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How to find Pizza near me open now? If you are looking for pizza restaurants near your location that deliver 24 hours, just use the below map to locate them.

Pizza History: Where Did Pizza Started?

Pizza is known to be one of the most sought-after food in the world so it is no surprise that a lot of people claim they have made the world’s real pizza such as Italy. In the US, there are two major types of pizza. The pizza with the traditional toppings and the thicker crust covered in cheese.

Use this map to find pizza restaurants near your location that are open now:

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Pizza in the Early Age

The most basic form of pizza has a long history in the Mediterranean, tracing back as far as the Phoenicians and Greeks. This pizza was prepared on a hot stone and seasoned with herbs. Moreover, it was often utilized as an edible plate for various dishes and would be the same to modern focaccia.

Throughout the middle ages, pizza became likely the ones we’re familiar with today. The dough would be topped with herbs and olive oil for food. Once the Indian water buffalo was presented, mozzarella became the main ingredient on pizza and paved the way for more cheeses.

In the eighteenth and nineteenth century, the tomato became an integral part of food in Italy, and the pizza we know today was born. Moreover, in the 1500s, lots of people thought tomatoes were poisonous.

The Traditional Pizza

The margarita pizza was one of the most standard styles, commercialized by Queen Margherita. Today’s Italian pizzas, however, come in many flavors, frequently influenced by the region where they were innate. The pizza marinara in Neopolitan is right in garlic, anchovies, and oregano. On the other hand, the pizza of Napoli includes anchovies, mozzarella, and tomato.

Other nations used more exotic ingredients. Verona makes use of mushrooms, Capricciosa made use of olives, hard-boiled eggs, and artichoke hearts while Sicily made use of everything from peas to seafood. Different varieties of cheese became famous as well.

The New Trend

If you visit a pizzeria today, you would surely be thrilled at the variety of pizza available. Whether it’s arugula cherry tomatoes or other varieties of cheeses, you’re certain to find something that will please your taste buds. Also, some of the cousins of the Italian pizza are becoming famous too, like calzones filled with vegetables and meat or dessert pizza featuring sweets like yogurt and honey.

If you plan to try pizza while in Italy, bear in mind that Italian pizza is all delicate size. Everybody at the table must order their own, and be prepared for the best pizza they’ve ever eaten. When you’ve tried conventional Italian pizza, you’ll never like to go back to anything else.