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Sonic Drive-In Near Me

Sonic Drive-In is a company name in the restaurant’s industry that is used to describe the chains of fast food restaurants that carry the brand name ‘Sonic Drive-In’. This company was founded in the year 1953 at Shawnee, Oklahoma in the United States and has its headquarters in Oklahoma City in Oklahoma State. Sonic Drive-in was founded by a man called Troy Smith. Over the years it has been under different managements but the clear fact is that they all worked for the good of the company.

Sonic Drive In Near Me – Using the map

Initially, Sonic Drive-In was called Top Hat. As compared to today’s mode of service, the customers used to park their cars at the parking lot and walk to the restaurant to make their order. This changes when Smith went to Louisiana and found something that impressed him, a drive-in that primarily utilized the use of speakers to make orders by customers. He immediately implemented it and it worked great for him and his business. After a while, Smith discovered that the name Top Hat had already been trademarked by someone else. It called for him to change his brand name to Sonic and it paired up beautifully with their slogan that implies they offer services at the speed at which sound travels.

Sonic Drive-In has a total of 3557 locations of which 345 are owned by the company and the rest are franchised. Even so, this does not affect any things because, at the end of the day, it is all about what they give best to their customers which are great food.

By going to Sonic, there is a covered stall where you will drive-in and then make your order via an intercom which is a type of speaker system. Once your order is received and processed, it will be delivered to you using a carhop.

The Sonic Drive-In menu is made up of fries, corn dogs, onion rings, hamburgers, chili dogs, toaster sandwiches, milkshakes, soft drinks, ice creams and slushes. Everything they offer is simply great and you can never have enough of it at any given time. Self-control is what can keep you away from their food.

Due to their amazing meals as well as their excellent services, Sonic Drive-In has pulled a vast number of customers and they are able to fully cater for them with their vast number of locations. This means that one can be able to access their services when need be. It is, therefore, vital that its customers get to know different ways they can use to locate the different Sonic Drive in locations.


With the massive growth of Sonic Drive-in and the continued love for its foods by its consumers, it has become a vital thing to always be able to locate a sonic drive-in restaurant in whichever place you may be. As a lover of their food, it is a happy feeling to always know that you can be able to find their location without struggling at all as there are methods that you can use to carry out your search. The various methods you can employ include:

Use of google map: google map is an application that was designed and developed by google. It has a very user-friendly interface that makes its use an easy task. This map can be downloaded directly onto your mobile device like a phone or a tablet or can be used directly from a person’s computer. For you to download it, you can log onto google play store, search for google maps then download it. For one to use this application effectively and obtain the best results you have to have accurate search information and in this case, it is Sonic Drive-In restaurant. This information is fed onto the search box after which the search ‘button’ is clicked. In just a matter of seconds, you will have your results. The results are usually displayed on a map using a red pin. On clicking on the pin a lot of information will be displayed; information that will help you a great deal. The map can also zoom in so that you can be able to have a clearer view of the exact location of the restaurant; the roads, streets as well as lanes that lead to the restaurant. Google map is easy, convenient ad very effective when it comes to locating places. You will not be disappointed at all.

Use of Sonic Drive-In locator: by logging onto their store locator and clicking on locations, a page that will help you to locate the different restaurants will load. On this page you, you will be required to enter your city and state or your zip code into the search box and then click on the search ‘button’.  In just a few seconds you will have your results and you will be on your way. The website is easy to navigate and will guarantee you a successful search. By using this method, you are exposed to a lot more than just the location; you can also get the working hours, their contact as well as the directions to the restaurant. This is amazing because it gives you a lot of information to work with during your search. Being not limited in terms of information will simplify your search even further.

Use of other websites: there are a number of websites on the internet that list businesses so as to make it easy for people to search for such businesses. Lucky enough, Sonic Drive-In is one of such businesses that have been listed by a number of websites. Menuism.com is a website that has listings for most if not all of Sonic Drive-In locations. The search information needed here is your city and state. This information is entered into the search box after which the search ‘button’ is clicked. It will be just a matter of seconds before you get the results for your search.  In this site, you will get the restaurant’s menu, the reviews from different clients, and the directions to the place as well as the contact information.

Hourscenter.com is also another excellent site for carrying out a search on Sonic Drive-In. on the site; there are 1687 listings of Sonic Drive-in restaurants found in 44 states.  You are only required to carry out your search by state or city. Since there is a list for both, you will simply click on one or the other. Mapmuse.com is also awesome and will always come in handy when searching for Sonic Drive-In locations. You will be required to enter your city, state or zip code in the search box and then click on the search ‘button’. In just a matter of seconds, you will have your results ready.www.yelp.com will also be of great help especially with the ratings and reviews by other customers. Hourspage.com is also a website that will work perfectly for your needs.

Traditional ‘asking around’ method: actually it is not that old because it’s only yesterday that people used to rely on asking around even if you had a map to follow. Maps sometimes proved to be a little tricky to follow and therefore people asked around. Anyway, the point is, this is a very reliable method and an easy one for that matter. You can simply ask your friends, relatives, colleagues or even neighbors for directions and you will be on your way to the nearest Sonic Drive-in restaurant.

Nobody is going to judge you for asking for directions and therefore you should not feel awkward about doing it.  As long as it is going to give you the desired results, you should give it a try and see how it goes. If you are a social person it will go smoothly, if you are not, it may be a little hard for you.


In the event that you are looking for Sonic Drive-In locations near you, all the above-explained methods are applicable for all times. Having a total of over 3550 locations both owner by the company and those that have been franchised, the chances of you finding one increases drastically as compared to if there were scarce locations. All you have to do is ensure that you have the right search information for the different methods. In the event that you ask for directions, be courteous.  All the methods, google map, Sonic Drive-In locator, other websites are all super effective and will surely give you a number of locations for you to get that meal you have been craving.


Regardless of which state you are in now, it is possible for you to find a Sonic Drive in location. They are very sell distributed in the United Sates that you can probably find one just around the corner.  If you are in a new place and you crave the Sonic Drive in special burgers and you would wish to have one, you are in luck. From where you are, you can simply ask around for directions to their nearby restaurant, use google maps, use other websites or log on to their website and use their store locator. Whichever way you decide to go about it, there is always an answer waiting for you at the end. From where you are right now, use your mobile device or your computer to find a location or simply ask the people from around that lace.


As mentioned earlier, all the above methods are applicable when it comes to searching for Sonic Drive-In places near you. All the search methods are effective and dependable when trying to find a place. The methods are capable of giving you directions to the different Sonic Drive-In places, their contacts, as well as their working hours and working with all this information, places you at a position of advantage. Whether you ask around, use google map, use their store locator or the other websites, you will definitely get answers to your search without straining or getting frustrated by the search process. The websites are easy to navigate and the google map will display the places perfectly for you to be able to trace them down.