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Finding the right orthodontist for you or your child’s braces needs can be quite the process. While I never personally wore braces (although in hind-sight I wish I had) I do have a child who will need braces in the future. Fortunately, we knew this quite early and were able to plan accordingly including finding the right clinic based on our child’s needs and starting a small savings account to pay for the braces.

Now, I understand that orthodontists do much more than just braces and are excellent at preventative dental care – which is why I strongly recommend seeing one actively as a child to prevent incorrect bites, headaches, and much more.

Orthodontists Near Me – Use The App!

Find a local orthodontist by using the map below and browse from some of the local options.

Hopefully this list is able to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. You should be able to find their contact information – including phone number, email addresses, and website URL right from the map. Be sure to connect and chat with them before committing to any work.

Does my insurance cover orthodontic work?

In the USA, many dental insurance providers do cover some portion of orthodontic work – whether they are bite plates, braces, or simply preventative visits. Always be sure to check with your insurance provide, or simply ask the local orthodontist who will likely be able to help answer that question.

How can I save for Braces?

Saving for braces can be a real headache if you do not have things planned ahead a time. Fortunately, many of the orthodontist near me allow payment plans for their higher price tag services. Not all of them, so be sure to check with your local office to see if this is a possibility.

Personally, our child was 5 turning 6 when we found out that he would likely need braces. We have been putting away just a little bit of money each month in anticipation of this. While our insurance does cover some of it, it does not cover the whole thing.

Can my family dentist fit me for braces?

Not usually. Sometimes you will find a Pediatric dentist near me that also has an orthodontist in their office in order to serve their clients better, but this is a specialized part of dentistry and you will usually need to find a separate office to work with.

However, chances are your family doctor works closely with and has a local orthodontist that they can recommend for your needs.

What services does an orthodonist actually provide?

Here are some of the more popular services that an orthodonist will cover:

  • Fitting for Braces
  • Fitting for Invisalign
  • Fitting for Retainers
  • Issues with Overcrowding
  • Other Aesthetic issues

Is there usually a wait list for an orthodontist

Since orthodontists are private clinics and not provided for free from the government, there is not usually that long of a wait list to get in to see one for an assessment. While you may wait a few weeks for an appointment, it is no where near as crazy as getting in to see a free or government provided service.

Expect a bit of a wait but nothing worth worrying over.