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PNC Bank Near Me Open Now

PNC Financial Services Group, Inc., known as simply PNC by its customers is an American bank that offers financial services to a lot of people. It was founded in the year 1845 and the first predecessors were Pittsburgh National Corporation and also Provident National Corporation.  Its headquarters is found in Tower at PNC Plaza Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States.

PNC bank has been one of the greatest service providers to the people for a very long time and it has always been able to provide the very best to its client. With the ever growing clientele, the bank has grown the number of branches to be approximately 2600 both online and also mobile services combined together. Other than having the branches, they have also invested a lot in ensuring that their clients can easily withdraw money at ATM’s and for this course, they have approximately 9000 ATM’s.

PNC Bank Near Me – Using the map


It is quite vital for people who bank with PNC to be able to find their locations wherever they go and at all times. There are a number of ways that one can go about it so that they have an easier time locating the bank. These methods that can be employed for this search are as explained below.

Use of google map: this is an application that was designed and developed by google for such cases. It has always proved to be sufficient, effective and efficient when it comes to searching for places and locations regardless of where an individual is. It is a great tool as it always generates results as long as what you are looking for is under the sun. This application can be used directly from one’s computer or can be downloaded to a person’s mobile device. To download it, one has to log on to google play, search for it then download it.

The final step is installing it to your phone and it will be ready for use. When using this application, you will have to feed the search information into the search box and in this particular case it is ‘PNC bank’ then click the search ‘button’ and wait for your answer to be generated. Usually, this application uses a person’s IP address to generate the results. This means that the results will be the locations that are closer to your IP address which kind of gives your location.  The results are usually displayed on a map using red pins. You can then zoom in the map so that you can have a clear view of the exact place meaning you will be able to see the roads, streets as well as lanes that can lead you to a PNC bank near you. You should use this map as your guide and you will not lose your way and end up in the wrong place.

Ask around: you can also use this method and it will give you the results that you want. For some people, this is out of the question because they have been enabled by technology and have been made self-sufficient. This is a very wrong mentality because this method will also give you results. It is a simple yet a very effective method to use. All you have to do is call your family, friends, neighbors or even colleagues. At some other times, you may not even have to call them but to just walk up to them and ask about the location of a PNC bank.

PNC finder application: PNC bank has developed their application that helps their customers find locations of the numerous PNC banks and ATM’s. This application can be downloaded to one’s mobile device by either accessing it via google play store for android users or in App store for iPhone users. It is simple to use and comes in handy. All you have to do is to launch the application by clicking on it. Once this is done, you are required to hold the mobile device vertically on your hands and wait for the results to be generated. This application is designed such that it is able to use your GPS to generate the results. This application has a great user interface and it is also very easy to navigate. The application will use a blue pin and a blue circle marked with letter A to show nearby ATM’s while it will use an orange pin and an orange circle marked with letter B to indicate nearby branches.

Use of specific websites: there are quite a number of websites that are capable of providing you with listings for PNC bank branches and ATM’s. www.us.banklocations.com is one of such websites. This is quite effective as it gives you the freedom to control the distance you want the bank to be within. There is a search box where you have to input the number of miles and another one to input your zip code or city. After feeding in all the information, you can then click the search ‘button’ and wait for a few seconds for your results to be generated.  This site has a total of 2677 listings of PNC bank branches and you will be sure to find a perfect location. www.bankbranchlocator.com is also another great website to use in your search. It has a total of 2581 listings in just 25 states. The list of states is indicated on the web sites as well as the number of PNC branches available in that particular state.

This site will also offer you some very vital information about PNC bank that will be of great help to you. www.hourscenter.com is also an amazing site to use.  It has a total of 10608 locations of PNC banks in 23 states. This is simply amazing as it increases the chances of you finding a location that is convenient and in a very easy manner. You can either select the states that you are in or search by the major cities listed on the site. You will be able to get a lot of information that can prove to be very vital to you like their direction, their working hours and also their address.


As stated earlier, PNC bank has a total of approximately more than 2600 branches (inclusive of online services as well as the mobile services) and also approximately 9000 ATM’s. All these have been very effective in serving its customers. It is very easy for one to find the location for the different PNC bank branches within their environment. Whether you are looking for an ATM machine or the physical branch, you should not worry about it. By using any of the above-mentioned methods, you will be able to locate either of the two. Google map will help you find a nearer location of PNC bank to where you are in just a few minutes and it is actually good because of the use of a person’s IP address. Having the application on hand is also very efficient and very effective and will save you a lot of time. All in all, the above methods are excellent in finding a location.


There are a vast number of PNC branches that is capable of taking care of all the large number of clients they have. The vast number of branches, in a way, help ensure that they are closer to the people and this is a good thing because sometimes you may need their services a lot faster and urgently. Being able to just access it easily and faster is just amazing. As you carry out your search using google maps, their application, and other websites or by asking around, the location that you can get to faster after assessing all the other options is just the one that is closest to you. Regardless of the distance, you have to cover; it will still bear the title ‘closest’ because when compared to others, you can easily get to it a lot faster.


The nearest PNC bank from where you are is the one that takes care of your distance needs. By this, I mean the one that you can comfortably get too easily. All you have to do is to search for the one that is nearer to your location as compared to the others. By using any of the discussed methods, you can easily know which one is nearer to you so that you can get to it and access their services. Whether you are looking for an ATM or an actual bank, these methods got you covered all the way.


The PNC Bank is well liked and has grown so much that it is always ranked at the top position in the United States. Basing on the number of branches, this bank has been ranked at position five in United States, by the amount of deposits, it is ranked at position six, in terms of all the total assets it has, it is ranked at position nine and when it comes to ranking by the off-premises, it has been ranked third largest. This just goes to show you how successful it is at handling its business at all the times.

There are a number of services that PNC bank offers to its clients and they include retail banking, PNC credit card, PNC business credit, Corporate and institutional banking, PNC mortgage, PNC global investment servicing, and PNC real estate/midland loan services just to mention a few.

All the above services apply to a lot of individuals as well as companies and being able to depend on PNC is a great thing for people. PNC is a bank that is guided by great work ethics as well as excellent customer relations. Some of its great qualities set it apart from other banks and this is just amazing. For this reason, it has been a very important factor for its customers to be able to locate their locations with a lot of ease and also in a faster way. In this article, we will show you just how simple it is to find the location of the nearest PNC bank to you and even their ATMs.