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Tennis Courts Near Me

Best Tennis Courts Near Me

The smell of tennis courts is really quite something. The energy and excitement that the court brings when you step on it is second to none. If you’ve never played tennis before and are looking for tennis courts near me for the first time then I’m excited for you and can’t wait to hear more about your adventure.

Tennis is a very versatile sport. It can be extremely physical and demanding, while at the same time be able to be played quite leisurely. There is a lot of skills being brought in while playing tennis including hand-eye coordination, agility, and strength.

Tennis Courts Near Me – Use The Map To Search

Finding the best tennis court will depend on your needs, experience, and skill level. However, starting with the map results will give you a great idea of where some of them might be around you.

Many of the above results will be located either in public parks or in community centers and gyms. Don’t hesitate to use the information to contact them – as they should have their contact information publicly available.

Indoor Tennis Courts Near Me

Most indoor tennis courts are played on hard surfaces. you won’t find many grass or clay courts inside unless you are at a professional or semi-professional facility.

Having access to a year round indoor tennis court near me has really let me level up my game. Access to these courts are usually not free and can range from a $10 one-time entry fee to hundreds of dollars a month. If you are serious about tennis and playing it year round, finding an indoor court is your best bet.

Outdoor Tennis Courts Near Me

I love the smell of an outdoor tennis court.

There are many different surfaces for tennis courts and you will see all of these varieties in outdoor parks. The types of surfaces include:

Clay – this usually lends to a slower game as the ball has a harder time bouncing on clay.

Grass – Playing on grass is typically a faster game as the ball will travel very well over this surface.

Hard – this is typically an asphalt court, sometimes with a layer over top. They are also fast to semi-fast courts.

Carpet – you don’t see many carpet tennis courts anymore, and certainly not many outside. However, they used to be very popular.

Knowing where great outdoor tennis courts near me are will give you access to play tennis for free throughout the warmer months.

Things to look for when choosing a tennis court

When you are looking for and choosing a court to play on here are some of the factors to look out for:

  • Court Surface – Find a surface that you enjoy playing on. You might have to test out a few to find one you really like. For more info on surfaces check out this article.
  • Location – Needless to say the closer the court is to you or your work the more convenient it will be to play on.
  • Access – Is the court readily available in a public park, or is it off the beaten path. Sometimes you can find the diamonds in the ruff by avoiding the more popular public courts.
  • Time of day you are playing – If you are going to play at lunch time or immediate before or after work then the popular outdoor courts might be too busy and you may want to consider paying a membership for indoors tennis courts if you’re serious about it.

What to Wear When Playing Tennis?

We get asked this question a lot. Here are some of our thoughts:

1. A good solid shoe is a necessity. You’re going to be running back and forth and you need something sturdy. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a tennis shoe, but you need something with good ankle support.

2. Shorts with pockets. You’ll be holding extra balls in your pocket in order to keep the pace of the game moving quickly, so make sure you have something with pockets.

3. Tighter fitting shirts. You don’t want balls to get caught on your baggy shirts. No need to wear spandex but you should have something that is more fitted.

Hopefully this helps you find tennis courts near me so you get a chance to get out and play while the weather is beautiful.