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Scotiabank Near Me

Welcome to the Bank of Nova Scotia! It was in fact founded in Halifax, Nova Scotia back in 1832. The bank only recently went through an official re-branding away from the Bank of Nova Scotia and formally now Scotiabank. They currently remain the third largest bank by assets under management behind RBC and TD bank. Looking for other banks near you? Find them here.

If you are in any semi-populated town in Canada, chances are there’s a Scotiabank near me that you can track down. If you are travelling throughout the Caribbean, you may be happy to hear that it’s a Scotiabank hot spot and where they have a large number of bank branches. So you’ll never be stuck when you’re traveling down south.

Scotiabank Near Me – On The Map

Find the nearest Scotiabank using the above map. Chances are you won’t be too far from one.

Bank Facts

  • Current CEO: Brian J. Porter
  • Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Founded In: March 1832
  • Assets: $856.497 Billion (2015)

Scotiabank Services

  • They used to have Personal Banking Officers (PBOs) and Financial Advisers. Now, they are all called Financial Advisers, but internally they use a number system (I, II, III) to determine the level of qualification of the adviser and the type of client they would meet with.
  • You can visit any bank branch to open an account, apply for a loan or line of credit or even apply to for a mortgage. Scotiabank is one of the few banks that use independent brokers to help sell their products. So even if you use a mortgage broker, chances are you could end up with a Scotiabank loan.
  • You can also conveniently obtain a bank draft or money order if you’re purchasing something where one is requested. This is very common when buying a new vehicle. While you might not consider this often, when you’re with an online bank, you aren’t able to receive this luxury quickly.
  • You can also go into the tellers and take money out and pay bills the old fashioned way. Not to mention online banking is a thing.
  • You can also sit down with an adviser for so much more. They can handle anything from retirement planning to estate and tax planning. Depending on just how much you make or how much money you have, you can opt to move your business to the Scotiabank Private Client group where they will actively manage your money. This is opposed to purchasing mutual funds through an adviser.
  • You can also use Scotia McLeod or Scotia iTrade and get into the world of investments on your own.
  • Not to forget about the old bread and butter of a bank. The safety deposit box! A very secure double key entry box inside of a large safe. This is where you can keep your valuables very safe. You are not however allowed to store cash in a safety deposit box. They can’t have people hiding money!

Other Scotiabank Entities

  • Tangerine Bank
  • ScotiaMcLoed
  • Scotia iTrade
  • ScotiaLife
  • Scotiabank Auto Dealer Finance Centre
  • ScotiaMocatta

These are just to name a few. Scotiabank is a massive company that can work with you to grow your savings, investments and manage your debt responsibly.

ATMs Near Me

Find an ATM that is near you and simply take out some cash. It’s not always the case that you need to go straight to a Scotiabank to take money out. That being said you may end up with a $3 fee if you go to a non-bank ATM. More information is available on our ATM page. It is important to note that Tangerine Bank customers can use the Scotiabank network of ATMs. That way you don’t always need to pay those pesky fees anymore.