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Publix Near Me

Publix Super Markets, Inc., also known as Publix is a brand name for a number of supermarkets that are operational in the United States in the following specific states; Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina. In this year, 2017, there are plans underway to expand to Virginia.  This supermarket is entirely owned by the employees who are working there as well as those who ever worked there.  It was first established by George W. Jenkins in the year 1930 and it is headquartered at Lakeland in Florida.

Publix Near Me – Using the map

With its rapid growth over the years, the company has grown so big that it ranks as one of the biggest companies in the world that are entirely owned by employees. As though that is not enough, in the year 2015, Forbes gave it to position 8 as one of the largest private companies in America. For Fortune Magazine, it ranked 67 in the year 2016 as the top 100 best companies you can possibly work for.

Publix store numbers

Publix has quite a number of stores in the above-mentioned states, 1144 to be exact. It is also an employer of around 189,000 people. The store offers quite a number of products and they include pharmacy products, bakery, western union services, money order processing, dry ice, sushi, lottery tickets, liquor, grocery, seafood, frozen food, deli, and snacks just to mention a few.

Ever since it came to be, the supermarket has always provided quality services and products to its consumers and there have never been any disappointments over the years. They are a dependable company and continually prove to be so as the days go by. In an attempt to improve its services, PublixDirect was introduced so that there as home delivery of groceries to their customers after making an online purchase.  Even so, it did not go so smoothly and the program was shut. However, in 2016, they teamed up with Instacart so the same services can be provided, this time more effectively. This time around the idea took off greatly and it has been functioning effectively up to date. The company is even considering the expansion of these home delivery services to other cities. This will be a great thing to do because most of their customers from areas that do not offer delivery services long to have them so that the trips to the supermarket can be reduced and time saved for other engagements.


There are quite a number of ways that are easy as well as effective and extremely helpful when you need to locate a Publix Supermarket near you. You can never know where you will end up by the end of the day, and especially if you are always traveling. Even so, these methods of locating Publics store got you covered.  Whichever one you choose you will be able to find an answer to your search.
Use of google maps: this is yet another very effective way of locating a Publix store. Over the years google maps have proved itself worthy of anyone’s time and effort. It always gives accurate results all the times. Google map can be used on a computer or downloaded onto one’s phone through google play store or apple store. This application has been designed in such a way that is easy to use and you only need the name of the place you are looking for. The results generated are always displayed on a map using a red pin.  These results are usually generated by the use of one’s IP address. Upon clicking on the red pin, the map zooms in so that the exact location is displayed clearly. You will be able to tell the road, street or lane in which the Publix store is located. You will also be in a position to go to the store by following the routes indicated when you are using your mobile device. On that map, your location in relation to the store will also be indicated. This way you will not lose your way because you will always have a guide.

Ask around: this is a good place to start. For those of you who are not afraid of asking for directions, this is a perfect way to begin. With the introduction of technology, everything has been made easier including finding places. For most people, this has made them reluctant to approach people and ask for direction as they would rather use technology. Even so, this does not make this method any less efficient or effective. It will still get you an answer and especially if your mobile phone battery is dead or there is a power outage in your area. I know it rarely happens, but it could. Then you will be forced to ask around.  In case you are afraid of asking strangers, you can ask friends, relatives or even colleagues.

Use their store locator: Publix has a store locator that works to help people find locations of their stores wherever they are. The store locator is simple and can be used by anyone. The information required is your state, your city, and your zip code or the store number and you are ready to make a search. Simply input the relevant information on the search box and click on the search ‘button’.  Wait for a few seconds and your results will be generated. You will get the store name, the address as well as the contacts.  From all the answers generated, you will be able to choose one store that you will want to visit. This is an effective method and it is always sufficiently accurate due to the fact that they are the owners of the stores.

Use the Publix application: every company is taking the advancements in technology very seriously and they are coming with new ways to ensure they reach their clients at all times. With the development of applications, this has been made possible. Publix application can be downloaded onto one’s mobile phone by visiting google play store. Having this application on your phone brings the store even closer to you; it brings it to your palms.  With the application, you will be able to search for stores wherever you will be at any given time and you will be sure to get the most accurate results. Other than just the store location, you can also use the application to shop at Publix online store with a lot of ease as well as get notifications of any ongoing offers like coupons. The application makes one feel more in touch with the store.

Use of other websites: there are also a number of websites that you can use and one of them is www.loc8nearme.com. This website has listed over 1120 Publix stores across the United States. You will only require your address to be able to use this website to generate appropriate results. You can also visit hours-locations.com. You will be required to enter your state, city or zip code in the search box and then click on the search ‘button’ for your search to be carried out. In no time you will have your search results. This site will also give you their working hours so that you can know the best times to go to the stores.


As stated earlier there states that have Publix stores include Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and North Carolina. For as long as you are in these areas, you are in luck to find a Publix store near you. The vast number of locations makes it even easier to locate it in your environment. Using either of the above-mentioned methods, you are in a great position to find the location of a public store near you. All you will need is your state, city, zip code, store number or just your address and you will be able to run a search through one of the technological methods explained above. Alternatively, you can ask around and you will still come to the same answer.


Wherever you are right now, a need may arise and you have to visit a Publix store to get some services that will help or supplies that will help take care of the need. In whichever state you find yourself in, as long as it is one of the above, you will be able to locate a store. From right where you are now, simply use google maps, Publix application, Publix store locator or one of the other mentioned websites to find a location. The results that you will receive will be a great lead. You will get addresses to the different store locations and to a greater extent, the business phone numbers. Trust me, you cannot get lost if you clearly follow the lead.


Publix has grown so much over the years that it begun to offer home delivery services of groceries to its clients. Publix has teamed up with a number of delivery companies to bring these services to their consumers. Some of the companies include Instacart and Shipt. By visiting www.instacart.com/publix, you will be able to find the different cities that have home delivery services in these states; Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina.

You are required to log on to the website and purchase all that you may require from the different categories. After the purchase, the grocery is delivered to you an hour later to your doorsteps. The grocery should be above $10 and some delivery charges may be incurred for the whole process to go smoothly.

In the event that you are a meticulous person, especially when it comes to your grocery, then kindly avoid this service. A lot of people like to be the ones to pick their own fruits and vegetables because they do not trust the choices that other people make. For such a case, kindly visit the nearest Publix to avoid any sort of disappointments. Even so, you can trust the people that make the grocery choices for you because they will never deliver grocery that is not up to standard. On a brighter side, it is good to just sit back and relax and wait for the grocery instead of going out each and every time.