from 5:00AM untill 11:00AM

What is McDonald’s?

Well, truth be told, McDonalds is a fast food chain, a type of restaurant famous for serving food fast. It started as an American restaurant that sells hamburgers. It started around 1940 as a barbeque restaurant to which Maurice and Richard McDonald operated. Around 1948, it was reorganized as a stand for selling hamburgers.

The first official McDonald’s store opened in 1953 at Phoenix. The Businessman, Ray Kroc has joined the company in 1955 as a franchise agent and later on, purchased the chain stores from the McDonald brothers. The headquarters used to be on Oak Brook, Illinois but has plans to be moved to Chicago around 2018.

As of today, McDonald’s is said to be the world’s largest chain of fast food restaurant as it serves around 70 million customers on the 119 countries it is in, and approximately having 37,000 outlets worldwide. The place serves a lot of food such as cheeseburgers, fillets, hamburgers, French fries, wraps, soft drinks, desserts such as ice cream and pie, breakfast items, nuggets, floats and a whole lot more. In response to healthy advocacies of the people, they have decided to expand their menu and added salads, smoothies, fruit, fish and some healthy wraps. A McDonald’s branch is usually operated by the affiliate, the franchisee or the McDonald’s corporation itself.

McDonalds Menu Food History

Again, the business started around 1940 as a barbeque shop that were operated by Maurice and Richard McDonald at 1398 North E St. at West 14th Street at San Bernardino, California. They furthered the White Castle’s principles of serving food in a fast manner, or the Speedee Service System which the chain has already started two decades before. The first McDonald’s store opened in 1953 at Phoenix, Arizona. Their original mascot was named Speede, a man in a chef’s hot with a hamburger shaped head.

Yet, by 1967, this mascot, Speedee, was replaced by Ronald McDonald when the McDonalds company has filed a trademark on this clown looking man with his costumes. On the 4th of May, 1961, McDonalds has filed for the description, “Drive in Restaurant Services” which was renewed up until the end of 2009. On September of that year, the company has file for another logo trademark, an overlapping double arched M symbol. By 1962, there was a disfavor on the M symbol so it was changed into a single arched. The present version of the M symbol only appeared on the 18th of November 1968.

Around 1955, the businessman, Ray Kroc franchised the McDonald restaurant chain and placed it in Des Plaines, Illinois on the 15th of April, 1955 from the McDonald brothers. It was Kroc who developed the company and shaped it to what it is now today. Take into account the number of cases that the company is facing with the problems regarding: obesity, android obesity, unhealthy foods, use of extenders causing diseases, diabetes and such. Nevertheless, the fast food chain is still popular to a lot of people up until this day.

Facts about 24 hour McDonalds near me

At 1993, the McDonald’s company has sold around 100 billion hamburgers or more. As of today, McDonald’s is found at around 118 countries that serves around 70 million customers per day. 36, 525 restaurants are being operated worldwide and the employment is around 420,000 people. There are 6,450 company-owned chain stores, 30, 080 franchised branches, and many more. The company goes as far as to operate on other restaurants such as the Piles Café.

For so long, McDonalds has focused on its core and yet it has begun to divest itself on the other chains that it has acquired. It is said that the McDonalds company has owned a majority stocks on Chipotle Mexican grill, another famous restaurant. From then on, it has purchased many other restaurants such as Donatos Pizza and Boston Market. Some of it has been sold throughout the years while others are still owned by the company. Because of its increase in the stocks that it holds, the company made it to the S&P 500 dividend aristocrats. However, something happened and its monthly sales took a swoop down on 2012. It has plans to close around 184.


