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We can segregate the whole urban human population into two basic classes: the foodie or the not-so-foodie group. But whichever group you belong, a large buffet of warm pizza is sure to make you feel hungry and tempted sinfully. A circular pizza boldly representing a singular recipe has the capability to attract all even when it belongs to someone else’s plate. We are talking of a variety of pizzas with different recipes just laid down to be chosen and eaten. In a pizza buffet, you can visit each counter and taste a completely different recipe, satisfy your curiosity and your overwhelming desire. Just search the web with the exact key phrase ‘pizza buffet near me’. If your current location is being recognized by the web software, then you will be directed to the nearby confectioneries or restaurants that are having a pizza buffet on that day.

Perfect Pizza Buffets Near Me – Use Google Map To Find Pizza Buffet Locations Near You

The History of Pizza As We Know

Margherita is the mother of all modern pizzas. Yes, the simple mozzarella cheese, tomato and basil pizza that many of us still like the most. It was born in 1889 in Naples when Queen Margherita visited the country. We can all celebrate our occasions and visit a nearby pizza buffet around your location.

Know The Basic Pizza Elements

The basic structure that qualifies a food to be a pizza is:

  1. The crust which is a flat, round bread should be made with wheat, water and yeast.
  2. The sauce has to be thick and principally made of tomatoes seasoned with herbs and spices. The latter two ingredients are being modified to cultivate a variety of taste.
  3. The cheese can be called the heart of any pizza. Six types of cheese or a combination can be used like Mozzarella, Cheddar, Feta, Parmesan, Ricotta and Monterey.
  4. Toppings can be of various types. Herbs, spices, vegetables, meat, sea food, nuts, fruits and even chocolates and marshmallows. In a pizza buffet, you will find all the evolved varieties. Just take one triangular piece form each recipe and customize your own pizza. They often finish a pizza with an extra coating of melted, dripping cheese.

The Common Concern: Is Eating Pizza Healthy?

  1. Eating pizza once a week can be healthy. Olive oil, garlic, oregano, mozzarella cheese are some essential components in a pizza that contain multiple important nutrients. Oregano is a good source for manganese and vitamin K while garlic contains vitamin C and selenium.
  2. Pizza contains a high amount of fat, salt and refined carbohydrate. If you are an ardent fan of this menu and you eat it often, then you need to choose your ingredients in a correct way to stay healthy.  Eat the low-fat cheese variety with vegetable toppings.

The Italian Pizza Styles of Today

Today, every country has own pizza variety. Italy itself has two pizza styles:

  1. The classic Neapolitan style is considered to be a food heritage.
  2. The most popular Lazio style originated in Rome. Rectangular forms are also available.