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Orthodontics is a special branch of dentistry that deals with teeth and jaws that have an improper position. Orthodontists are dentists who have specialization in this field. Many of us are born with teeth that are crooked or are jutting out or those that do not complement each other. These kinds of teeth setting can cause a lot of problem like:

  1. Secondly, teeth that do not fit with each other are very difficult to clean. Oral hygiene is compromised. Eventually, you might lose the tooth or teeth to caries or other bacterial disease. Often crooked teeth are affected by periodontal disease.
  2. First of all, it causes chewing problems. In extreme cases, it is painful to chew food morsels fast and efficiently. TMJ syndrome is the most common physical aliment that might result from the stress builds up apart from other problems like pain in the cervices, shoulder and vertebral bones. Many patients with chewing problems complain headaches.
  3. Thirdly, crooked teeth can compromise your appearance.

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Use the google map for the affordable orthodontist locator near your area.

What Services Do Top Orthodontists Near Me Provide?

People suffering from tooth problem often worry whether they need to meet up with an Orthodontist or not. Following are some teeth conditions that an orthodontist can treat and cure:

  1. Crowding: This is a very common condition in patients suffering problems related to teeth settings. There are extra teeth and the dental ridge is crowded.
  2. Cross Bite: In each of our bite, the upper front teeth come down slightly in front of the lower row. This helps us to take a proper bite by resting the grinding molars on top of one another. It is difficult to chew if this condition is not satisfied. This is called a Cross Bite.
  3. Misplaced Midline: The central incisor of the upper row do not match or ‘do not line up’ with the central incisor of the lower row of teeth.
  4. Spacing: This can be seen among many of us. Small or large gaps between two consecutive teeth.  This may be a result of a lost tooth or may be present since birth due to some other dental or gum problems.
  5. Over Bite: This is the condition where the upper row of teeth juts out substantially beyond the lower row. This condition is sometimes called “buck teeth.
  6. Under Bite:  This is the condition where the lower row of teeth juts out substantially instead of touching the upper row in a mouth closed condition. This condition is sometimes termed as a “bulldog” appearance.

Can My Regular Local Dentist Help Me With My Crooked Teeth?

If you have one or many of the above problems, it is advisable to schedule a check-up with your regular dentist and know whether an orthodontist can present you with a viable solution. For example you will need an orthodontist if you are suggested braces, retainers, bite plates or Invisalign for your teeth. Choosing the best orthodontist in your city can be an difficult task. You can search in your web browser to find the right local orthodontist around your location. Most of us are not born with perfect teeth. Crooked teeth or crowded teeth sometimes add beauty to a smile. Sometimes there is no associated physical problem or it can be effectively managed by conservative techniques.