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Office Supplies Near Me

Office Supplies Near Me Now

Are you a new hire that’s been tasked with ordering office supplies? Chances are your company has a go-to they use unless they’re looking to compare prices. Otherwise, if you’re self-employed or just looking at picking up a few items around the house you can pick some up by tracking down Office Supplies Near Me and visiting a store. Setting up a new home office? Perfect, some stores will help you through the process.

Locate An Office Supplies Retailer On The Map

There are a number of retailers out there that can sell you office supplies. Whether it’s a big box store or a specialty office supply store, you’re bound to find a few on the map. Pay careful attention to the pins you see and be sure to look into their operating hours. Big box stores might be able to stay open a bit later for you if you only need a few small items.

Common Office Supplies

There are many common office supplies that you should be able to find in almost any retailer.

  • The Pencil – Perfect for writing in extreme temperatures when ink just won’t do.
  • The Pen – While not as versatile as a pencil, it last much longer. Something you need for sure if you ever “sign” your name. Pencils fade far too easily for a legal document.
  • The Stapler – A classic that never goes out of style.
  • The Paperclip – It would be pretty disappointing for the store not to at least carry a few boxes of paperclips. Even your local convenience store should have a few.
  • Scissors – might not find everywhere but should be able to track down in most places.
  • Printing Paper – getting a bit more into specialty, less likely to find at your everyday grocery store.
  • Staples – for that stapler of course!

Fun With Office Supplies

Most people think of office supplies as something boring. That is of course unless you’re a child then it becomes almost a mini craft store with lots of neat things to put places and stick around (thank you 3M for the post-it). While they’re great for entertaining young children they can in fact be fun for the adult as well. Who’s to say you need boring “issue grade” staplers and pens? Why not mix it up and order some fun colors. Let employees pick the more permanent office supplies and add some fun to the desk!

Do I Need An Office Supply Store?

For the typical supplies you often don’t need a specific store like Staples when it comes to office supplies. That being said, even the basic stuff will often have more selection. You can probably find a portfolio at Walmart, but Staples would have an entire isle dedicated to that. Once you start talking about desks, chairs, filing cabinets, etc. it’s time to move to a specialty store for a bit of help and suggestion. They can often let you purchase with a discount if you set up recurring billing with them.

Office Supplies Retailers

There are a number of big brand office retailers throughout North American. The following is a list of some of the biggest brands in the business.

  • USA Office Supplies
  • Office Depot
  • Staples as referenced above
  • Basics (through retailers)

Can I Expense This: For Business

Absolutely. All office supplies can be expensed under an office supplies expense line. That being said, be careful when you’re buying something for the office that it doesn’t cross the line from a current expense to a capital expense. Something like office furniture (desk, chairs, etc.) as well as filing cabinets and other large items are often considered capital investments which are then depreciated over time. Your company tax department should have no problem looking after this!

If you’re a business owner running the books yourself, you can visit your government’s tax department for more information on how to properly expense your office supplies. Here is the link for the USA to the IRS. Canadians can look into the specific line item for office supplies addressed by the CRA on their website.

Can I Expense This: For Personal

Yes and no. If you’re employed you will have a difficult time expensing anything unless you work a fixed amount of time from home. At that point you can contribute certain supplies as expensed when you file your tax return. If you’re a sole proprietor then you can expense any office supply just as a corporation would.