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Theaters Near Me

Why people like theaters and how to find a theaters near me you might ask? A theater is an establishment or building, part of a building or an outdoor area in which plays, dramatic presentations, stage entertainments, picture motions and all other dramatic or such performances or activities are done. A theater could be private or public just depending majorly on the reason it was established. The name theater also refers to all the drama and other performances done in the building referred to as a theater.

Theaters will come in different forms depending on the functions or the reasons for their erection or building.

Theaters Near Me – Using the map


The majority of people around the world have watched a movie at some point in their lives. A movie also known as a film in some places is a series of events or story recorded by a camera as a set of moving pictures and images shown in a theater projected on a screen or simply on television. A movie is a type of visual communication that is accompanied by sound. A movie theater, therefore, is a building established or an outdoor area created for people to gather and watch movies, others gather as friends in a theater to watch movies just for fun while others gather in theaters that charge a fee to individuals to get in for a movie.

Folks around the world have fun times or times for entertainment and as a result, a good number of such folk would opt for an afternoon of a movie or an evening of one. This brings the question on how does one locate a movie theater near them without much ado! Firstly, like while looking for a movie theatre in the United States, websites have been created with this information, for example,, www.moviefone.com/showtimes is one of the very available places you can go and locate a number of movie theatres nearby depending on the location you are at, www.fandango.com/movie-theaters is another very available website that will definitely give you an option on where or which town, state or city you will find a movie theater. The internet has made it so easy and fast for the finding of a lot of such places and therefore making life a little bit less of a hustle or toil. In some situations or places, the word theater still could refer more or less to the audience in the theater hall or area.

Some movie theaters like the Marcus theaters in the United States have made it easier for movie lovers to find them by creating their own website that when clicked on, brings to the screen of your gadget states and locations where the various and many individual Marcus Theaters are located www.marcustheaters.com/theater-locations, these theaters are found in states and cities like Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio and Wisconsin among others with very convenient movie show times. Sometimes some of these great movie theaters are advertised on social media platforms like the Facebook, twitter and even on some televisions networks making it effortlessly easy to know and locate any of them when a need arises.


The AMC theaters are originally known or were originally known as American Multi-Cinema. It is a chain of the movie theaters that have their headquarters in Lea wood, Kansas, in the United States, founded on January 1st, 1920. The AMC theaters have subsidiaries by the names; Carmike cinemas, Movie Tickets .com, AMC Loews, Loews Cineplex entertainment, Fork and Screen Dine-In theaters, Odeon Cinemas among others. As a dweller or visitor in the United States looking for any of these fancy movie theaters, the first and easiest way to locate any is by visiting their website, www.amctheaters.com, this website gives you so much and sufficient information on how to get to the nearest theater. This website offers much more information including among others, the various timings of the movies, the titles of the movies at the various times, charges and ratings, and better still you can even reserve a seat for as many as you are while still miles away from the very particular theater you are coming to.

AMC theater chain has three hundred and forty-six (346) locations in North America and like eighty-six (86) other locations in China. It is also the largest in the United States with a total of two thousand two hundred (2,200) screens in two hundred and forty-four (244) theaters in Europe and over eight thousand two hundred (8,200) screens in six hundred and sixty-one (661) theaters in the very United States. AMC theaters will be found in the following places in the United States amongst others; Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbia, Chicago, New York city, California, Los Angeles, New Jersey, and Alpena. It is easy locating an AMC movie theater whether in the United States or elsewhere simply because they are well spread as AMC movie theaters and also as the subsidiaries associated with the AMC, this means whether you walk into an AMC theater hall or in any of the subsidiaries, you are at the same place. Apart from this reliable and so informative website, finding an AMC movie theater near you is made easy by the Google search engine and all you are required to do is feed the name of your location and thereafter check to see how many AMC movie theaters appear closest to where you are.
The use of the telephone directory is also handy in the locating of the movie theater sought after, get a hold of any telephone directory and go straight to the classified yellow pages and alphabetically locate all the available AMC movie locations by street name, number and the building it is located; most directories include the telephone numbers and post office box numbers too.


A drive in Movie Theater or otherwise known as drive-in cinema is a type or form of cinema structure comprising of a large outdoor movie screen, a projection booth and concession stand and a large parking area for vehicles. This area is mostly enclosed and patrons can watch movies from the privacy and comfort of their cars. For the patrons with kids, some drive-in movie theaters have small playgrounds for the children and to an extent, few snack shops just in case someone would like to have a biting.  These kinds of movie theaters are well spread in the United States and as the other ones mentioned above, they too have a common website that has major and detailed information as concerns their locations and how to get there without too much toil or hustle. www.driveinmovie.com is one of those common websites that will help you finding the closest to you of the various theaters.

Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Idaho,Iowa,  Indiana,  Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Minnesota, Missouri among many others are some of the states in which you are sure to find a drive-in movie theater while in the United States.

www.drive-ins.com is another website that you can also use to get the nearest drive in Movie Theater. There are three hundred and thirty-eight (338) drives in theaters in the United States. While still on the Drive in Movie Theater website, all you need to do is click on the name of your state and all the theaters in that state you reside will be displayed for your choice.  Apart from the website provided, the Google search engine provides another easy and quick platform to find a drive-in movie theater nearest by just keying in the search box the name of your state, the zip code and the drive-in movie theater you would prefer most around where you are art.


Imax Theater is another one of the famous theaters easily located in details by visiting one of their well-known website, www.imax.com/theaters when on this site, all you need to do is, feed in the search box your location and it will display the IMAX Theater nearest you. Alternatively, you can use the same website to get to the Google maps that will by the maps display all the IMAX theater locations and all that is left for you is to choose the nearest theater as it suits you.  www.mapuse.com/interest/imax-theaters is another of the very available website that will help you locate one of these always packed movie theaters. This very site gives you more detailed directions as concerns that very particular movie theater you are after; it gives you the following information, physical address, hours of operation, phone numbers and among others the street name and street numbers.

If you are in the United States, IMAX movie theaters are or can be traced and found in the following states and cities or towns; Alabama, Alberta, Alaska,  Arizona, Arkansas, , California, British Columbia, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia,  Georgia, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Louisiana, Manitoba, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Nova Scotia, New York,Ontario,  Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Quebec, Rhode Island, Saskatchewan, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Washington among many others. In these same states and towns mentioned, a state has several IMAX theater locations which now make it even more accessible.

The mentioning of a state or town does not in any way and should not be thought or assumed to mean one IMAX movie theater per state or town. Apart from the IMAX movie Theaters in the United States, Imax has grown internationally and has a few more movie theaters in other towns, cities and countries like, Casablanca ,Morocco, Bangkok Thailand, Moscow Russia, Odessa Ukraine, Selangor, Malaysia, Madrid Spain, Melbourne Australia, Brussels Belgium, Bahrain, Brazil, Nuevo Leon Mexico, Gujarat India, Dubai UAE, Nairobi Kenya, Doha Qatar, Chihuahua Mexico, Bulgaria, DS Netherlands, and Lvov Ukraine just but to mention a few international locations. An element that distinguished IMAX movie theaters are, the theaters are designed and positioned to create an intense experience every time the lights go down. This effect is felt more deeply as a result of the awe-inspiring images and the heart pounding audios. Movie theaters of all forms create an opportunity to relax, unwind from busy schedules of life, a time to laugh out well and just bond not forgetting that they also offer visual learning platforms with a select few kind of movies.