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Olive Garden Near Me


Originally, Olive Garden is a type of fast-food restaurant that typically deals with specifically American and Italian cuisines. The first unit ever in operation with this kind of cooking was opened in Orlando in 1982. However, since then, they have gained popularity and are now expanding units worldwide.

Apart from having the usual fast food, local restaurants, and accommodation facilities that people are used to, investors are diversifying their investments to come up with different types of restaurant services. This is meant to change and trigger a different kind of demand that exist in these modern ages. The majority of the people are allocentric, and they want to try new things now and then.

Olive Garden Near Me – Using the map


This restaurant operates 14 hours around the clock. It has excellent workers that are taken through training based on the restaurant’s standards, goals, and objectives. It is one kind of restaurant that is unique and classic in its way. The employees are developed in the restaurant’s culture that is defined by how to attend to individual guests because of the common demographic trend of guests that visit the restaurant.

They have very strict rules that mostly whose motive is to serve guests in the most appropriate manner, to leave them happy and satisfied with the services offered to them. The primary goal is to make the guest whether coming from within the suburb, other parts of the country or even abroad; have a sense of belonging, to be happy about the whole experience, to leave with a smile, and always have that urge of coming back again.

The employees are always motivated to work extra hard through the daily incentives that involve free breadstick and soup after having served a guest and received a positive comment after that. Another thing is that they give a very satisfactory salary to the employees depending on qualification, hard work, and productivity.

They have several dining areas, to serve a large number of customers at a go.  During weekends, that when they have all the dining chambers occupied and they sort to have some guests to sit under artificial tree shades to have their meals eat at their liberty. Such moments are usually hard on the part of the staff because they have to walk up and down serving customers. Due to the challenge of high turn up of customers on weekends, lunch and dinner is set as a buffet, and the customers help themselves as the food is charged per plate at the cost of $25 in most of the outlets. Those who never feel like taking meals at the set buffet menu have an option of placing an A la carte order.  They order what they want and pay as per the indicated prices for the ordered meals.


These restaurants have a unique way of preparing their meals because it is a mixture of partly European ingredients and cooking styles that are combined all together to come up with the American cuisine. Examples of the types of meals prepared as American cuisine include sirloin steak served with, fries of white potato chips, carrots, French beans mixed with chives; cheeseburger in accompaniment with fries and coleslaw. Moreover, you can have roasted turkey, sweet potatoes and a green vegetable that are grilled to improve taste; as well as fried fish with scrunchions.

They also do Italian cuisine to serve the many customers that come to have breakfast, lunch or dinner at the restaurant. The Italian cuisine not only is adored by the Italians but also those who are in love with this foreign cuisine. Many people just want to break the monotony of having their traditional meals  day in, day out. That is to say; they want to try something very new and delicious. They are not only glued to the American cuisine but the Italian cuisine as well. It is made from all kinds of meat including game meat, tomatoes, and cheese. It includes bacon tenderloin served with apple-onion relish; dried sour cherry served with pistachio biscotti, meatballs with salsa verde, cabbage bean and farro soup among others.

They have diversified their menu to enable customers to have a wide variety of meals to suit their needs. Whether it is someone who is completely vegetarian or those who are in love with all sorts of meat, they all can get something to eat.  OLIVE GARDEN  should be your best choice of restaurant because they make your life better by serving you better with what you love.



How to find a nearby Olive Garden:

  1. Open the Olive Garden link (URL) on a web browser
  2. Use the link olivegarden.com/locations/location-search
  3. Enter your city, state or zip code as the search term
  4. The results will yield the Olive Gardens close to you

Remember that you can always use the same procedure to search for any Olive Garden worldwide.


Most branches of Olive Garden worldwide operate all the days of the week for efficiency purposes to the customers.  They have a standard opening time of 11.00 am and closing at 22.00 hrs between Sunday and Thursday.  However, they extend up to 23.00 hrs on Friday and Saturday.

It is recommended that one finds out the hours of operation at the nearest branch by physically visiting them or they can be comfortably checked at the website given in the link above.


Many times customers mainly want to know where the nearest Olive Garden location is. One has the option of looking it up using the internet. The best ones have excellent ratings and easily found.  What a customer needs to do is to browse for an olive garden near me, and then through google maps the client will locate as many OLIVE GARDENs as possible that are in his or her locality. Therefore, they will identify those that are near, and they can be readily available.

For example, the nearest OLIVE GARDEN to me is one in Imenti. What I need to do is to locate it using my GPRS using the term, ‘Olive Garden.’ My GPRS will direct me exactly to where it is located. In short, it is found in the eastern part of Kenya. It is located almost five kilometers from the central town. The road that leads to the restaurant is tarmacked. Customers never have rough moments driving in to have lunch or dinner. The restaurant is also located in a serene area which allows customers to have their meals in peace without too much noise from the town heavy traffic and other businesses that may disturb the peace of the customers. Imagine having your restaurant being located close to a ‘JUA KALI industry- famous name for blacksmith dealers’ or a nightclub that plays loud music, your customers will be obviously irritated.

The restaurant is elegantly built, and the olive trees are well maintained to enhance the beauty of the restaurant’s environs. They started by doing a few American cuisines like; white potato chips, fried chicken grilled vegetable and peas, hot malt chocolate, black cherry and bacon brownies, smoky pork and Boston beans and BBQ  pulled pork that the vast majority of the local people like. After the receipt from the customers, they started doing others like preparing spicy cherry tomatoes; there are Indian demographics who still visit this restaurant just to have the tasty cherry tomatoes. There is also chicken with sage and many others.

To improve their menu and attract more customers, they mix the ingredients of making a meal from traditional food as having ‘ugali or mukimo’ with BBQ pulled pork or mutton. I am one person who loves this combination very much. Thinking of that combination makes me salivate, and the next minute, I find myself driving towards that direction to have my favorite meal. The prices are fair, and most people can afford at least a plate of a meal.  The employees are very friendly, and their service is excellent. The food is delicious, and it makes one want to try a new combination every time you visit the restaurant.

Amazing Olive Garden Pictures and Photos


The restaurant was developed on a vast area of land and has enough space for all kinds of fun. It has a large parking area for customers to have their vehicles securely parked. The Olive trees provide cool shades that are always appropriate for those who may want to relax on the evergreen grass under the olive tree shadows. They also have two swimming pools, for adults and children. There are still volleyball and table tennis pitches that still exist to maintain the initial reason to start this olive garden as a recreation center. They add on the fun making of the customers because they can play the games among families as others spectate.

The Olive Garden is a beautiful place to be, and the food is complemented by other facilities available that add to the experience, making it intriguing forever.


OLIVE GARDEN restaurants are located in places where they can be easily accessible. Customers love the fact when they go to this restaurant; they tend to avoid the annoying traffic jam that harasses vehicle owners using roads in the city. So, it is easier to access suburb restaurants than those situated in the town’s CBD. Due to its location in the capital city’s outskirts, its infrastructure is well developed due availability of enough space. It has a large parking area that can be able to accommodate all of its customers’ vehicles even well all tables are fully booked.  Also, there is a playing ground for children that have facilities like bouncing castles.


The restaurant faces little or no competition. Its unique product and service that they offer make them be at the age of the contest. Their workforce is well -trained and appropriately managed to provide the best services to their customers. The location also plays a very vital role because the demand is high the product they offer, that is; the American and the Italian meals suit their target market.

The restaurant is unique and sells meals that are not available in any other restaurant in WHOLE of the eastern part of Kenya. There is no competition at all. The demand is high, and they do all that they can to diversify resources at hand to meet the high and changing demand.