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When you want to have best coffee in the world the you must ask yourself how can I find Starbucks near me? Find Starbucks near your location, easy and simple and fast. We have prepared lot of information on this topic, including Starbucks menu, opening hours, official links to store locator and also best of all, for you we have prepared interactive map below that you can use to find all Starbucks near me in split of the seconds.
A lot of people like drinking coffee: in the morning when they wake up to boost their energy or energize their sleepy nerves, in the afternoon to refresh their stamina and keep them going throughout the day and even in the evening, to warm them up against the cold nights.

Most especially in the United States of America, the citizens love a warm cup of coffee most of the times. One of the most popular coffee shops in the US, and all over the world is Starbucks Coffee.

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The Starbucks Store Locator

If you want to alternatively to search for Starbucks nearest location then you can try out Starbucks store locator.Official locator will also show locations and opening hours.

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Starbucks Corporation

To start off, Starbucks Corporation is a coffeehouse chain and a coffee company that originated in America. It started in 1971 at Seattle, Washington. As of today, it has around 23,768 branches around the globe with around 13,277 stores in the United States.
Starbucks Coffee shop is also known as a good example of the so-called “second-wave coffee” with its refined quality, taste and the customer experience that it gives of while promoting roasted coffee. Nowadays, Starbucks makes use of espresso machines that are automated due to safety and efficiency reasons.
The first store of Starbucks Coffee opened on the 31st of March, 1971 at Seattle Washington. It was operated by three people who are all studied at University of San Francisco. They were: Jerry Baldwin, an English teacher, Zev Siegl, a history teacher and Gordon Bowker, a writer. The three of them wanted to sell high-quality equipment and coffee beans made by Alfred Peet, an entrepreneur who taught the three of them his own style of roasting coffee beans.

The name: Starbucks was inspired by the book, Moby Dick although they did consider naming it Pequod or Cargo House. First, they thought that a word beginning with st would be powerful for a store name and then one of them pulled a mining camp of Cascade Range and then saw the town called “Starbo” and immediately, Bowker thought of the name, “Starbuck” which eventually became Starbucks.

Although the first Starbucks Coffee shop was located at Western Avenue in Seattle from 1971-1976, it was moved later to Pike Place and stayed there up until this date. During that time, the coffee shop only has roasted whole coffee beans to sell and they did not sell brewed coffee just yet. They only served them as free samples for those who wanted to taste what the beans they would buy would taste like. However, during in the middle of their first year in the industry, they decided to purchase green coffee beans from Peet and then later on, began to buy them directly from the growers.

Starbucks Products

After knowing a brief history about Starbucks, this part will now tell you more about the products that Starbucks has gathered through out the years to serve in their shop.
Around 1994, the Starbucks Company bought the store named, “Coffee Connection” and gained the right to make, use and market the beverage, “Frappuccino”. This beverage was sold in the Starbucks store starting from 1995. Around 2012, the annual sale for Frappuccino of the company were around $2 billion.
Later on 2008, the company decided to try, “skinny” drinks that offers sugar free and low calorie versions of the drinks that the company offers. They used skim milk that can be sweetended depending on the choice of sweetener such as agave syruo, honey, or raw sugar and other artificial sweeteners like Splenda, Sweet ‘N Low and Equal or syrup flavors that are free of sugar produced by the company itself. Starting 2007, Starbucks has stopped using any type of milk coming via cows that has been treated of rBGH.

In 2009, the Starbucks Company has decided to renovate their menu. They started adding salads, bakegoods and other baked products that does not have any artificial ingedients and those that does not use corn syrups containing high fructose. This was done to attract customers that are cost-concious and health concious as it did not affect the price of their products.

On the same year, Starbucks took action and introduced their new product, a line containing instant coffee in packets that were named, Ready Brew. It was unveiled at NYC and then tested around London, Chicago and Seattle. The first flavors of the instant coffee were Colombia and Italian roast which were promoted across Canada and the US using the blind taste challage of fresh roast via instant coffee. Most people were not able to tell which was which between the newly brewed coffee and the instant coffee, makinf the instant coffee very much popular during that time.

