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Puppies for Sale Near Me

Puppies for Sale Near Me In 2020

Dogs are called human’s best friends, and they deserve this title. According to research, dogs are the only animal on the earth who loves their owner more than he loves himself. Dogs are intelligent, caring, loyal and playful all at the same time. This makes them the best pets for you and your family. However, all dogs’ breeds are not the same in terms of their nature and habits. Some are more playful and friendly while others like to be left alone. You must keep these things in mind before you get your four legs friend.

If you have a child at home, then you need to be even more careful when choosing a dog. Dogs come in a wide range of breeds. Some breeds of dogs can fit in your pocket while other is as tall as a horse. Let’s have a look at some of the best dog breeds for your kids which can become their perfect playmate and a caring friend.

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Labrador Retriever

Labradors are everyone’s favorite. They are affectionate and playful dogs and are full of energy. Labradors are known for their love for children. It can also be trained very quickly because of its fast learning nature. She loves swimming and running all day long. All this makes Labradors a great choice. These are some of the puppies that I want near me and my family.


This gentle breed of dog is an ideal choice for your kids. Mastiffs are known for their good nature. He loves to be around people and playing with children. Mastiffs are intelligent, and they can even take care of your home in your absence.


Pugs are cute and medium-sized dogs with beautiful and adorable eyes. They will become a member of your family in puppies for sale2no time. Pugs are gentle with children and can tolerate their cute activities. Your kids will also feel more comfortable with a pug because they almost look like a soft toy.


Boxers love human children and this quality of boxers given them a place in this list. Boxers are energetic species, and they do good exercise and walk regularly.

Golden Retriever

There is something unique about the Golden’s that’s the reason why it is the most popular dog breed in the United States. These dogs love to interact with human and are very playful with kids. Affectionate, loving and attractive Golden Retriever will become your child’s best friend in no time.


Don’t confuse with the size of Newfoundland. They are a really playful family dog. Newfoundland is enormous however their nature is opposite. He enjoys nothing more than pulling your kids on a sled.


The black and white spotted Dalmatian is a perfect addition to your family. Adorable and energetic these dogs are fun loving and playful. You kids will enjoy a good fun time with them.


When talking about friendly dog breeds you just can’t ignore mixed breeds. However always keep in minds that mid to large size dogs of this breed are a better fit for a family with children.
These are some of the most friendly puppies for sale with whom your kids are safe.