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Starbucks Near Me

Find Starbucks near me will help you to find tons of useful info about your favourite coffee shop. Coffee is one of the most important things from the morning routine for a lot of people, workers or businessmen, and having a good coffee from the beginning of the day could help you for the whole day. When we’re talking about coffee we have a wide range of brands, but one of the most known coffee companies in the last years is Starbucks. 

Find Starbucks Near Me:

With this map, you will be able to find the nearest Starbucks in your city. If you are not able to find any Starbucks on this map, keep reading and we will provide another options.

The company was founded 45 years ago, in 1971 by three partners who met each other during the college. The beginning was a hard one, and the company was sold to a new owner who rebranded it, bringing and changing some things that lead to big improvements for the whole Starbucks brand.

Good times come and the company opened the first location outside the United States, in Tokyo, Japan in 1996. Two years later, in 1998, Starbucks opened the first location in the UK, followed by stores in Mexico City, Mexico, Lima, Peru, Russia and other countries.

Currently, there are over 23,000 Starbucks locations around the world, and more than half of them are located in the USA. You can find around 2,000 locations in China, more than 1,400 in Canada, a little bit smaller number in Japan and more than 800 in South Korea.

That’s not all, because, as we said, there are more than 23,000 locations around the world. People can find Starbucks stores in South America (Argentina, Brazil), Europe (Germany, Spain, France) and many other countries worldwide. If you want to see the list with all the countries where you can find at least one Starbucks near me store, you can access this link. It will take you to the Official Starbucks page with all the countries where they are present.

An important thing that should be mentioned about the company is that they don’t sell just coffee. It’s true that the coffee is the thing they are known for, but Starbucks also sells different kinds of tea and many other products. If you’ll go and check the menu from their official website you’ll see that they offer different other drinks like kids’ drinks, smoothies, and others, also food like bakery products or hot breakfast and others.

Starbucks Near Me Locations

If you’re a coffee fan and you didn’t try the Starbucks products yet, you’re probably wondering if there is any Starbucks store around the city where you live, or what is the closest Starbucks Location to you. If you want to check if there is any Starbucks Location in your country, click on this link that will take you to the Starbucks web page where you can find a list with all the countries where Starbucks opened stores. If you’ll find the country where you live in the list, you’re lucky because there is at least one Starbucks Location in your country.

Now let’s see how you can find the closest Starbucks Locations to you. Firstly, go to their official website by typing “Starbucks” on Google, or access their page by clicking here. In the right side of the screen, above the menu you’ll see the “Find a Store” button. Click on that button, and a new web page will load.

You’ll notice that there’s a search bar on the left side of your screen, while on the right part of the web page you will see a map. If you want to find the closest Starbucks Locations to your current position, enter your current address in the search bar: the city and the state or the zip code if you know it. After that, press the enter button and you will get all the Starbucks stores around the entered address.

Before hitting the Enter button, make sure you selected the right address from the list, because there might be different cities around the world with a similar name, so make sure you click on the right one for the best results.

The search engine will return to you all the Starbucks Locations in the entered area, so you’ll see a list with all of them on the left part of the screen while on the right side you’ll see the stores represented on the map, as green dots.

Some of the Starbucks locations around the world have different features that might be interesting for you, like Free Wi-Fi connection, Drive-Through, Open 24 hour per day and others. If you want to find just the locations that have one or more of these features, before entering the address, go to the “Filter” button that is placed on the right side of the search bar and select the features that you’re interested in.

Starbucks Near Me Hours

It’s nice because now you know how to find a Starbucks Locations, but what happens with the Starbucks Hours, because it is also important to know their schedule? We can say that nothing special happens, because we’ll teach you how to find the Starbucks Hours very fast and easy, directly from your laptop or desktop.

To find the Starbucks Hours, go to their official and click on the “Find a Store” button, then enter the address of your city or the zip code in the search bar. It is the exact same process that you’ve had to follow when you wanted to find a Starbucks Location.

After you entered the address, you will get a list with all the Starbucks Locations from the entered area, in a list, on the left side of the screen. Also, you’ll be able to see all of them on the right part of the web page, represented on the map. Find from the left list the closest location to you and click on it.

You’ll notice that the bar with the selected location is expanded now, and you’ll be able to see their Hours. Most of the locations show their Starbucks Hours of operations for all 7 days of the week. There is also a button, “Get Directions”, that is very helpful when you travel and you don’t know the area.