The headquarters of the McDonald’s company is a complex, McDonald’s Plaza which is located at Oak Brook, Illinois. Originally the headquarters was in Chicago Loop around 1971 but decided to move there, the former site of the stabling area of the founder of the Oak Brook, Paul Butler. Yet again, McDonalds has confirmed its plans to move its main headquarters back to Chicago but now in the West Loop. It plans to build it on the former Harpo Studios site that was owned by Oprah Winfrey at least by the year of 2018.
McDonald’s near me Products

The most common in the menu of the restaurant are the easy to eat food such as burgers, cheeseburgers, chicken fillets, nuggets, spaghetti, French fries, mashed potatoes, ice cream, pies, and the like.

In most restaurants, they also offer vegetarian items such as salads, wraps and other local products. There are also items that are offered for a limited time only such as their Shake Shake fries, their McRib Sandwich and such. Being seasonal adds more to the appeal of the said products.
A pro factor in this type of restaurant is that the consumer can opt for dine in wherein they can sit anywhere in the place and eat there or to order a take-out wherein the food is placed in a container so that it can be bought outside without hassle. For dine in meals, they are provided with a plastic tray with an insert of paper to eat on. However on take-out meals, the items are wrapped in a box or plastic depending on the type of food and handed out on a distinct McDonalds brown paper bag.

International McDonald’s near me menu variations

Some of the branches of McDonalds in different countries, especially in Asia has soup in their menu. This is a big deviation from the normal menu but the fast food chain has decided to adapt to the regional food taboos and culture in different countries such as prohibition of any beef containing food in India or the sale of Ebi Burger in Japan and Singapore. This is done in order to promote McDonalds near locations to people who are strictly religious and entice them to buy from the restaurant chain. In some restaurant chains in the European countries and Germany, they sell bear. On New Zealand, the McDonald’s sells meat pies as it affiliated the relaunch of Georgie Pie, a fast food chain that it has acquired around 1996.

In the United States, after multiple trials on some regions, they plan on offering all day breakfast menu and see if this brings in more customers or not. The challenge in this is that the eggs would not be cooked on the same time as the burgers as they have different requirements on temperature in order to be cooked.

Types of restaurants

There are different types of McDonald’s restaurants: some offers counter service, some drive thru services with outdoor or indoor settings and such. Here are some of the most common type of restaurants under McDonald’s


There are countries that have McDonalds near highways so they offer no counter service and no seats as well but just a drive thru wherein they can use their car and just buy their meals. This type of McDonald’s restaurant is called McDrive.

The McCafe is a accompaniment to the restaurant in a café style concept created by the Australia’s McDonalds branch also known as Macca. They are mostly located within the existing restaurant and sell some refreshment such as coffee, soft drinks, smoothies and the like. This is a pretty new concept and some customers are totally enticed by it.
Branches in the US
There are a lot of branches in the United States of America wherein a person can find McDonalds. Here are the numbers of restaurants to be found there. In Alaska, there are 31 branches of McDonald’s. In Alabama, there are 279 locations where McDonald’s can be found. In Arkansas, there are 184 restaurants there. In Arizona, there are 292 franchise of McDonald’s to be seen. Around California there are at least 1492 McDonald’s restaurants to be found. In Colorado there are 237 restaurants of McDonalds present. In Connecticut there are 157 McDonalds branches while 36 in the District of Columbia. There are 44 in Delaware and 986 McDonalds branches in Florida.

There are 511 in Georgia and around 65 in Hawaii. There are 173 in Iowa and 69 in Idaho. Around 738 are located in Illinois while 392 are in Indiana. There are 184 in Kansas, 261 in Kentucky, and 291 in Louisiana while 297 in Massachusetts and 375 in Maryland.
There are truly countless numbers of branches everywhere in the world. To think it has started off as a barbeque restaurant, no one would have known it would end up being the most famous fast food restaurant in the world. McDonalds is truly amazing in so many senses. Although McDonalds is facing a lot of problems as it is being accused of promoting obesity in people and such, the company is still going strong and promoting new menu line items such as salads, wraps and other healthy options to fight this notion against them. After all, giving people option is the best thing it can do in order to make its target audience a whole lot bigger than it already is.