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Mexican restaurant near me

How to find good and also a closest Mexican restaurant near me you might ask? Here you will find answer to it and much more regarding to Mexican food. Mexican cuisine is pretty popular in the USA as it is the fusion of European, Spanish and Mesoamerican cooking altogether. The foods that are staple in it are beans, tomatoes, corn, rice and chili pepper. Nowadays, a good Mexican restaurant is pretty much one of the hype of people. Here are some of the best Mexican restaurants in the state and those that might be near you.

Mexican restaurant near me – Use the Map

To find answer to frequent question where is located closest Mexican restaurants near me, we have provided the simple solution for it. By using our interactive map below you will reach to Mexican restaurant closest to your location.

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Top 10 Mexican restaurants in the US


This restaurant is practically the best one that serves Mexican cuisine in the US. If you happen to be in New York City, then this restaurant is one that you cannot bear to miss. You get to jive into an elegant place that has fresh meat, just the right price and pristine food. Their best seller is the single corn tortillas that go as a complimentary dish with their pumpkin seed butter. Their food is totally great if you love uploading your food on Instagram and you even get to taste their corn mousse that is truly the best one ever.

Empellon Cocina

You can never go wrong with Mexican food if you go to Empellon Cocina in NYC. If you are up for sharing your food, then this is the right place as practically all they have is made for sharing. The place will give you that cosmopolitan feel that will hit you in the heart. You also get to taste their roasted carrots that are truly perfect together with their yogurt and spicy and sweet mole. They even have calamari together with nuggets and chorizo. Truly, this is one of the Mexican restaurants that New York should be proud of.


If you are into do it yourself projects and foods, then this should definitely be the restaurant to go in your list. They offer taco toppings that you can do on your own and they have salpicon dishes that are delicious. They also offer trout tostada together with avocado, chipotle and others. They make some unusual drinks with olives and citrus and other bar staples but they are truly delicious. A homey place is what this restaurant is and if you are up to relaxing, then gives it a try.


Los Angeles is not a bad place to find a Mexican restaurant and should you go craving for that cuisine then you might as well to this restaurant that serves a lot of Mexican food classics and specialty such as chicken, pork and beef meat that uses chocolate, spicy sauces and a whole lot more. Their sauces are pretty good to with their beautiful smell and their spiciness; nothing can go wrong with this now.

La Casita Mexicana

Another Mexican restaurant to go to when you are in Los Angeles is La Casita where you will find the most amazing food that is homemade and totally must taste. They have even 3 types of these moles: a traditional one called poblano and pipian that is of two types.


If you want classy and sophisticated, Topolo is your place to go. For upscale restaurants this is truly one of the best and most sought after place there is in Chicago. All the products that are used in this place are seasonal and local. No matter what you are eating, from oysters to moles and ceviche, you are sure that you have the best.

Fonda San Miguel

If you happen to be in Austin, then one of the best restaurants to get your daily dose of Mexican food would be Fonda. Imagine Mexican food being serve in a restaurant that looks like a hacienda, that is what Fonda has to offer you, include in that the weekly spread that they have. They have different menu which goes from cooked fished to chicken in sauce of mole, to onions, to olives and even capers.

Mary and Tito’s

When you are in Albuquerque you must not miss this restaurant’s cooking. They have roasted chilies so all you need to ask is green or red. They have a lot of dishes that features chili. So forget all about those boring Mexican food and welcome to the real cuisine that is for you. Go for those enchiladas, those rellenos and more. The restaurant was awarded with a James Beard Classic award and that says it all for you.

Barrio Café

Phoenix has more to offer you when it comes to Mexican restaurants with their humble café managed by Chef Esparza who is a James award nominee for four times. They serve a lot of Mexican specialties to all the Phoenicians. They offer marinated pibil, chiles, and a whole lot of artistic and colorful dishes that will not only please your eyes but please your tongues as well. If you are up for those type of food, then you must definitely come to this place.


