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Moneygram Near Me

When in need to send secure and fast money then you might be asking yourself where can I find Moneygram near me now? We have provided for you solution including some other interesting information that you will find useful. MoneyGram is a public company that is used by people from different states, nations, countries and continents to transfer money. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. For it to be made, a fusion of two companies happened and gave birth to it. These companies are Minneapolis-based Travelers Express and Denver-based integrated payment systems Incorporation. In a list of money providers companies, MoneyGram is ranked as the second largest provider of such services in the world. For companies and even business that are always transacting money, this is by far one of the best methods available.

Moneygram near me – Use the Map

To find answer on how to find Moneygram near me now question, we have prepared a really simple and fast solution. By choosing the nearest Moneygram close to your location on the interactive map, it will be shown information on Moneygram location.

Please make sure that GPS is enabled on your mobile device in order for map to display Moneygram closest to you.

Moneygram near me location – alternatives

Wondering where to get the nearest MoneyGram? The first place you should ask for MoneyGram services is at your nearest post office as they are usually closely knit together. The probability for you to find a MoneyGram agent in a post office is almost 100%.

Products offered by Moneygram

MoneyGram offers two kinds of products; Global Funds Transfers and Financial Paper Products.


Money transfer: one can either send money to people or make payments to companies or receive payments from companies or cash from people.
Payment of bills and services rendered to one: there are bills such as electrical, water and gas bills or even house mortgages that one may need to pay, MoneyGram helps with such payments too.


Money orders: this is a kind of payment that requires being prepaid according to the amount pre-specified on the order. The reason why it is more efficient than cheques is because, working with a cheque will mean that the money is post-paid while for money orders, it is prepaid; this makes it safer.
Official checks: this is majorly in the United States


As established earlier, MoneyGram is the second-largest provider of money transfer services around the world. With this in mind, you may want to be part of the multi-billion users and you are wondering where you can get the nearest MoneyGram agent near you. Here is some awesome news for you

MoneyGram has its branches deeply rooted in more than two hundred countries and therefore what you will need is to confirm that your country is one of them. The countries that do not have MoneyGram are Afghanistan, Belarus, Libya Burma, DRC, Cuba, Republic of Congo, Cote d’Ivoire,Iraq, Iran, Northern Korea, Liberia, Rwanda, Lebanon, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Zimbabwe and Syria. All the other countries have MoneyGram, services.
MoneyGram has a rough estimate of about 347,000 offices around the world that are run by agents. This increases the chances of you having an agent close to the area where you reside in. this is just a way for the company to ensure that its roots run deeper than the competitors and therefore increasing its accessibility to all people in almost all areas.


With the rise in technology, your work has been made simpler and in some few months or years, it will have made the use of MoneyGram be in its simplest operational way. Applications have been developed that can help you handle and manage everything with just your mobile phone. Imagine being able to transact money across the world with the best money transfer company using your phone only! This is awesome, right? Having this application means that you practically have MoneyGram in your palms; in a funny way, it brings the feeling that it is actually closer to you in a way that a physical one cannot be.

The first step you will need to take is to download the MoneyGram application into your phone. These applications are found in the Apple store for Apple company products and Google play store for Android company users. Follow the following steps:
● On your mobile device, go to the applications store icon and click on it to open it.
● On the search box, type the name of the application you want; in this case, type ‘MoneyGram app’.
● The application will appear in the ‘results’ list, click on it then click ‘download’ and wait for it to download and install in your device.
Having completed all the above steps, you can now use it for your financial transactions as either a guest or a user that has been registered. However, I would advise you to register with it especially if it’s not a one-time experience. Using the above-mentioned application, there are some benefits credited to you.
● It is reliable and flexible: the application has been designed in such a way that the user can always count on it at all times, in any place they are in and whatever time they want to transact. This is as compared to the agent’s offices where there are time limits whereby an office can be open from a certain time to a specific time in the evening; you are not bound by time.
● It is very easy to use: the user interface is very friendly and one will not experience any hurdles trying to use it because it has been made simple so that everyone is in a place where they can get accustomed to it with a lot of ease.
● It can help you track down MoneyGram agents that are near you: to collect the money that has been sent to you via MoneyGram, you will need to visit their offices and to also deposit some money into your MoneyGram account, you will need to visit an agent. Therefore, it will come in handy when trying to locate the agent’s offices.
● Freedom to manage your account: in creating an account with the application as a user, you are given the upper hand in managing your account from your mobile device. You can easily monitor the activity of your account and keep track.
● You can check the status of the money transactions you have made: using the application will help you know whether the transaction is complete or whether it is pending. This way, you will always be aware of the status of your transaction at any given time.
● You can easily and conveniently pay your bills: there is nothing as comfortable and satisfying as being able to pay your bills straight from your phone and being able to trust that nothing will go wrong.
● It is not necessary for you to be registered: as mentioned earlier, you can use the application as a guest user and this goes to show that you do not necessarily need to register.
● It is a time saver: when you want to send money, you do not need to go to an agent and probably queue like other customers, you only need to reach out to your phone and make a transaction. This makes it faster.
● You need not to constantly make trips to the agent’s office to get your house in order but rather, you will only need to take your phone out and open your MoneyGram application. Also, its ability to help you locate its physical address near you is just fantastic.


Different countries have different working hours but it is important to note that in the event that you are near a 7-eleven MoneyGram Kiosk, you can use MoneyGram regardless of the time as it has stuff that works 24/7 to ensure the customer needs are met at all times.


● Fill out a form: usually, there is a form provided at the post office that will require you to fill it with some information including the amount of money you would wish to send to the recipient. In case you do not have a MoneyGram plus card, then this is your golden time, take advantage and enroll for it.
● Give the form to the person at the teller including your identification credentials like a passport, national identity card or a driver’s license and the amount of money you intend to send. Do not forget to also pay the fees for sending the money.
● A reference number will be given to you that you will need to pass it to the recipient on the other end so that they can present it before they are issued with the money. A transaction receipt will be issued too. Keep it for any future references. The process usually takes just a few minutes and it is ready to be collected.
● For other transactions in the future, having received your MoneyGram Plus card, simply present it to the postmaster for easier and faster transfer of money.
● Get the reference number: after the person has sent the money, they are usually given a reference number to pass it to the recipient before they can be issued with the money. Therefore, keep in contact with the sender.
● Fill out a form: this time round, the form that will be needed is a ‘receive’ form.
● Present the form to the postmaster together with an identification card. A passport or driving license will do just fine. This is just a formality to ensure that the right person is picking up the money.
● In the event that you do not have a MoneyGram plus card, cease the opportunity and enroll for it so that you can avoid the paperwork when collecting your money.
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This is yet another option of sending money instead of going to an agent’s office. This works in almost a similar way as using the MoneyGram application. Simply follow the following steps for a successful transaction.
● Go to the internet and search for MoneyGram online. The site will be launched after the search.
● Select the recipient on the other end. Give finer details about the person who will receive the money like their full names and also include the amount of money you intend to send to them.
● Make a choice on how to pay. The various methods available for paying include using the credit card, the debit card or simply from your bank account. Information about all the above-mentioned will need to be given clearly so that the success of the transaction is assured.
● After the above, enter the required information about yourself. This is just a ways verifying your identity. An identity card can be used, a driving license or a passport.
● Go through everything you have put down to confirm that everything is in place and click the ‘send’ button. The transaction will be completed in just a few minutes.