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Propane Refills Near Me

Find A Local Propane Refill Station Near Your Area

Are you searching for ‘propane refills near me’? Are you aware of the advantages and the disadvantages of propane refills? This article will help you understand them for a safe and economical usage.

 The Prologue:

We commonly know propane gas as LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas. It is stored in cylinders under pressure and hence maintains its liquid state. This gas is an effective and reliable source of energy. We are heavily dependent on this gas for our day to day activity. It is economical both in terms of money and energy consumption, safe and easy to use. Some of the common usage areas of propane in residential spheres are:

  1. Water Heating
  2. Space Heating like through fireplaces and furnaces
  3. In Ovens and Cooktops for cooking food
  4. Clothes dryers

Propane Fuel Stations Near Me – Use Google Map To Find Propane Gas Tanks & Refills Near You

Find the closest Propane fuel stations near you with the help of Propane refill station locator

How To Get More Propane Supply When Your Tank Is Empty?

There are two methods in this regard:

  1. Propane Refill: You need to bring your empty tank to the propane retailer. The employee will refill your tank with the help of a dispenser.
  2. Propane Exchange: You need to bring your empty tank to the supplier or propane retailer. He will replace your old tank with a new one that is already filled up. For searching the propane exchange near me, just head to the web and search for it.

The Advantages of A Propane Refill

  1. It is a cheaper method when compared to tank exchange.
  2. You pay only for the gas you buy. This means that you can bring a partially filled tank to the retailer. He will weigh it accurately and let you know how much you need to pay. Generally, it is $18.50 for a full tank. In fact, if you have a whole set of 5 or more tanks, some retailers are known to give a discount for filling them up. A standard propane tank weighs 15 lbs and can be filled with 3.53 gallons of gas. In case of the tank exchange service, you have to pay in full even if your tank is partially empty.

The Disadvantages of A Propane Refill

  1. The wait hours in the retailers shop is usually long.
  2. Number of locations where there is set up for a refill is lesser than that of tank exchange service. In the latter case, there are thousands of retailers all across the United States. As a matter of fact, tank exchange service centers are larger in number when compared to refill centers.
  3. Hours of operations are also quite restricted. In many, tank exchange centers, the service is open for 24 hours. Thus if it is an emergency, you might have to go for tank exchange instead of tank refill.
  4. The retailers will need a certificate for your tank before they begin the refill process.
  5. Few ounces of propane are always lost in the process.

It appears from the above discussion that, a tank refill is cheaper than a tank exchange. However, the process of refill can be tedious to some extent. There is also the issue of certification.