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QT Gas Station Near Me

What is QT and how can I locate QT Gas Station Near Me now you might be asking yourself? Quick Trip, commonly known as QT is a private company that came to be in the year 1958. The founders of TQ Company are Chester Cadieuxand Burt Holmes. As of the present, the headquarters of QT is found in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the same place it was founded.  The total number of locations that QT operates is 953 with a total number of 20,920 employees across its vast locations. As a gasoline distributor, QT has always labeled its product as ‘high quality’ and indeed it has stuck to being high quality throughout the years. This is primarily what has set them above other gasoline companies in the market. Other than gasoline, they also offer fast foods such that their customers can have an ‘all-round’ experience with them at all times. All of QT’s customers are always satisfied with the services offered as well as the prices for the gas and for these reasons, they are always looking for QT gas stations at all times for their gas needs. The reason why, it is vital to be able to locate them with ease.


Are you looking for your favorite gas refilling station? Are you looking for your favorite QT gas station? You are in luck as there are a number of ways that you can go about finding a QT gas station location. Thanks to  technology that has made it simpler than ever before. Some of the methods you can use are:

Use of google maps: google map is an application that has been designed and developed by google to aid man in their search for locations and places under the sun. This application has stood the test of time and it always proves to be highly dependable and always capable of giving you the best results ever. Using the ‘searchers’ IP address, it is capable of displaying all the nearest locations that you are looking for, in this particular case, QT gas station. Usually, after entering the search information and clicking the ‘search’ button, your results will be displayed after a few seconds. The results are displayed using a red pin on a map.

QT Gas Station Near Me – Using the map

You are required to click on the red pin so that the map can zoom in giving you a clearer view of the QT gas station location. You will be able to see the road, street, and even the lane that it is located. Having all this information, you can now go forth and refill your vehicle as you will use the map as a guide. By following the guidance of the map, you will not lose your path as your position in relation to the gas station will be indicated on the map.

Use of QT store locator: this is yet another amazing method that will guarantee your 100% error free results for your search. The store locator is found on their websites and you can easily access it by logging on to their website at any given time.  All you will have to do is feed in your search details which will include your zip code or city as well as your search radius then click on the search ‘button’. It will only take a few minutes before you get your results and you will be on your way to the nearest QT gas station.

The benefit of using this method is that you will also get to know more about the gas stations other than their locations. Also, in the event that there are new developments or there is an offer in regards to that store, you will also know because it will always be uploaded on the website.

Use of other websites: there are a number of websites that have listings for different kinds of business establishments. These websites come in handy when looking for such establishments because they can give you the details that you have been looking for from the word go. These websites are not owned by QT but they will give you all the information you need about QT gas stations. One of the websites includes find.mapmuse.com. This site will always give you a list of all the QT stores locations in every state and therefore your search information is what will filter it. The search information necessary for this site includes your city, state or zip code.   Using the code will always narrow down the search results as compared to using your city or state as they will give you all the QT gas stations in that state or city when you only want those found around where you are now.

Using www.hours-locations.com is also another great website that helps you find QT gas stations with a lot of ease. Just like the above-mentioned website, you will also need a search information for you to get the best results. You will only need the name of the store you are searching for and in this case, it is QT gas station and also your city, state or zip code. By inputting all the above click on the search ‘button’ and wait for some seconds for your results. This site will give the address, the contact information, as well as the working hours of the QT gas stations, searched for.  www.mapquest.comand www.yelp.com are also some other websites that you can use for your search without being disappointed. Yelp will provide you with reviews from other QT users and this will be an added advantage for you as you will know exactly what to expect.
Use of QT google application: QT has developed its own application that usually helps a lot of its customers when it comes to finding their locations across the states that they serve.  This mobile application can be downloaded onto a person’s phone by visiting google play store. It is effective and equally efficient and dependable as the website is. Having this application makes it super easy for the customers to know any latest information concerning QT. if there are any deals, coupons or offers, then one can be able to know anytime they use this application.

Traditional ‘asking around’ method: yes I know I said technology made things easier, even so, this does not rule out this method of trying to locate a place. For many people, it never really sits well with them when it comes to asking around for direction because one may look silly. This should not be the case. When using this method, if you are not comfortable with asking the stranger walking on the road or seated outside the store, kindly ask your relatives, friends, colleagues or someone you have interacted with before. This way it will feel less awkward. This method is super easy and it can get you the results as fast as possible. It is effective, efficient and highly dependable.  As long as it is going to give you the expected results, you should give it a try.


QT gas stations are located in a number of states and they are Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Kansas, North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Iowa. Therefore, to be sure that there is a QT gas station location near you, you have to be sure that you live in one of these areas. For you to be able to find the locations, the above-mentioned methods are applicable at all times. All you will need  to do is to search the information as this will be the guide to the kind of answer you will receive. Remember that using technology and especially computers or to a greater extent a mobile phone, the principle of garbage in-garbage out is applicable. This means that you have to feed in the right kind of information at all the time, having the right search information will yield the results that you intended to have and you will be on your way to the QT location you want.

Remember, the high number of gas stations means that you will be able to find the different locations with so much ease. As much as this great number will increase the chances for you finding the locations, it will also increase the chances of the locations being closer to you as compared to if they were scarce in number.


It really does not matter where you are, all that matters is that you are able to find a QT gas station in the states that have their services. Whichever place you are in right now, all you have to do is use google maps, the QT store locator, the other websites mentioned, their application or simply ask around and you will have your results in no time. As mentioned earlier, you have to be sure that the place you are in has QT services before you embark on your search. Even so, the term ‘near’ is relative. From where you are the QT gas station that you can get to fast, without necessarily considering the distance, it is the one that is near you. To find it, all you have to do is to do searching.


In the event that you are looking for the closest QT gas station near you, then the search methods explained earlier will still apply. Even so, I would particularly advise you to go with google maps or QT store locator. For google, it will use your IP address to judge your location and consequently give you answers that are close to your current location. On the other hand, when using the QT store locator, you will input the radius that you want the station to cover. By specifying this, you have control over the distance in a direct way. The results will be for the locations that are within that radius. By choosing the radius, you are defining the term ‘closest’. Even so, if there are no stores within that radius you have the freedom to change the radius until you find the most convenient locations for your distance needs.

Generally, all the above-mentioned methods are sure ways to get you appropriate results for your search needs. Whatever the case or specifications you needs, they got you covered. If one does not work perfectly for you, then simply use the other one and you will be fine.