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Party Rentals Near Me

Cheap Party Rentals Near Me

No matter the occasion, there is nothing more exciting than a gathering of friends and family. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, graduation, new baby (the list goes on), there’s always a reason to celebrate. Sometimes however the occasion calls for more than just getting together and talking or sharing a drink. For those special events or just to spruce things up, track down a company offering party rentals near me and start planning. They can often provide tips for your party as well.

Finding that perfect party rental company near me doesn’t have to be a challenge. Start local, so you can actually go look at the supplies you’re renting and make sure it’s perfect for your party. There are many great shops that would be happy to help.

Party Rentals Near Me – Using The Map

Using the above Google Map, you can find the closest party rental store near you. You can find open hours, the locations, phone numbers, and more right from the map results. This is the easiest way to find a store that will rent you party supplies.

Tent Rentals

This is likely the number one sale for all party rental companies, and why we’re dedicating a page to it. Tents are needed no matter the occasion. While they’re perfect for events, they’re also great for at-home parties. Serving food? Setting up tables? Risk of weather? Find tent rentals near me in order to ensure you get the perfect tent for your party!

Top Brands & Online Stores In Party Rentals

Here are a few of the leading brands you’re likely to find at a local party supply store. Also included in this list is a few of the top stores for picking up a few items online.

  • Inflatable Depot – Inflatables and other accesories
  • Top Craft – Tents and chairs
  • Bose – AV equipment
  • Amazon – Small table toppers

Making the most out of your party

1. Pick a theme

Instead of trying to think of all the pieces you might want to make your party a success, start with a theme. It might be somewhat cliche, but choosing a thing will make every other decision that might easier. Anytime you have a decision to make, just ask yourself, does it fit with the theme? Yes. Then go for it!

2. DIY – Save big on the budget

If you’re on a budget, trying making the small stuff on your own. While renting the big items such as a tent, A/V equipment and any fun supplies might be a must, the smaller items can often be made by hand to cut down on a few costs so that you can afford great supplies.

3. Safety First

a) Children’s Party

This is obvious that safety should be a concern. The biggest part of this is around water and ensuring all children remain safe if you are renting a pool or anything involving water. Falling and chocking hazards are also among the top concerns.

b) Adult’s Party

Don’t drink and drive. Period. If it seems like a long night of drinks ahead, ensure people are arranging drives home or have a place to stay. If it’s at your house, it’s your responsibility. Try keeping a key box for people to leave their keys when they get in. That way you won’t be the one responsible for any drinking and driving. Not to mention it’s the best way to ensure everyone get homes safe.

4. Get the appropriate supplies

Hosting a college graduation party? Bring on the bouncy castle!

It’s important to actually think about the purpose of the party being held and ensuring the relevant supplies are rented. While I am sure new grads would actually love a bouncy castle at their graduation party, it doesn’t exactly fit with everyone’s taste. Take the time to ensure all rental requests are appropriate to avoid any last minute exchanges!

5. Put yourself in the guests’ perspective

Wondering what people would love to see at your party? Simple. Just think about what you’d want to see if you went. If you were graduating, what sort of decorations would you expect? What would take the party to the next level?