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Milkshakes Near Me

Best Milkshakes Near Me

Are you feeling warm? Looking for a way to refresh yourself? Step aside ice cream we’re talking about Milkshakes Near Me. I don’t know about you but milkshakes were always one of my childhood favorites. It was the perfect balance between wanting something cold like ice cream but something that lasted a bit longer and had a bit more substance. You don’t need a hot day to enjoy a milkshake.

Help Me Find Somewhere With Milkshakes Near Me

There are a number of places that actually serve milkshakes, a number of the standard fast food restaurants (more on that below) but then there are those delicious parlours and pop up stands that can make you a mean milkshake by hand with the right tools. A family member of mine actually used to run one of the stands and made some of the best milkshakes I’ve ever had, it was worth every single penny every single time. Track down the closest place to find one below.

Milkshake Flavours

Chocolate: This was honestly one of my most favorite flavors as a child. Although I don’t know if that’s original or not as I’m sure most children and even adults love the chocolate flavored milkshake.

Vanilla: While vanilla cake and most vanilla flavors were some of my favorite as a child I just could not enjoy vanilla milkshake. That’s not to say it’s not for everybody, I know a large number of people that prefer a vanilla milkshake.

Strawberry: Now this is something I shouldn’t talk until I try. I’ve honestly never had a strawberry milkshake because the idea of it seems pretty disgusting. That being said I know a lot of people that love the strawberry flavor and honestly as I age I realize how delicious strawberry smoothie would be so I can only imagine how good a strawberry milkshake would be. That being said if I’m going to have something that tastes like strawberries I would rather it be the smoothie and actually enjoy the chocolate flavor when I have a milkshake.

Go To Milkshake Locations

The following were some of my favorite spots for grabbing a decent milkshake. Not exactly the parlour or pop up shop but when you’re in a pinch or on the road, these will do!

Are Your Milkshakes Bringing The Boys To The Yard?

I obviously can’t write about milkshakes near me without bringing up the classic song. Hopefully everyone reading this actually knows what I’m talking about if you don’t you must be pretty young. Just for a sense of humor I’ve decided to share a link to the song here: Kelis – Milkshake

Milkshakes Near Me For Breakfast

Interestingly enough one of the most common meals that a milkshake will replace is actually breakfast. There was an interesting study from one of the largest fast food joints in the United States that noted a very particular time a lot of people were buying milkshakes through the drive-thru. The most common was during breakfast and more specifically the morning rush hour. It was for people that were busy and had long commutes and didn’t want to deal with a messy breakfast while they were driving. A milkshake had a lot of substance to fill people’s stomachs and was very easy to hold with one hand while driving which is what led this fast food restaurant to actually start a large billboard campaign promoting milk shakes as breakfast to a number of morning commuters.