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Mini Golf Near Me

Mini Golf Near Me Open Today

Are you looking for a little fun and tired of the usual routine? Then why not track down Mini Golf Near Me and do something different? Perhaps mini golf will become your new norm. Take the time to master a course over a few months and you can impress any date you bring there!

Mini Golf Nearby – Find Out Using The Map

Mini golf is most often found outdoors and therefore is often weather dependent. This makes the sport more popular at amusement parks and anywhere in the southern regions where snow isn’t an issue 8 months of the year like it feels like in the North. Find your local mini golf courses on the map and get out for some fun. Check out the company website and see if they have any indoor courts for you to use if the weather is a bit less than perfect!

Mini Golf Basics

There is the same goal as golf, getting the ball in the hole. That’s it, that’s what you need to do. But instead of a long line drive to start off the game, mini golf is entirely putter based.

There are usually either 9 or 18 holes (much like regular golf as well). Each time you putt you count how many times it takes to get it in the hole. However after each turn the other players get to play (although some players will let you completely finish the hole before starting theirs). Then at the end of the game the points are totalled and the lowest is the winner.

Mini Golf Rules & Types

Based on one American mini golf company (found here) these are some basic rules of play.

  1. No more than 5 people in any group (at least at one hole at a time).
  2. If the ball goes out of the “court” then there is a one stroke penalty but the ball is placed at the exit point.
  3. Only six strokes are allowed before you have to call it quits on that hole.
  4. No skipping holes – you need to try the 6 swings. Otherwise parties may end up too close together.
  5. Don’t swing your club above the knees, it’s dangerous and unnecessary.
  6. If your ball is stuck against the wall or an obstacle you can move it by one putter head length to make it easier to hit.

Mini Golf Obstacles

  • Bridges
  • Baskets
  • Castles
  • Bars
  • Spirals
  • Slides
  • Tunnels
  • Ramps

Mini Golf Function Ideas

Birthdays: Since yoiu can get a large group out to the mini golf courts it might be something fun for a birthday. Especially while you’ve got younger children and really any age after that – mini golf is always a classic. Try to call ahead of time if you have a very large group to either reserve or at the very least let them be ready for the rush.

Corporate team building: Perfect for a new team or one that’s been falling out of touch. I’ve gotten the opportunity to play a round of mini putt woth colleagues before and it was a great way to get to know each other. It doesn’t require thinking as a team but a great way to have a little fun and get to know each other. Fun for those with a slightly competitive edge as well.

First Dates: A classic first date place has always been mini putt. I remember watching television as a child and mini golf was always a go-to first date. It can even make a good second date if you find out that your date would actually enjoy it on the first day. It’s usually cute and fun no matter what but there are a select few that don’t enjoy mini golf. People will nonetheless appreciate the fun gesture.

Glow in the dark: Wile not a function itself, it is very cool and could augment to any of the above three function ideas. There are places around the country that offer indoor, glow in the dark mini golf. Definitely something worth looking into.

Popular Mini Golf Locations

You can imagine the time and investment into a mini golf course can make a very large difference. Some of the coolest and biggest mini golf locations are the three that follow.

  • Park King
  • Molten Mountain
  • Aloha Falls