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Tattoo Shops Near Me Open Now

A tattoo is an image that is usually imprinted on the body of an individual by the use a tattooing machine. These images are made by inserting into the dermis, a certain type of ink, pigment, and dyes. The tattoo can either be temporary or permanent.  For one to get a tattoo, they need to visit a professional tattooist who has mastered this art. We have provided a answer on “How to find best & closest Tattoo Shops Near Me” question.

Over the years, the world has evolved and embraced the art of tattooing one’s body, and not necessarily for all the above reasons but for beauty purposes or any other reason. To a greater extent, some other people tattoo their bodies to show they relate to a certain group.

Tattoo Shops Near Me – Using the map


In looking for a type of shop that is near you, the affected individual is the only person that is capable of defining the term ‘near’ basing on the distance that is convenient to them. Even so, no matter what you are looking for, the location that will be unveiled will be the nearest to you no matter the distance. By using any of the above-mentioned methods, you will be able to locate any tattoo and piercing shop near you. Be sure to make your search precise by combining the two; tattoo and piercing. It is not automatic that all tattoo shops also offer body piercing services and vice versa. You have to be exact.

In the past, tattooing was majorly a practice for some cultures for various purposes. Some of the reasons one would have a tattoo in the past was to show that a person is brave, to show one belongs to a specific religious or spiritual group, to show leadership, to show one’s ranking in the society, to show one’s status, for punishment, for protection, to show that one is a slave, outcast or is a convict. It purely depended on where you come from. Here are the information how to find closest Tattoo Shop nearest to your location.

Use of google maps: this is a google application that can be downloaded into one’s phone or be used by logging onto the internet. The beauty of using this application is that it will never fail to give you a very relevant answer for any of your search. The fact that it uses your IP address to track down a tattoo shop for you means that it will always bring the results that are nearest to you; not just any tattoo shop anywhere on planet earth. It is always precise and relevant. Any time you make a search, the results will be displayed by the use of a red pin on a map. Upon clicking on that pin, the map will zoom in to display more details and in a clearer perspective. Information like the address would be displayed and you will be able to use the map to get to any of the places without getting lost since you will be able to also see your own location in relation to where you are heading to.

Tattooing has even grown its roots to penetrate the medical world. It serves as a permanent makeup and especially for women. It is mostly used on the lips, eyebrows and even in creating nipples after one has had a breast reconstruction. In the United States and the United Kingdom, tattooing is being championed as a course to undertake after one has had an operation so as to cover up the scar after mastectomy.

In the present times, most tattoo shops also offer piercing services to their clients. Body piercing is all about making a tiny hole through one’s skin by the use of a needle or a piercing gun. After the puncture is made, a piece of jewelry is then inserted therefore enhancing the looks of the party involved. Most of the parts that people tend to pierce include ears, nose, tongue, belly button, and some other parts of the face.

Just like tattooing, body piercing in the olden days was because of certain specific reasons depending on the culture that one was associated with. In the same way as tattooing, it is now done for personal reasons depending on an individual but the most common reason is for aesthetic reasons. There is a certain beauty brought by wearing jewelry.

Whatever the reasons one may have for piercing or getting a tattoo, it is advisable that it is done by a professional who knows how to go about their business and especially when it comes to ensuring it is safe and would not result in health complications. Hygiene is vital for these two practices.


Over the years, the art of tattooing one’s body has taken root in the society and especially with the twenty-first-century generation. This has seen to it that there is a rise of a lot of tattoo shops that have also incorporated body piercing. In almost every state, city and even town, you will not fail to find a tattoo shop. There are numerous ways to locate these shows and they include:

Asking around: This is the easiest way you can get to a place. A bit traditional and outdated but you will get to where you want to go. Simply ask your neighbors, friends or relatives for any leads and you will be there in no time.

You can search directly from the internet: This is also another way to go about it. Most businesses and shops are listed in various websites other than having their own websites. Anytime you feed information in a search box, something will always come up.  For example, you can search for ‘Tattoo shops in Florida’ and you will get a number of feedbacks for you to check out.

Using yelp: This is can be used by logging into the internet directly or by downloading the application onto your phone. Yelp is always proving to be super efficient and extremely helpful when looking for any kind of establishment. It is almost as effective as google. In using yelp, you are able to deduct information like the best tattoo shops in a certain city and it will even provide you with contacts and addresses to those places. It is that reliable.

Visiting their private website:  Most business establishments have their own websites. In the event that you have a specific shop in mind that you want to look for, you can just visit their website and use their store locator, search to see if there is a nearby location to where you currently are.  You can also search for that particular tattoo shop directly through the google search.

Using specific websites: There is a website, www.tattoo.com that is very good and accurate at locating tattoo shops near you because it has a great number of tattoo shops listed in it that covers a multitude of locations. You will definitely get whatever you are looking for here.

Some of the famous tattoo and piercing shops include Piercing Emporium and Tattoo, Bleed Blue Tattoo and Piercing, Electric Chair Tattoo and Piercing, 7th Street Tattoo and Body Piercing, Cut Throat and Body Piercing, Atomic Tattoo and Body Piercing, The Zone Tattoo and Body Piercing, just to mention a few.  All these shops are located in different places. You can visit their websites, use yelp or google map to get their finer details like contacts and addresses. Even so, in the event that they are not near you, there is always another tattoo and piercing shop that you can find near you.  Just search and you will find.


With the vast number of tattoo shops operating, it is crucial that the owners keep up with the competition and devise ways to stay on top. For this reason, a lot of tattoo shops have been upgraded their game to offer late hours services. Some other shops even offer 24-hours services, seven days a week. In any case, you may never know when a person may need your services. A day can be too eventful to prevent them from getting a tattoo and this leaves them with late hours in the night.  Even so, in this context, yelp has proven to be more efficient with helping you locate tattoo shops that are open late.

Depending on the city you are in, you can get a number of results. For example:

  • Los Angeles: Generation8 Tattoo, Timeless Tattoo and Piercing Los Angeles, Highland Tattoo, American Electric Tattoo, True Tattoo, just to mention a few.
  • Chicago: Tatu Tattoo, Tattoo Factory, Mario Ink, Great Lakes Tattoo, Mind Crusher Tattoo, Rock Your Body Art, Jade Dragon Tattoo, and much more.
  • Texas: Da Kandy Shop, Heena Salon, Elm Street Tattoo, Cat Tattoo, The Shop Tattoo and Piercings, and many others.

Depending on where the State and City you are in, there will always be a tattoo shop to cater for your needs.BEST TATTOO SHOPS NEAR ME

It is not enough to know that a certain place offers tattooing services. It has to be a place where they have excellence in their artistic works. If you are going to get inked then it has to be perfect because it is going to be on your body for the rest of your life if it is permanent. The place needs to be able to draw exactly what you want, in the exact size you want, with the different colors you want and above everything else, be very hygienic. Trust me; there is nothing worse than having a bad tattoo on your body that is supposed to stay there for a long time. In this context, yelp has also proven to be exactly what you need to use. The list is deducted by the number of stars customers give the shops. Other than yelp, you can also google it directly by searching for best tattoo shops in your city/town. For example, ‘the best tattoo shops in San Diego’.  There are also other sites that are able to give you a list of all the best tattoo shops in a city. All these methods are sure to give you an answer that is satisfactory.

In trying to find the best tattoo shop,  would not advise you to use google maps because it is not precisely wired to give such kinds of results that tend to classify locations as being the best or the worst. Therefore, you will not quite get what you are looking for.