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PetSmart Near Me

Petsmart is a private company under the retail industry that was founded in the year 1986 by W.R. Ford Smith II and Jim Dougherty. The headquarters of the company is located in Phoenix, Arizona in the United States. This company is known for its excellence in supplying pets’ products as well as supporting animal shelters so that they can collectively provide the homeless pets a perfect home and family through adoptions. Over the years, the company has grown so much to an extent that it is able to take care of a large number of people by its vast number of stores making up a total of 1352 locations as of 2014. Other than just pet supplies they also offer services such as pet grooming and pet training to equip them with special skills.

PetSmart Near Me – Using the map

These vast numbers of locations are well distributed across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.  They primarily deal with cats and dogs but even so, they also have other types of animals that they sell to the public and that include birds, fishes, amphibians, reptiles as well as guinea pigs, chinchillas, gerbils, just to mention a few.

Petsmart has been able to build its brand and for this course, it has been popular among pet owners. Their charity organization is also very popular for the help it offers to pet rescue groups and this has seen to it that more pets are finding loving homes to live in where they are taken care of and fed properly.

For all the above reasons, it is important that a person is able to find a Petsmart store in their environment.


Are you looking for the nearest Petsmart to get the supplies you need for your pet? Well, we have you covered. There are quite a number of ways that you can go about finding the location to their number of stores. The ways to use are simple and can be applied by anyone at any given time. The ways include:

Traditional ‘asking around’ method: this is one of the simplest methods that you can employ when searching for a PetSmart store location. All you need to do is to walk to someone or pick up your phone and call someone. I know with the advancement of technology, there is little room left for human interactions let alone asking for direction. One can practically get anything they want on the internet. For some people, this has made them shun asking around for directions as they feel it makes them look stupid. This should not be the case. The technology was developed to make life easier, not make people feel silly for doing normal things.  If you are shy of asking strangers for directions, then you can ask the people whom you are used to like friends, family, colleagues and relatives. As long as it will give you the desired results, you can always use it.

Use of google maps: google map is an effective and efficient application that was designed and developed by google to help people when it comes to finding places anywhere on planet earth. As an application, you can either use it on your computer or download it to your mobile device. To download it, you will have to go to google play store so as to have access to it. When using this application, you have to feed into the search box your search information and then click the search ‘button’.

It will just be a matter of seconds and you will have your answer. Google map always uses a person’s IP address to give back the feedback of the search results. Usually, the results are presented as a map with red pins pointing out the places found to correspond you search. You will be required to click on one of these pins and the map will zoom in. this will enable you to view the more up-close. You will see the different roads, streets, and lanes that can lead you to the store. By following the paths indicated on the map, you will be able to locate a PetSmart store with a lot of ease without getting lost at any given time. The user-friendly nature of this application makes it super easy to use and anyone can be able to find great results while using google map.

Use PetSmart store locator: most companies have built websites that help them provide their services better and more efficiently as they are capable of reaching a lot of people through the internet. By logging onto PetSmart’s website, you will be able to use their store locator to find a PetSmart location near you. For their store locator, the information that you will need includes your city or your zip code. This information is input in the search box and then the search ‘button’ is clicked. You will have to wait for a couple of seconds so that you can get the results. This is a very reliable method as well as 100% accurate. What better way to get information about something than through the website of their company? This means that you can also access some other information that may come in handy during the search information that can prove to be very vital for you.  The store locator also has a provision for inputting the miles you would wish the store to cover from where you are now. This means that you are directly involved in determining the most convenient distance for you. The search will, therefore, give you results that are closer to your location.

Use of other websites: there are some other websites that have listings for different types of businesses. These websites have proven to be reliable when one is in search of such businesses. Petsmart has also been listed by a number of websites. www.hsoyuma.com is one site that you can find PetSmart locations. It is an animal shelter under Humane Society of Yuma. By logging onto their website you will be able to get some great results for your search. www.hours-location.com is also another website that you can use to find PetSmart location at any given time. You will simply have to enter the relevant search information which primarily is the name of the store as well as the city, state or zip code.  Your results will be displayed a few seconds later upon clicking the search ‘button’.  This website will provide you with the addresses, contact information as well as the working hours of the store. You should also note that the store working hours may always vary depending on the location of the store.


Whenever you find yourself in a new place for whatever reason, be calm because you will be able to get the supplies you need for your pet. It is obvious that around the place where you reside, you know exactly where to find the nearest PetSmart store to you. Being in a different environment should not by any means worried you and wondering where you will get the supplies you need. By using any of the above methods you will be able to locate the nearest PetSmart to where you currently are. If you are shy when it comes to asking around, you can always use google maps, PetSmart store locator or other websites for your search. Regardless of the method used, you will be able to get the same results. The reason why I would recommend using their store locator is because they have a provision for one to determine the distance that the store should cover from where they currently are. This brings the search results closer to ‘home’. Google map will also be equally effective as it will also bring you results for the stores closest to your current location because of the IP address it uses. Even so, this does not by any chance suggest that the other methods are any less effective as they will all give you the same results which are a PetSmart store near you. All you have to do is be very accurate with your search information so that you can get the best results that are consistent with your desires at all times.


Petsmart has a branch that specifically deals with providing homeless pets a safe and secure home where they can have a loving family that will take care of it. Primarily, Petsmart provides space for local groups involved in rescuing pets as well as donate to them supplies like foods, litter and many other things. Whenever a pet is adopted by a family or an individual, the money for the adoption is usually kept by the rescue group for further developments. Anyone who adopts a pet is given a book that will provide them with information to help them take better care of the pets. As of the year 2016, a total of over 7 million pets had been adopted through PetSmart and this just goes to show how dedicated they are at taking care of these animals.

By visiting Petsmart charities organization website, you will be able to use their store locator to find the nearest adoption facility closer to where you are. Once logged in, you will either have to find an adoption center by clicking on ‘find an adoption center’, find a pet by clicking on the ‘find pet’ button or find a local facility near you by clicking its button. Either way, you will find the results you are looking for. On the website, you will also be able to make any donations in the event that you wish to.


It is very wise to always find out the hours that a store is operational so that you can have an ample time preparing for a visit to that store. Using the Petsmart store locator you will be able to get results of the locations as well as the working hours of the store. Also, using www.hours-location.com, you will also be able to get the working hours of the different stores. Even so, it is important to note that the working hours will always differ depending on the location. You can also contact the stores directly to find out about their working hours so that you can be 100% sure of all things.