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School refers to an institution where pupils belonging to different age category are educated in various disciplines and skills.

Find The Best Schools Near Me Places – Use Google Map To Find Nearest School Location

With the google map location finder, you can find good schools near my house.

What Are The Different Types Of School According To Age Of Students?

  1. Pre-schools: This is meant for kids of 3 to 5 years of age. They teach kids how to socialize, maintain discipline and imparts with some skills that are required before they begin compulsory school. Instead of daycare, parents often opt for such type of schools near your area. The latter is often referred to as play school. In day care, the child is not being helped to focus on learning skills. Find the best preschools near your area for your kid.
  2. Pre K Schools: This type of schools near your home plays the transition role between pre-school and regular schools. Usually big cities often have this kind of schools.
  3. Elementary or Primary Schools: Standard 1 to Standard 5 are the usual courses that are being taught here. They are often known as the beginning steps of the regular education system. Some schools however consider Class 1 to Class 8 as Elementary School.
  4. Middle Schools: Many education systems do not recognize a Middle School. Those who recognize, they regard Middle school as bridge between Primary School and High School comprising of grade 6 to 8 or 9.
  5. Secondary Schools or High Schools: Local high schools generally comprise of grades 9 to 12 or 10 to 12.
  6. College/Universities: These schools are for students who want to opt for higher education and tertiary education. You can pursue your studies in area or subjects of your choice. Undergraduate, Associate, Graduate, Post Graduate, Doctoral are the sequential degrees one receives as he continues his studies. With each step, the subject of his studies become more streamlined and focused. Research oriented programs becomes compulsory in Post-graduate and Doctoral standards. Various courses can be pursued related to Science, Arts, Commerce, Business, Engineering, Medical, Health, Music and others.

What Are The Different Types Of School According To Governing Body?

  1. Public Schools: These schools are being sponsored by the government usually. The fee structure is comparatively lesser than private organizations. The education students receive is often thought to be standardized and basic. Use the web browser to find the public schools near me for your child.
  2. Private Schools: Often parents opt for private run institutions. They have a posh outlook with a lot of extracurricular activities and fun learning options.
  3. Charter Schools: They are run by public funding but not from the government. But these schools near your locality have become only a handful these days.
  4. Catholic or Missionaries Schools: A basic focus of these schools is to make the students aware of the God almighty. Apart from a very high standard of education, these local schools follow a strict code of discipline. Not only Catholic these kinds of schools can be found in many religions.

Not only regular compulsory education, Schools in your city can teach you many other subjects like Karate, Musical Instrument, Dance, Drama or Theatre and many more. There is really a wide range of subjects to explore and learn. You can attend these schools at any age.