San Francisco will not let the other states beat it down when it comes to Mexican restaurants as it also has one in its vicinity. The Nopa restaurant offers original Mexican dishes made from scratch that is sustained by organic and local ingredients. Forget about all other Mexican food you have tasted because this one will surely amaze you and make you crave for more. With their almonds, chocolate, chiles, plums and so much more spices, you should not miss any dish that gets served in this restaurant. You will realize what you have been searching for after all these years once you get a taste of their food.

Mexican restaurants near me

La Hacienda

If you are up for a Mexican restaurant that serves vegetarian dishes, then La Hacienda might just be your place to be. With its cosy and casual ambiance, this restaurant will totally give you just the right amount of pleasure with business. You can visit the place at Pace in Florida if you want more details about the food and the place.

Villa Grande

This one is designed to be an eatery that serves Mexican style dishes, the usual classics and some original dishes as well. They have a full bar that serve great beer and cocktails made just for you. They also have a patio to just gaze outside and think about the greater things in life. The dessert is also great if you want to have a try. You can find the resto at Cross Roads in Texas should you happen to be around the area.


If you happen to be in North Carolina, Chapel Hill should be one of the places to visit, especially the Guanajuato restaurant that serves a lot of margaritas that are very pleasing to the eyes with their different colors, add that with classic Mexican delights and you are good to have your night out. They also have great dessert and the place is pretty much casual to the point of relaxation.

Cristina’s Fine

This one is a chain that runs around the region of Texas in Forney and hearty meals are what they have to offer for you. They also have some traditional Mexican food and they serve margaritas that will make you pretty happy. They have this great selection of beer and a greater mix of cocktails that will go along well with your food. If you happen to be in the area, go and try this restaurant out and look what is fine.

El Potro

If you want some casual chain that serves a lot of classic dishes and you are into buffets, then you must try El Potro out in Bloomingdale in Georgia where they have an eat all you can offer for you which is totally worth what you pay for especially if you are pretty hungry. They have great dessert too plus the place is cosy so it is pretty much perfect for you.


Another Mexican restaurant in Texas, particularly in Athens is Ochoa’s where they offer you some vegetarian options and they serve you the Mexican food that you have grown to love. If you are up for the casual setting, the great cocktails and the great food, then what is there not to like about this place? You will definitely love it and want to keep on going here once you have tried it out.


In Mississippi, you will find a chain of friendly eateries that serves Mexican dishes that you will learn to love together with margaritas that are awesome. So go to Columbia and try this one out.


Do not be fooled by the name of this restaurant in Portsmouth in New Hampshire because this place serves tacos, margaritas, enchiladas and all those other Mexican classics that you love. They have vegetarian options too and their cocktails are really great. If you are looking for a casual and awesome place, this should definitely get a vote in your list.

Perlita’s Authentic

Burritos, nachos, tortas and other Mexican food, name it and they have it. The place is decorated in the simplest manner and their diner is awesome. If you have to go to California on a trip or if you live there, then this resto in Crescent city is totally a must see. You get to have your casual and cosy place together with options for your vegetarian friends.


In this Mexican resto that is Texas based you will taste food in a hacienda setting, something that is totally uncommon among Mexican restaurants so you might want to try this place out in Bartlett in Tennessee where they will offer you amazing food, cocktails, beer and most especially dessert. Go and have a great time at Abuelo’s today.
Mexican restaurants near me now

Riviera Maya

If you want an upbeat atmosphere, the ones that makes you want to dance and shout, then this place is one of the Mexican restaurants to go to with all its vibrant decoration and whatnots plus its mariachi music. In Branchville in New Jersey, you will be able to seek this cool restaurant out and taste your favorite Mexican food and some beer and cocktails to go with it.

Salty Iguana

Cheerful iguana theme is what best describes this resto with its funky decorations and classic Mexican foods that will make you want to eat some more. The place can be found in Independence in Missouri if you want to go there and just have some fun.