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Propane Refill Near Me

Propane Refill Near Me – Gas Stations & Stores with Refueling Tanks

Hopefully this isn’t an urgent search! It’s not uncommon that so many of us don’t even think about a Propane Refill Near Me until we run out! A quick word of advice, even though it might have a bit more of an upfront cost (and you’ll need to store it), is to purchase a backup tank. Then if you run out while the grill is hot you can swap it out and get the fire burning again quickly. Then just make sure you fill up the first tank again as soon as you can to keep it as the next backup. That way you’re never stuck!

Where Can I Find A Propane Refill Near Me Location

Most gas stations will have a propane refill station, but be careful because not all of them will! There are many big names that will have a separate section on their lot for propane, often tucked in the back or on the side. A lot of times even a convenience store or box store will have one too. Check out the map to see what comes up in your area.

Can I Fill The Propane Myself?

Not usually. Due to many safety regulations, especially in Canada, USA, UK and Australia (and New Zealand!), the store owner will likely need to do the refill for you. That way they can make sure the gas is handled properly and you don’t accidently overfill your tank. It might seem like an inconvenience when your grill fires out and you’re in a hurry, but it’s best for everyone. It’s simply due to the complex compound structure of propane that you don’t often get to handle it on your own – especially within someone else’s business!

There are two very common options for a refill in terms of what it will cost you.How Am I Charged For A Propane Refill?

Flat Rate: This is when no matter how full your tank is you will pay the same amount anytime you want a store to top it up. If you let your tank run empty this is often the best option in terms of value. If you’re being proactive and refilling it before it’s empty there’s a chance it’s not as low as you thought and you’re paying a high fixed fee to top up not much gas.

Variable Rate: This depends on the cost of the propane and how much you need. If you’re worried you have at least a half tank left, then it might not cost you that much. Places are getting out of variable pricing for propane and moving towards refill charges.

Replacement Costs: This is more common at your local convenience store. You’ll ofte need to “purchase” a propane rank with a large deposit. Then you can bring it in and exchange the old tank for a new one for a replacement cost. If you then decide you don’t want the tank anymore you can sometimes get the deposit back, but oddly enough not always. This was more common many years ago but is slowly being faced out as refill costs are declining relative to replacement costs.

Neighborhood Gas Stations That Might Refill Propane

When you’re in need of a propane refill near me, many gas stations can answer the call. There are many gas stations that offer propane refills, but not all of them and not in all locations. Track one down close to you from the list below and give them a shout to see if they offer such a service. There are also many stores (convenience stores) and big box stores that might offer this kind of service as well.

  • Esso
  • Shell
  • Sunoco
  • Petro-Canada
  • Some Walmarts
  • Some Canadian Tires
  • Costco

Where Can I Store My Propane Tank?

The rules for propane tanks are relatively straight forward. There are two basic situations when it comes to a BBQ propane tank (or any propane tank for that matter).

Situation 1: Brining the BBQ inside.

If you’re considering packing your BBQ in for the winter due to the snow or cold weather and don’t plan on using it, then bringing it in is an easy way to keep the BBQ safe and rust free. Many people take them in throughout the winter and store them in the basement or even a garage or storage shed. In fact some people store them in sheds throughout grilling season as well. No matter the reason for bringing it in, the propane tank must stay outside. I’ll say that again because it’s so important. The propane tank must stay outside. Whether you have one or two, you must leave the tank outside and never bring it into a building, shed or even small storage space if there’s walls around it. It’s not worth the risk. A leaking tank could cause oxygen loss and brain damage if you’re inside and risks explosion from sparks. If it’s outside, any issues such as a leak just go into the air and won’t pose as big of a risk. Keep it close to an overhang or other protective elements but never inside an enclosed space.

Situation 2: Storing the BBQ outside.

Many people actually BBQ throughout the winter and as a result keep their BBQ outside. While there is nothing wrong with this, it will definitely take a lot more propane to keep that grill hot if you’re cooking in freezing temperatures. Regardless, the best thing for the propane tank is to keep it connected to your grill and keep that grill covered with a cover or tarp while it’s not in use. You don’t want it getting exposed to too many elements, it will rust out your BBQ too fast. And again, that backup tank has to be left outside and not in any sort of structure due to safety concerns. Keep it close to a building and under an overhang if possible, but never inside.