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Office Depot Near Me

Office Depot is a company that specializes in selling office furniture, office supplies, technology machines or equipment and the likes.  It was founded in the year 1986 by three key people; F. Patrick Sher, Stephen Dougherty and Jack Kopkin in the positions of chief executive officer, president, and vice president respectively. The first store was at Lakes Mall, Florida in the United States. Currently, it is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida in the United States.

Office Depot Near Me – Using the map

For now, thirty years, Office Depot has worked its way into becoming one of the best suppliers of office furniture and supplies. It has captured the trust and attention of people by the great customer services they offer and their trustworthy nature. Over the years, it has managed to spread its roots and cater for the needs of its clients with the numerous stores they have. In total, there are over 1900 stores that serve North America and this is without the e-commerce sites as well as other business organizations consideration.

With its ever growing influence and brand name, the company has been able to acquire a number of other companies. Its subsidiaries are OfficeMax, Grand & Toy and Viking Direct.

The company has been under a number of managements but even so, it keeps getting better and better. Always striving to give the best to its clients. The fact that they have online services, it means that regardless of it serving North America, it is capable of serving other areas and countries as well.

Office Depot prides itself in the fact that they are always on the positive side of the environment in that they always strive to never pollute the environment. The three concepts that govern their environmental programs include buying green where they invest more on initiatives that reduce their electrical consumption and carbon dioxide emission; being green and selling green whereby their products are environment-friendly.


It is vital for one to be able to track down the location of the nearest Office Depot store in their environment. You can never know when you will need to replace or buy office furniture or other office supplies. As a company, it has been around for a long while and it has built its reputation in the market. To locate their locations, you can use one of the following methods.

Ask around: this is one of the easiest, most convenient, fastest and most effective methods. For a number of people, they never consider asking for directions simply because they can get any location they want with the use of technology. However, this should not be the case. If the end results will be the same method one employs ceases to be the point of concern. All one has to do is ask your friends, relatives, neighbors or even colleagues for the direction and you will be on your way.  There is nothing embarrassing about asking. If anything it will cost you nothing.

Use of google map: google map in another very effective way of locating an Office depot around your environ. It is an application that was designed and developed by google. The user interface is very friendly and therefore allows one to use it without any struggles. This application can be accessed directly on one’s computer or can be downloaded onto one’s mobile phone or tablet via Google’s play store. Whichever method is applied, the results will be the same. An individual will be required to enter the search information in the search box and click on the search ‘button’ then wait for a few seconds and the results will be displayed. The result is always indicated on a map with red pins. When you click on these pins, the map will zoom in allowing you to have a clear view of the exact location. You will be able to see the roads, streets and even the lanes that the store is located in. this way, it will be easier for you to track down the store and do your shopping. This is because the application will give you directions as from where you currently are. If you make any wrong turns, you will know because it will be indicated on the map judging from where your position will be on the map.

Use of their store locator: office depot has a store locator that people usually use to find another store. This is because there are numerous Office Depot stores.  When using the store locator, you will be required to enter your state, city or your zip code.

This information will be used to narrow down the least so that the results generated fit squarely in your search specification which is stores within your state, city, and area. When the result is displayed, you will get the store’s phone number, the hours that the store is operational, and the directions to follow when driving. The store locator is simply genius and can be fully depended upon. This is because only a company’s website can have all the exact details about a store as well as any additional information you may require.

Use of other websites: there are other websites that can generate a listing for all Office deposit stores. It is a common practice for companies to get listed with major websites so that they can boost their chances of being found by an internet user. Needless to say that, most people think of the internet as the first place they can get information about anything they want. www.insiderpages.com is one of the websites that have listings for Office Depot stores. All you have to do is enter your city in the search box, select the state that you are in and click the search ‘button’. In a matter of seconds, you will have your results. It is a great website that lists most of the companies that sell office furniture and office supplies. www.hourscenter.com is also an amazing site to search for Office Depot. It has a total of 734 locationsthat are found in 47 states. Even though this is an incomplete list, it is a good number and you are more likely to find your answer using this site.  All you have to do is pick a state or a city from the available list and a page displaying the results will be launched containing the address as well as the business phone number. These two are more reliable when using other sites.

Use of Office Depot application: Office Depot has developed its own application that has proved to be super sufficient for its customer’s needs. The application is downloaded onto one’s phone from google play. This application will come in handy when locating an Office Depot store near you. It is easy to use and very convenient. Other than using it to find stores, you can also use it to shop for office equipment and supplies. It is a faster and also very direct. If there is any latest thing about the company, one will be able to know since the information will be accessible via the application. This is as great as visiting their website if not greater.


As mentioned earlier, there are a total of over 1900 stores. This fact means that the chances of having the store near you are increased. As long as you are located in the Northern parts of America then you are safe. By using any of the above-mentioned methods, you will be in a position to easily find a store location. The 1900 stores are well distributed across North America and therefore your search will always have an answer. Using google map is a great way in that it will use your IP address to generate an answer meaning the answer will be of all the locations near you. Using the store locator as well as their application are also great and sure ways to go about your search. Practically, all the methods will generate good results for you.


It is important to get the working hours of a store so that you can plan your visit perfectly. By visiting Office Depot website and using their store locator, you will able to not only get the location but also the working hours of that store. The Office Depot application will also give you this information about a store. Remember, all the working hours may differ depending on where the store is found. Also, by using www.hoursceter.com is a great way to go about the search process. It will give you the timings in which the store is operational during the day. You can also get the stores contact and ask about the opening as well as the closing times of the store. Whichever means you use, you will get an answer. It is important to note that having the application at hand means that you are not limited by time. You can shop at any given time as long as you wish to.


You may be in a different place from where you usually are and you need to get new furniture or office supplies from Office Depot store. It is vital that you are able to find one of their stores so that your needs are met. Any of the above-mentioned methods will work just fine for this search. Google map will use your current IP address and generate results while the rest of the methods usually use state, city or a zip code to generate results. Regardless of the method, the results will be for the locations around your present hour position. If you move, the results will also change to accommodate your new location. This way the results will be of the places near the new location. Even so, I tend to think that the mobile application has brought the store even closer to you because it is just an arm’s length away. The fact that you can shop with it without struggling it’s the nearest to you now and even later because wherever you will be, you’ll be able to buy whatever you want and just wait for its delivery.