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Nail Salon Near Me Open Now

Nowadays, it is a trend to go to a beauty salon so you can make yourself stand out if you are going to go somewhere special such as a party, a date or just a simple outing. This is why even to the smallest details; you are going to pay money just to get it done. This is also true when it comes to nails especially for girls. This is where nails salons come in. Here are some of the things that you should know about nail salons and where to find Nail Salon Near Me.

Services Offered in Nail salon near me now

There are two primary services that are offered by a nail salon and they are: manicure and pedicure.
Manicure is the treatment offered especially for the fingernails on your hands and the hands themselves. The said treatment consists of shaping the fingernails, filing them and making sure that they are clean by removing the nonliving tissues that may surround them. It also involves massaging the hand and making sure that the skin of the hand is soft as a baby’s. Then, nail polish is applied to the nails to beautify it. The trend today is to put some art to the nail polish making them a beauty to look at.

Nail Salon Near Me – Using the map

Another treatment that is offered by a nail salon is called the pedicure. This one is the same as manicures except that it involves the nails on your toes and your feet. The reason to get a pedicure may just be to beautify your feet but it can also go a long way such as for medical reasons that prevent any nail illnesses that may occur. It is quite popular with the women as they love to keep their feet soft and presentable for all those sandals they plan to wear. The feet also goes through massaging and moisturizing and even exfoliation to remove any skin cells that are dead at the bottom of your feet.

Nail salon near me now

Simply put, what is a nail salon? It is also known as a nail bar and its specialty mostly relies on the care for the nail and sometimes they also offer services such as skin care. There are a lot of nail salons not only in America & UK, but i whole world. We have provided information on some of these famous nail salon where the employees at the said establishment are known as manicurists or nail technicians. We have provided for you an interactive map for fast and easy search of Nail salons open today near me now location.

Nail salons near me in US

There are around two hundred thousand nail salons in America and you can find them wherever you may be. Here are some of the nail salons that might be near you.

Sky Nail Salon

If you are looking for a nail salon in California and you happen to be in American Canyon, then your problem is solved as there is one near you. They are open until seven in the evening, perfect for an early date night. Go there and pamper yourself before your event and just relax yourself. You can book ahead by calling them at: +17075521288

Perfect Nails Spa

Another salon near the American Canyon area is this nail spa that will give you one of the best manicure and pedicure treatments of your life. They are also open until seven in the evening so if you want to try this one out, you can do so by contacting them at their number: +17076443662.

L.A Nails

If you are in Utah, then no need for another search for a nail spa because in American Fork, you will find one. They are open until seven in the evening so it is best to schedule ahead. But if you insist on walking in, they have no problem with that. Let the store beautify your nails as much as they can and you just go and relax yourself. You can also contact them at: +1 801-756-1980

Nails of America

When in Texas, go to the Alden Bridge Center Spring to visit this nail shop and try out their manicure and pedicure. Go with a friend or just have a satisfying time alone. They are open until seven in the evening so you have a lot of time to decide what you want. If you have made your choice, you can contact them at: +1 281-292-8085

Nails of America Spa

Another branch of Nails of America comes to another Texas location in Hancock Center in Austin. They are open until seven in the evening if you want to go and drop by. If you want it at a time specific date, you can ring them up with this number: +1 512-374-1911

Nails of America

Another branch in Texas is located at Cinco Ranch in Katy. They are also open until seven in the evening which is quite perfect for all your manicure and pedicure needs. Get a girl night out and just splurge yourself in the thousands of nail polish to pick from. You can reserve your seats by dialing them up at: +1 281-769-9200.

American Nail Salon

In the Lee Harrison Center in Virginia, Arlington to be exact, you will find a nail salon that will surely exceed all of your expectations. You have to visit their shop to find out what makes them different from the rest. Have you any questions; you can just call them up at their store number: +1 703-532-6407. Maybe it is time to try something new for once.

American Nails

Kentucky will not let Texas beat it because they also have a nail salon in Louisville. They are open until seven in the evening but it is best to contact them at their number: +1 502-451-1525 if you want to make your reservation for the day.

Da Vi Nails

Another one in American Canyon would be this nail salon. If you happen to go in California or if you live there, then there is no doubt that you are aware of this cute salon. You should definitely try this one out and may you will be one of their regulars. You can contact them at: +1 707 674 0220 if you want to set an appointment with them beforehand.

Nail and Tan

Forget the rest and go to this nail salon in San Jose if you are in California. Unlike other nail salons, they open until eight in the evening, an hour of extra services that can be offered to you. Utilize your time better by trying this salon out. You can contact them at +1 408 29 8513

Nails America

When you drop by Baltimore, you will see this nail shop there and it will catch your eye at the Joppa Corners. You can go there to have your nails done or maybe just to massage your hands and your feet. You can contact them at: +1 410 256 2665

American Nails Incorporation

In Culver City in California, you can try out a nail spa that will surely tell you a story in itself. It is open until seven in the evening so might as well try this one out if you are really into it. You can definitely ring them up at: +1 310 915 9655 to make a reservation earlier than normal.

Nail Trix

In Michigan, if you happen to be in Bloomington, you will find this nail shop that will surely give you a blast and make you feel happy even for just a day. Go and get your fingers clean and dolled up here in this cute little shop.

USA Nails

In Green Bay in Wisconsin, you will find this nail salon that may actually suit your taste for sure. They are open until late in the evening, around eight and they will give you the best time of your life for sure. You can dial her number by going for this digits: +1 920-490-7614

Exquisite Beauty Spa

In the town of Ohio, in West Chester, you will find a nail salon for your manicure and pedicure needs and even massage here and there. Just go there and try this one out. You can contact them to let them know of your arrival at the time by ringing them up at: + 1 513 779 0343

Lavish Nails

Should you go to Las Vegas in Nevada, then you should go to this salon because it is quite promising. They have nearly everything you might want to need if you ask for it. From your hands to your feet, they are truly the right nail spa for you. You can contact them up at: + 1 702 586 0888

Top 5 google play or apple store applications for nail salon near me

Here are some of the application for your phone that you might find useful when searching for the right nail salon to go to.


Do not miss a beat with this new application that lets you set appointments for your salon online via this app. They have all the top salons and professionals that will help you from your hair to your feet and everything in between. With this app, you can book the day you want to have our vacation. They even offer it for those who owns the restaurant itself; it is truly great on you.

Glam App

This one is quite high demand because with just a few click of buttons, the offering that you will get will range from the most awesome to the worst case scenario. No need to get to the salon because this app will do it for you. You get to manage your schedule and they get to fit you in it or reject you. No need to be ashamed as they do not show faces anyways.

Glam Squad

One of the best application out there is this glam squad that helps you in scheduling things your way and saving up the money you are going to use to go to the salon if you did not have this app. Now you can go through the look book of salons to find a hairstyle you want or a nail that you found quite attractive and book an appointment.


Priv is one of the services that you might want from nail salons. If you happen to live in NYC or in LA or Miami, then this application would work wonders for you from scheduling a massage to decorating your nails and such.

Style Bee

If you are in San Francisco or Los Angeles and there happened to be a surprise date and you want to look fresh and all that, you can use this app to get the best team there to give you a make over.