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Locate easily Post office near me, for the moments when you feel like sending the person you like a letter. Find US Post office near me, when you just want to send your friends and family some post card when you are far away. Or maybe you want to send a care package to your best friend because she is going through a phase of life. This is when the US Postal services comes into the picture, by helping your package get to the person you want to send it to.

The United States Postal Service or the USPS or also known as the US Mail, the Post Office or the Postal Service is an agency of the US government that operates independently and is responsible for providing the postal service within the United States. It is one of the government agency that is authorized by the Constitution.

Find a Post Office Near Me – Find Post with Map.

To find US post locations simply use the interactive map provided for you below. Please note to have GPS location enabled on your mobile device so it can automatically find nearest post office locations near you.

US Post office

The United States Mail or the United States Postal Service can be traced using its roots around 1775 where Benjamin Franklin was first appointed as the first postmaster general. The Post Office Department was then created around 1972. Around 1971, it has transformed into the USPS, an agency of the government.

As of 2015, it has 617,254 employees and 211,264 operational vehicles. It is the operator of the largest vehicle fleet in the world. The agency is obligated to serve all Americans, wherever they may be at a uniform quality and price. It has an exclusive access to any letter boxes that is marked US mail and any personal letterboxes within the US but is still competing with various private package delivery such as the UPS or the United Parcel Service which makes use of FedEx Express.
Ever since the early 1980’s, there has been may tax subsidies to the USPS that has been reduced or even eliminated to enforce that the delivery service is first class. The USPS has been serving for a very long time and is still serving the people of the United States up until now with its quality service and friendly people.

The UPSP locator – United States Postal Service locator

To find self-service kiosk & USPS centers near your location then you can also use official USPS locator. It can help you find USPS centers near you by entering data such as ZIP code, state & city.

History of United States Postal Service – UPSP

It started in the North American colonies wherein the first attempts to make a postal service were initiated. These attempts were really small scale and usually involve a colony such as Massachusetts Bay Colony. By setting up a location around Boston wherein one can send a letter back to England.

Some attempted to dedicate a postal service within larger colonies like Virginia and Massachusetts. The problem was the limited scope within the places and it was hard to run a postal service between two places of long distance. However some independent postal routs were operated in 1693 around Boston to New York City.
There were only a few trickle of governmental letters or business letters that were exchanged before the Revolution. The mail went back to counting houses and forth to government offices located in London. The Revolution, made the new information hub in Philadelphia. The postal system then became a necessity.

Journalists took some lead and secured legislation regarding post offices so that they can reach their subscribers at a very low fee and to exchange news using newspapers within the 13 states. This lead to the formation of the United States Post Office which was then created on the 26th day of July, 1775 by the decree of the Second Continental Congress. It was then headed by Benjamin Franklin although the takeover was rather brief. Individuals such as Benjamin Franklin were postmasters who tried to manage the mails that were sent to them.
The official post office which is also known as the USPOD, the US Post Office Department was made in 1072. It was based on the authority of the constitution that allowed the Congress to establish post offices and post roads. The law expanded the network for postal service and charged newspaper editors at a very low rate and also guaranteed the security of personal information and personal privacy at a very low cost.
A man named Rufus Easton was appointed as the as the first postmaster of St. Louis and build the very first post office located west of Mississippi. He was also appointed as the judge of the Louisiana territory.

In order to cover very long distances, the US Post Office tried to use the hub and spoke system wherein Washington was used as the hub sorting center. Around 1869, there were 27,000 post offices that needed to be dealt with and so the mail sorting were done in specialized mail cars called the RPOs or the Railway Post Offices. After that, in 1863, free mail delivery also became popular.
19th century
Throughout the years, the postal system has totally played its part in the expansion of the state which made way to create a fast, inexpensive and convenient communication system. Letters originating from settlers provided some information that encourage the increase in migration to the US and it helped the families to stay in touch with each other and helped the entrepreneurs to have constant communication with the wholesalers and factories back in the east. The postal service also serves as assistant to the Army to expand their control in some western territories.
It also played a crucial part in spreading the circulation of newspapers via mail like the New York Weekly Tribune with the help of different politicians in the states. The postal service has truly done a lot of service to the community that helped the US get to where it is right as of the moment.
The POD or the Post Office Department was expanded when President Andrew Jackson took his position. There were difficulties that came along the expansion like lack of transportation and employees.
Around 1847, the issuance of stamps where required and then the first stamp was offered for sale on the 1st of July, 1947 in New York City. There were 5 cents stamps for letters less than 28 g or 1 oz and travelling maximum of 300 miles and 10 cent stamps for those travelling farther.

Around the same year, the US Mail Steamship Company has acquired a contract allowing it to carry US mails from New York to California using stops in Havana and New Orleans. On the very same year, the Pacific Mail Steamship Company has also acquired the right to carry mail under a contract from the US Government from the Isthmus of Panama to California.
Rail cars that were design to distribute mail while they are rolling were introduced soon after. The employees sorted mail during their journey to the destination and some of the employees that were most skilled were made to be RMS sorter.
It was necessary for an RMS sorter to separate mail as fast as possible depending on its final destination before it arrives at its first destination. The work rate consisted of around 600 pieces per hour. The employees were tested regularly regarding their accuracy rate and their speed. That were some hard requirements to come by but with dedication and practice, most of the employees were able to keep their work.

Types of postal facilities

The USPS has different type of services and other postal facilities and some of them are:
The main post office, which is referred to as the general post office which is the postal facility is the primary one that is being operated in the community.
The post office branch is the facility that operates within certain limits within the community which is quite similar to the main post office.
The classified unit is the branch of the post office that is operated by the employees of the USPS and is leased or owned by the USPS itself.
The contract postal unit or the CPU is the branch that is operated by the contactor which is normally on another place.

The CPO or the community post office is the postal unit that provides mailing services in small and rural places wherein other classes of post office has been stopped.
A finance unit is a branch that provides the acceptance of mails but do not provide any sort of delivery and some window service as well.
The VPO or the village post office is the local government or business center that helps in providing postal service within the village with the help of the USPS. This was first named as a help of the USPS to accommodate village post office in accepting their proper role using a zip code.
The PDC or the processing and distribution facility was known as the general mail facility and it is the branch that processes any outgoing and incoming mail from and to the designed service areas.

The SCF or the sectional center facility is the branch designated to be defined by using three digit ZIP code that will identify their geographical area.

The ISC or the international service center is the one that is responsible for all the processing of international mails. There are only 5 of them in the USPS and they are located in New York, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The network distribution center, which was also known as the bulk mail center or the BMC is the central mail that processes all the parcels that are in bulk rate and then sends it to the hub for further processing.
The ASF or the auxiliary sorting facility it the one that is the hub used by the BMC for processing the rate of parcels that are in bulk.
The REC or the remote encoding center is the facility that receives any mail problems such as hard to read addresses, blurred writings and such and then secures all internet type feeds and transcribe them manually to be able to decipher the addresses. There are around 55

The United States Postal Services is one of the leading mail service in the US as it comes in a very low price and is guaranteed to serve you in a fast manner. The low cost is because it is under the government and so there are tax subsidies. Up until today, it is still the best one in sending mails to your loved ones within the State so if you want to tell someone you love them, go make a letter and drop it by.