Around 2010, Starbucks also started to sell wine and beer on some branches on the US. As of 2012, they have seven locations that sells beers and wines.
Because people loved their coffee so much, around 2011, Starbucks Company has decided to produce a single order of coffee containing 31 ounces, their largest size of cup called the Trenta.
Around November of the said year, the Starbucks Corporation decided to buy another company called “Evolution Fresh”, one that sells juice for a cost of $30 million and has started to venture on creating another chain of bars selling juices.
On 2012, they have marketed Verismo, a single serve cofee machine that used seald plastic cups and milk pod in order to make lattes.
On 2012, Starbucks has decided to sell another line of beverages which were called the Starbucks Refreshers that contained some extracts using coffee beans that were green in color. The drinks were fruit flavored, said not to have a coffee flavor but contained caffeine in them. The green coffee process of extraction was done by putting the coffee beans in water and soaking them.
As of 2013, Starbucks has posted the amount of calories on their menus for pastries and drinks in all their US Stores. On 2014, Starbucks produced a line of their own, the Fizzio, their handcrafted sodas.
Last year, 2015, Starbucks has decided to served coconut milk to be used as alternate for soy and their dairy.
The sizes of their cups are as follows:
Demi: their smallest size, for their espresso shots, 3 oz or 89 mL
Short: smaller version of the first 2 original size, 9 oz or 240 mL
Mini: smaller vs the original Frappuccino size, 10 oz or 300 mL
Tall: the larger version of the 2 original size, 12 oz or 350 mL
Grande: Italian word for large, 16 oz or 470 mL
Venti: Italian word for twenty, 20 oz, 590 mL
Trenta: Italian word for thirty, 31oz, 920 mL
In 1999, Starbucks has actually entered the tea industry when it bought the Tazo brand for around $8,100,000. Around 2012, it has also bought Teavana for $620 million. Around 2015, Starbucks has started to engage Teavana products in their stores as a to-go beverage or in retail forms.
Finding Starbucks locations now video
The headquarters of the Starbucks Company is in Seattle, Washington, United States as of today. It is present in 72 countries such as Australia, Argentina, Egypt, Morocco, Canada, Egypt, New Zealand, Aruba, Bolivia, Colombia, China, Bahrain, Philippines, Portugal, Bulgaria, Brazil, Poland, Sweden and many more.
Around 2010, Starbucks has launched their first shop at the sea in partnership with the Royal Caribbean group and they also opened that very shop onboard of the Royal Caribbean’s ship which was one of the largest ships ever built.

Soon, Starbucks is also thinking of opening a fourth location in Africa and to partner up with the Algerian company named Cevital to open the first Algerian Starbucks store there.

Around 2011, Starbucks announced a planned alliance with Tata Coffee, the largest company of coffee plantation in order to build a Starbucks in India. In 2012, Starbucks has gone for a joint venture together with Tata Beverages and they started Tata Starbucks which has operated as Starbucks Coffee under an alliance with Tata Beverages and has opened its first store at the country that year.

Best Starbucks Images and Photos

Around 2011, Starbucks has also started to sell coffee in the country of Norway by selling Norwegian shops using their roasted coffee. The next year, Starbucks has opened its first Norwegian shop at Oslo, Gardermoen.
In the next five years to come, Starbucks has announced that they plan on opening 1000 more branches in the United States. At 2012, the largest Starbucks around the United States has opened in the Ferguson Center on Alabama’s University.

Number of Starbucks Stores

As of 2014, the number of Starbucks store has greatly increased from 2004. Here is some of the estimated number of stores in the US.
In New York City alone, it is said to have 277 stores.
In Chicago, there are 164 Starbucks Stores.
In Seattle there are 142 Starbucks Coffee shops.
In Las Vegas, 136 stores are built.
In Houston, there are around 135 stores as of the mentioned year.
In Los Angeles, there are 106 estimated Starbucks stores.
In Washington there are 86 Starbucks coffee shop
Truly, the expansion of Starbucks Company has become larger and larger as they became more and more popular throughout the years. Serving people with their high quality coffee truly boosted their career. In line with this, they have also spent some time catering to the desires of their customers such as going for the low calorie pastries and considering no sugar beverages and even non-caffeinated drinks. The love for their consumers that they have and the efforts they put into making the dishes and drinks to serve them are seen in every piece of their products. To think that it has started with a single shop, no one expected to see it rising in every corner of the world and still adding in number as the years pass by. Starbucks is truly a legend in the coffee making industry. This company has continued to go and is still growing and expanding throughout the years without so much issue as opposed to other stores. There were shops that have to close down but the sales still overpowers the losses that the company acquires.