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How to find pharmacy near me people usually ask themselves when in need for some quick medical help or advise. There are a number of products and services you may need that can easily be taken care of at a local pharmacy store instead of going to the local health care facility and queue. In the event that it is just a simple thing you need to get or taken care of, pharmacies come in handy and make it easier for you.

Pharmacy near me now – Use the Map

When looking pharmacy near your location now then have a look at interactive map provided below. Just click or select desired closest Pharmacy location and the map will provide you with more information about pharmacy and direction how to reach them.

To have map working properly and showing closest Pharmacy near you now, please make sure GPS is enabled on your mobile device.


There are a number of services offered at a pharmacy store that is profiting to the people. All these pharmacies can only become operational if they are registered with General Pharmaceutical Council, a body that regulates the pharmacy professionals.

● Provide with over the counter medications: there are some drugs that do not need special prescriptions from a health care provider. An example is flu medication, cold medications, certain painkillers or certain antibiotics. With the help and guidance of the pharmacist (a specialist trained in the safety and the use of medication effectively), one can get such drugs and treat themselves.

● Give out prescribed medications: there are some other medications that require special prescriptions from specialists for them to be sold to an individual. An example is a psychotic medication. Having a pharmacy store that can refill the prescriptions can be a great advantage.

● Carry out specific tests: there are certain drug stores that carry out specific tests like pregnancy tests, blood sugar tests, blood pressure tests or even urinalysis tests. These are simple tests that require easily available reagents. Even better, the pharmacies that offer these services usually have qualified medical practitioners that can handle the tests.
● Advice on the use of certain medications as well s their side effects: there are some drugs that a pharmacist can give more insight in regards to it. In the event that you have questions about a certain drug, the best person to shade some light on it is a pharmacist. There are also numerous side effects that are associated with some drugs and a pharmacist is able to advise you on them so that you can be aware of what to expect when you start the medication.
● Advice on the course to take for conditions that are minor: there are certain conditions that do not necessarily need a specialist to advise you on but anyone who has some background information about it and has a little knowledge about it. In this case, a pharmacist will come in handy.
● Advice on how to live a healthy life: there are certain things one can do to stay healthy generally and they include certain supplements that can be accessed at the pharmacy store. A pharmacist is in a better position to advise you on their use and benefits so that you can enjoy good health.

● Immunizations: there are some requirements for people to get immunization against certain diseases and especially for infants, and these vaccinations are for protection against Hepatitis A and B, HPV (Human papillomavirus) IPV (Polio), Meningitis, Pneumonia and many others.
In trying to locate the nearest pharmacy around you, google maps can be of a great advantage to you as it makes your work easier by finding the various pharmacy locations. There are also other websites like the example of a National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) that can help you locate a nearby pharmacy by simply entering your State, City or Zip code and a listing of pharmacies near (around the United States) you will be generated. Also, a website like GoodRx can be of great help as it has a vast number of listings for pharmacies and you are more likely to find what your heart desires. In trying to get deeper with the search so as to separate those that serve for 24-hours a day, one can visit First Quarter Finance website whereby they have a listing of the different 24-hour pharmacy stores as well as those that serve for longer hours but not necessarily 24-hours a day.


The people’s lifestyles keep changing and this trickles down to how they spend their time. people are no longer tied down to the 8am-5pm kind of lifestyle anymore as they are always moving even at night and this calls for service providers to run stores for all the twenty-four hours in a day and pharmacy stores cannot afford to be left behind. Someone may develop an emergency late at night or may require something from the drug store but were unable to get it during the day and especially prescriptions, having a pharmacy store around that can offer those services late at night is a relief. In recent times, a number of pharmacy stores that offer services for 24-hours have emerged and their popularity has increased as they are constantly proving to be effective, efficient and greatly reliable. The pharmacy companies below have most of their vast locations providing 24-hour services and therefore in the case of an emergency, you will not fail to get help from any of them. Some of these stores include;


It is one of the biggest pharmacy companies and has its headquarters in Deerfield, Illinois, United States. They have staffs that work around the clock to meet your needs. Some of the services offered include medical inquiries through physicians, shots for flu treatment, treatment for illnesses that do not require specialists and if they do, you will be referred to one. At Walgreens, you can pay using cheques, gift cards, credit cards, debit cards or cash money. In the event that you have an insurance policy, several insurance covers are accepted there and for further details on this, their website will give you more information concerning the same.

