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Tanning Salons Near Me

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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting out of a tanning bed – the smell of the oil and the feel of getting a nice tan can make you feel better even in the coldest of months. Finding tanning salons near me doesn’t have to be a challenge – they are available in more locations than you think.

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Different type of Tanning Beds Near Me

There are many different types of tanning beds near me including the two main types:

Lay down tanning beds near me – These are the most popular beds where you will get in and lay down, closing the top of the bed down on top of you while you crawl in. These types of beds are pretty comfortable and if you’re going to be tanning for a while they are a good option as they are really relaxing.

Stand up tanning beds near me – On the other hand, the stand up tanning bed isn’t a bed at all. Rather, you go in, hold on to two handles (so that you tan under your arms) and you stand up rather than lay down. Personally I like these better as you do not have to touch as much of the bed and I feel as though it gives you a better overall color.

How much does it cost to go tanning?

This will really depend on how long you go and how many appointments you pay for up-front. You can get tanning appointments for as low as $5 per tan (sometimes even lower) if you buy in bulk and you do not spend many minutes per visit.

Some salons will charge you bulk in minutes, while others will charge you per visit so make sure you pay attention to how your tanning salons are charging so you know what’s the best option.

If you only tan for 8 minutes but like to come often, paying for minutes is best. However, if you’re in there tanning for 20 minutes each time and you don’t come in as much then perhaps paying for each appointment makes more sense.

What to bring when going tanning?

There are a few things you’ll want to have when you go tanning. First, you’ll want some sort of oil. This will help give you an even tan all over. Second, you’ll want tanning goggles. If you don’t have any it’s not the end of the world as the tanning salon near me should have some to give to you – or at least stickers for your eyes.

I like to bring a towel when I go tanning as well so that I can wipe the oil and sweat down when I get out.

Do I take off my underwear when tanning?

Usually yes. Unless you bring some speedos or a thong or something similar, there is no reason not to take off your underwear if you want an even tan all over.

How long should I stay in a tanning bed?

This really depends on you and how quickly you burn but also on the bed itself and how intense and powerful it is. Be sure to ask the person working at the tanning salon if there are beds that are hotter than one another. Personally, about 10 minutes is my max – after that and I will notice a bit of red for a while throughout the day.

Where to find the best tanning salons near me

I like to go to a location that specializes in tanning. This way you know you’re getting high quality tanning beds and the staff are knowledgable in tanning. You’ll also be able to buy oils and accessories at better prices here.

However, there are a lot of locations that you might find a tanning bed. Medical centers and massage parlours will sometimes have a tanning bed.

Also gyms and fitness clubs quite often have one or two tanning beds available to their members. Sometimes tans are included in your membership price while other times you might have to pay a little extra for a tan after your workout – but it is much more convenient than having to go to another location.