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Mexican Food Near Me

Mexican food is truly amazing and restaurants serving Mexican food are continuously growing. When you are craving for some Mexican food and looking for Mexican Food Near Me locations, you should go try these restaurants out if you happen to be near them. Also we have provided additional information including menu choices and opening hours.

Mexican food near me – Use the Map

To find easy and fast Mexican food near me locations, simply click on the locations provided on map below and follow directions.

In order to find some of the best Mexican Food Near Me places on the map, please note that on mobile devices you should have GPS location enabled.

Mexican restaurants near me

La Hacienda

One of the restaurants that offers Mexican cuisine in Florida around Pace would be La Hacienda. Go for another restaurant with a cosy feel and yet is totally casual. They also have vegetarian options if you really want to continue to enjoy it with you friends.


If you want a restaurant that serves a variety of Mexican food and colorful margaritas and cocktails, then this should be a great find. They also offer great dessert and casual dining to suit your needs. The place is located at Chapel Hill in New York City.

El Corral

Another great find would be this restaurant that serves traditional Mexican dishes that are warm and colorful. They can be found in Decatur in Illinois. If you want to go for a beer or maybe some great dessert, then this is the place you should go to.

Perlita’s Authentic

For your burritos, tortas and other traditional Mexican specialty needs, this is one of the great restaurants to try out. The inside of the restaurant is really simple so the place is totally casual and cosy. The place offers vegetarian that are perfect for those who are on diet. They usually open at ten in the morning. The restaurant is located at Crescent City in California should you ever want to try this Mexican restaurant out.

San Jose’s Original

When you go to Clermont in Florida, you should not miss the chance to try the food of this restaurant. It offers a lot of dishes that are classic Mexican ones and margaritas and sangria. The restaurant has a great beer and cocktails to choose from. The dessert is also great enough and totally to try out. You might as well add this one to your list!

Taco restaurants near me – Mexican near me

We have prepared list of best Taco restaurants. To find closest Taco restaurant near your location simple use the map provided on Google.

To find answer to most common question where is best Mexican near me in terms of Mexican food, simple use the maps above provided.

Bario Lakewood

The taco here is amazing because it is personalized! Oh yeah, you can control everything in your taco from the flour to the beef to the chorizo and whatever it is that you want to put in your taco. Name it and they probably have it!

Taco Time

If you have kids with you and want them to eat but they are not into tacos, then you might want to go here because they also serve meals for kids and their tacos are totally fantastic! Just go to Washington, in Monroe for the taco experience you never had.

Del Taco

Your standard Mexican food is here and their taco is delicious. They have quesadillas, burritos and they also serve breakfast. You can visit them at Flagstaff in Arizona. You can eat there or get some food for to go or just go for the drive through. The place is casual and you can definitely relax there.
Taco USA

If you are into a laid back place that is totally good for kids, then might as well go here for the tacos and the Tex-Mex food that are totally crowd favorites. There are even toppings that you can choose from and you get to order burgers just as well!

Super Taco

For something down the road, the homemade Mexican meals that are offered by this place is totally a bomb. With the colors in their food and their availability from breakfast to dinner, this definitely a place to go. If you happen to come by Marble Falls in Texas you should drop by.

Top 20 best Mexican restaurants near me

Cocina de Raiz

If you want to taste gastronomic cooking in a plate and edge cutting cuisine that are Mexican and made by the famous Javier Plascencia, then you should definitely try out this restaurant indeed. You get to get a plate of acorn, beef taco and even mole negro.


When you are in Berkeley, you might want to try out this restaurant that defines what savvy is and totally redefine your knowledge on Mexican dishes. Every item on the menu will make you rediscover Mexican food in every region.


For a romantic ambiance but busy to the core and filled with people, this is your place to be. They have ducks and every dish has a twist, perfect for those adventurous tongues out there!

Sedona’s Elote

When it comes to elegance, you can never go wrong with this restaurant as they offer a lot of signature dishes that comes with that classy vibe and are amazing to the palette.

Espita Mezcaleria

In Washington, you must never miss the rice pudding that is offered by this restaurant and a whole lot more. They have delicious to the core food that will leave you asking for more.


