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Pizza Buffet Near Me

Best Pizza Buffet Near Me – Eat Your Heart Out

If you’re at all like me, or most people for that matter, you’ve always loved finding a delicious Pizza Buffet Near Me to satisfy that deep dish craving! Most of the time the actual restaurant didn’t matter, I just wanted all I could eat pizza. Because let me tell you, that was a lot of pizza!

I Want To Find A Pizza Buffet Near Me

It can be confusing enough in your own hometown which restaurants are currently offering a buffet and at which times. Is it just a lunch buffet or can you go in the evenings? If it’s in the evenings, is it only on the weekend? There are so many questions, which is why no matter whether you’re on the go or sitting at home, we suggest picking the closest (or best sounding) pin on the map and calling them to ask these questions. You don’t want to show up just to find out they don’t have it on! Most places won’t run them all the time.

Common Buffet Pizzas

A big part of the types of pizza you can find in a pizza buffet near me depends on where you are, but the following are the standard go-to’s for many restaurants!

Cheese: Surprisingly not the most common when it comes to a buffet, but it can usually be requested. There’s usually a rotating cheese pizza in the mix, so if you see it out and you’re a vegetarian looking for the cheese, grab some when you see it!

Pepperoni: Definitely one of the most common buffet pizzas (likely one of the most common pizzas made in general). This classic is usually on constant rotation at any buffet.

Meats: Very common in the rotation, but the actual meat toppings depend on location. Most places will do pepperoni with salami and often bacon. The fourth topping (if there is one) is then either beef crumble or Italian sausage.

Combo: A great way to get some meat and veggies on the go! This is a staple in the rotation and most places have it as a constant stream.

Hawaiian: There’s always a fun pizza in the mix at a buffet. While it’s not always Hawaiian (and sometimes they rotate through “different than usual” pizza), from what I’ve seen (and I’ve had my share of pizza buffets), is that Hawaiian is a classic.

Garlic / Bread Sticks: Depending on what city or region you live in there will likely be some sort of bread stick or garlic finger option. In cities where garlic fingers are popular this will always be coming out in a constant stream of cheesy goodness.

Dessert Pizza: There’s always a dessert pizza. You can’t have dinner without a dessert so expect some sort of apple strudel pizza or cinnamon roll style pizza. Whether or not it’s that popular, there’s always a hot dessert pizza on.

There are many other options with most buffets such as salads and pastas, but we’re not here to talk about that!

Classic Pizza Styles

New York Style: I always used to think this was a fancy way to say “thin crust” and while that is the most important part of a New York style pizza, it’s not the only thing that makes it.

Pictou County Pizza: Some of the most expensive pizza you will come across. This rural community in Nova Scotia has a special kind of sauce called “the brown sauce” as opposed to the classic red tomato sauce on most pizzas. It’s out of this world and a slice is strongly recommended. They also bake toppings underneath the cheese and always use Brothers Pepperoni from Halifax, NS.Chicago Deep Dish: A classic you have to try the next time you’re in Chicago. Ever hear someone say “Pizza Pie” or refer to pizza as a pie? I like to think this comes back to Chicago and the deep dish pizza. Think of a pie with fillings and a pie crust, but instead the filling is pizza toppings (say the meat and cheese and tomato sauce) and the crust is a pizza topping crust. Whether you think you’ll like it or not, you have to try it once!

Famous Pizzerias

There are a number of famous pizzerias around the world. Some you might have heard of already and some maybe not. But rest assured if you ever visit these neighborhoods and ask a local “is there a good pizza joint around here?” then they will definitely reference one of these great spots.

  • Pepe in Grani (Naples)
  • Story Deli (London)
  • Starita (Italy)
  • Patsy’s (New York)
  • Zuppardi’s Apizza (New Haven – Boston)
  • Santarpio’s Pizza (Boston)
  • Pizzeria Roma (Rome)
  • Pequod’s Pizza (Chicago)
  • Acropole Pizza (Nova Scotia)

While these are the regionally famous pizzerias, it’s not to say there aren’t hundreds of thousands of other delicious places to order a great slice of ‘za.

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