Rite aid

This drug store company has its headquarters in East Pennsboro Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania; it is a Fortune 500 drug company that serves the United States with a vast number of locations amounting to 4553. They offer services such as immunization against certain diseases especially for infants, toddlers, and young children, travel vaccinations as there are certain countries one cannot visit them unless they get specified vaccine shots, prescription refills, inquiries and also the treatment of some other illnesses that are minor. The methods of payment include credit o debit cards, gift cards or cash money. They also accept specific insurance plans. For more information, visit their website to get finer details on their services and payment plans, www.riteaid.com.


This is yet another popular 24-hour pharmacy store where you can get services like screenings for cholesterol levels, blood pressure, blood sugar and much more, immunizations against diseases and home deliveries of certain specific medications. Home delivery is one of their best features; it saves one so much trouble. Their payment plans include insurance covers, credit and debit cards, cash money and gift cards. For further information concerning the services and payment plans, kindly visit their website www.jeweloscopharmacies.com.


This is a great pharmacy store that has also managed to build its reputation over the years and stay competitive in the market. The other services other than the normal include immunizations, health screenings, inquiries about one’s diets and also in-store clinic services. The modes of payment include cash payments, credit or debit cards, cheques and also gift cards. To get more information you can visit their website www.hy-vee.com/health/pharmacy .


This is one of the greatest pharmacies that serve the European markets and it has grown so much to a point where it supports many other pharmacy members that are independent the total number being approximately 6,000 in countries like Czech Republic, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Turkey, and Romania. Some of the services offered at Alphega pharmacy include vaccinations against flu, use of drugs services, drinking awareness service, screening for allergies, diabetes risk awareness and many others. The mode of payments used includes credit cards, debit cards, cash money and some others. For more information visit www.alphega-pharmacy.co.uk.

This is a pharmacy company that was founded fifty-three years ago and is headquartered in 1 CVC Drive, Woonsocket, Rhode Island, United States. Since it was founded to the present time, it has grown to be the largest pharmacy companies that serve the United States with a total number of nine thousand six hundred stores across the United States as of last year. According to Fortune 500, it is the 7th largest US Corporation. The various locations also offer 24-hour services to its vast number of customers, some of the services they offer include immunization against diseases, treatment of minor diseases and infections, health screening, carrying out of specific tests and culture, physical examination and much more. Their modes of payment include debit and credit cards, cash, insurance plans, and gift cards. For further information concerning the services or payment plans visit www.cvs.com .

Walmart is a public company under the retail industry. It operates a vast number of chain hypermarkets, discount departments, and grocery stores. Their pharmacies are found in the department stores and they offer services at affordable prices. As of the last year 2016, there were 11,666 stores making it one of largest companies in the world according to the Fortune Global 500. it operates as Walmart in the United States and Canada, In Japan as Seiyu Group, Walmart de Mexico y Centroamerica in Mexico and Central America, in the United Kingdom as Asda and as Best Price in India. Some of the services offered. The pharmacies are not open 24-hours a day but they run until late in the night, from 9.00am-9.00pm and the services they offer include shots for flu, clinics that area in-store, home delivery for specifically qualified medications and much more other than the normal pharmacy services. The methods of payment that are acceptable at Walmart include credit and debit cards, cash money, gift cards and cheques. Specific insurance plans are also listed as a means of payments and therefore any further details required on the same will be gotten on their website, www.walmart.com/cp/pharmacy.