Vintage is the right word for this place, just like wine, this is one of the best vintage buildings out there that serves the most amazing food you can ever taste. If you want that old and authentic feels then go here to taste it.

Caesars Palace

How about some pancakes that are made from blue corn for your appetizer? Or some sauce made of star anise to top off your barbequed duck? Let them shock you with their dishes.

Mi Tierra Café y Panaderia

Go for the classics of Tex-Mex food that feels like you get out of America and into Mexico for real. They offer a lot of food and when you are on your way home, just before you leave the restaurant, you might want to pick something from their bakery.


For food that is both delicious and exciting, then this is your restaurant pick. With everything that is locally grown, the food here will take you to another level of Mexican food, all in your mouth.

La Senorita

If you are up for a cantina style Mexican restaurant that features a lot of classic dishes from Mexico and tequila flights with frozen margaritas, you will surely find this place a haven. Just go to Traverse City in Miami to come and enjoy the fun like never before.


Festive feels is what define this restaurant with the family friendly food and dishes that will totally redefine what Mexican restaurants are. You should go here and try this restaurant out.


The cocktails are going to make you come back here in this traditional but casual place that serves classic Mexican food and has amazing dessert!

Ay Jalisco

For that homey feel that makes you see home far away from home, then this would be your place if you are up for some familiar Mexican favorites and a full bar that has the best beers. If you are in Sebastian in Florida, try and stop by.


They have a fireplace for those cold weather and they also have an outdoor deck. They serve authentic Mexican food that you will surely come back for. Drop by Cornwall in New York for some quiet moments.


A place that is good for the kids and has great food, this one is totally great. You can even get your food for takeaway and the place is pretty casual. Just drop by their store if you happen to be in Bulverde in Texas.

Phenix City Acapulcos

They have great beers, great cocktails and the place is totally cosy so if you want to go have some drinks with friends and enjoy great Mexican food, ask them to come here. You can find it in Phenix City in Alabama.


Tacos, margaritas and even sports TV, they have all of these plus the standard Mexican restaurant offers that will provide you a Mexican feel that you want to experience. They are located in Birmingham in Alabama and they have vegetarian options if you are one.

Villa Grande

If you want that Texas Mexican feel then you should go to this place that is an eatery that is owned by a family that has a full bar that will serve you great beer if you let them. They also have great dessert and cocktails which are definitely some things to look forward to when going at Cross Roads in Texas.

Riviera Maya

Go for all the all-time Mexican favorites at this restaurant and the great beer, cocktail and dessert selection that they have together with margaritas and the upbeat atmosphere that will help you enjoy the place even more. They have a really vibrant decoration and music that will keep you entertained. The restaurant can be found in Branchville in New Jersey if you ever think about going.

La Cocina

Another cheerful restaurant that serves Mexican food would be this La Cocina. It is located in Florida, at St. Augustine and it certainly is cosy but the surroundings are totally pleasing to the eyes and the dessert and the drinks are worth trying out.

Top 5 Google play and apple apps for Mexican restaurants or other restaurants near me

Mi Casa app

You can order ahead if you are going to the restaurant because you have an access to their full menu with this app. You even get to have a notification when your order is ready. Ordering in a restaurant has never been this easy! They also save your delivery address in your profile and you can also view those orders you already had before so no worries about typing your address over and over again or trying the same thing!

Hugo’s Restaurant App

Get a delicious yet still casual experience of how amazing their good is in a click. Check their menu on their app in order to know what you want to order before going to their restaurant. This is perfect for those that takes a long time to decide what they want.

La Galera’s Mobile App

They have a lot of authentic dishes to offer you and forget about the price because they definitely do not cost much. Let them introduce you to what Mexican food really is because as they say not every Mexican food should be hot. If you are up for paperless coupons, special offers and loyalty card, download this up now and try it out.

El Amigo App

If you want to have a festive gathering of friends and families and want to plan ahead, then go and use this app instead of going to the restaurant itself. For all those special occasions, this award winning place is the right one for you.

La Costa app

If you want to try out La Costa, the most famous Mexican restaurant in Oregon, then you should definitely try this application out because you can make your order for to-go, for dine in and even make reservations.