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Tire Shops Near Me

How to find Tire Shops near me when looking for excellent choices of tires and also a good tire service? Then you might like our detailed guide on tires and tire shops. A tire is simply a thick rubber ring that fits around the edge of a wheel of a bus, truck, heavy equipment, motorcycle, aircraft, car or bicycle or such means of transport that majorly move on roads, in other words, it is a vehicle component which is shaped like a ring (one of the several parts of which something is made) that covers the rim of the wheel (outer edge of a wheel holding the tire, making up the outer circular design of the wheel) so as to serve as a protective layer as well as help the vehicle move or perform better.

Tire Shops Near Me – Using the map

What to know before going to Tire shop

When choosing to buy tires you must be aware of certain details about tires. The purpose of the tires is to provide traction (the force or power that stops the wheels of a vehicle from sliding) as the vehicle is moving on the road as well as provide shock absorbers.

There are metal tires which are mostly or only used on locomotives and railcars while solid rubber tires are used in various non-automotive machines such as some casters (a type of wheel mounted on the bottom of a large object to make movement easier like the ones on big suitcases or hospital beds), carts, lawnmowers, and wheelbarrows.

A standard tire is made from materials that include; synthetic rubber, natural rubber,wire and fabric along the carbon black and other chemical compounds. A modern pneumatic tire consists of a body and a thread. The importance of the thread is to provide traction while the reason of the body is to provide containment for some level of compressed air.

How to find Tire Shops near me

One of the easiste ways to find nearest Tire Shops next to your location is to use Google maps. Here we have provided one below.

In the past times, before pneumatic tires came to be, the tires were primarily metallic bands put over wheels which is made of wood so as to make them stronger and long lasting thus avoiding constant replacements because of wear and tear.  and some of the earliest rubber tires were solid and not pneumatic like the modern ones we have today that is inflatable too.  According to the study of words, the word tire comes from the word or is looked as a short form of attire and that a wheel with a tire is a dressed wheel.

Other earliest tires were bands of leather, and then iron placed on wooden wheels used on wagons and carts. It was made by heating iron then placing it over the wheels. This forged iron will then be quenched so that it would contract. The contraction led to it fitting perfectly on the wheel. A wheelwright was the one charged with the responsibility of making these types of tires.


Flat tires to a greater extent, cannot be avoided as long as you own a car. This can be the worst experience ever that may cause you to fret or feel frustrated. It happens sometimes or occasionally that as you drive your car or even riding your motorcycle, one of your car tires deflated because of a burst or even a slow puncture that causes you to change it and put a spare tire that is usually carried as a recommendation by the driving law. What happens then if you do not have a spare tire? This means you will need to look for a tire repair shop near you.

In some cities or states, it is not unusual to see mechanics along the roads with a few of their tools just in case a motorist incurs a tire problem. This, however, is not a guarantee because some road stretches are in bushes that make it dangerous for the mechanics, therefore at such moments you as the motorist will be forced to get a tire repair shop nearest to where you got trouble.

In looking for this assistance when caught up in this kind of stalemate, a website like www.sttc.com/RoadAssist will be very handy. When you click on that website, for example, you will be directed to the STTC tire service center that only requires you to key in the search word and click on the search button and all the help you are looking for will be displayed on the screen of your computer or mobile gadget. Another very helpful website is, www.pepboys.com, this is one of the many websites that you can use while experiencing tire issues in the United States; this website or web page will give you detailed information on how to get to the nearest tire repair shop from where you are. The PEPBOYS as they are popularly known have their headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States. They deal in retail and automotive repair and tires. This is one of the private companies in the United States that has brought its repair services near you as they have more than 804 (eight hundred and four) locations for their tire repair services as by the year 2016.


What if it happens that you were driving late night and you realized you had a flat tire? You will definitely need to fix it for you to drive home or wherever you were driving to not unless you have decided to sleep inside the car till morning before you look for a mechanic from a tire shop. Assuming you have found yourself in such a situation, www.yelp.com is one website you can use to search anything and anywhere when you click on this site, it basically brings you categories of the places you could be looking for, for example, banks, restaurants, hospitals etc.  All you got to do is key in the search box your location or state and be able to view a list of the very particular tire shops available around where you are stuck. You will then have to choose the nearest tire shop or call their numbers if provided and by this, you will be sorted out of the situation.

In some states in the United States, because of the probability of such situations occurring to you, most tire repair specialists have put what you will call lit sign boards or direction posts with lit words that attract your attention from a distance and all you will need to do is to walk to where the shop is depending on the distance and get help immediately.


People have developed so has the technology, this to an extent has caused life to be a cycle of 24 hours henceforth necessitating for some 24-hour services too to meet and cater to the needs of humans when they arise no matter the time this needs come up.

In relation to this and as discussed and mentioned above, in brief, finding an open tire shop near you 24 hours has become a necessity and an expectation of most of us, this has been made easy as well or has been made quite an easy task. For instance, if it happened that you were driving and you needed such services at whatever hour it is, https://m.yellowpages.com/chicago-il/24-hour-flat-tire-repair is a web page you can click on and find help while in the state of Chicago. On this page, you will find information that is detailed and useful including among other things their telephone numbers which are hotline numbers that are responded to instantly. Generally speaking, Yellow Pages can help you get such information from whichever state you are in.

Apart from the telephone numbers provided, they also indicated the various directions to get to the various tire shops near you that operate 24 hours and the very cities and towns that these locations are found. On major highways and roads, where traffic is huge, it is most likely and almost automatic that you will find many tire shops near you open 24 hours because it is next to impossible for the tire shops to miss a client or two whether at night or day, so if you get a flat tire, you will not be frustrated because help is around.

www.goodyearctsc.com is also another website that is very useful for you just in case you are in North America and you experience a flat tire. This website will provide you with information concerning Goodyear stores, their working hours and even their different locations. All you need is information about your full address or your zip code and you can carry out your search. The website also provides a view of Google map that has detailed information on how far you are from the nearest tire shop depending on the city or state you have fed in the search box.

The use of Google maps is a method that applies universally and cannot for a moment be ignored like in this matter, as long as you can have an access to internet when this situation finds itself with you, you are good to go. It is a very effective method. Using Google interface is very accommodative and friendly making it easy to use. It can be used either on your computer or your mobile device and you can be sure to achieve same or similar results.

As the one looking for these tire shop services, you are simply required or expected to key in the search information in the search button and touch or press the search button and in a snap split of time you will have all the information asked for displayed on the screen of your gadget. The results are most of the time displayed on the map with indications of pin-like objects and when you click on these pins the very locations clicked on will zoom out for a clearer and a better view of the very location being sort after, in most Google maps applications, when the map zooms out, you are able to see the locations details to the least, these among others usually include the street name, the lane number, the building the shop is at and as you move towards locating it the map keeps guiding you because it can tell your current position from your intended destination and therefore making it easy for you and almost impossible for you to lose direction.

Interesting Tire Shop Location Photos

You can also ask around for the directions to the nearest 24-hour working tire shop. It is a simple, fast and efficient method as well. This will entirely depend on how safe that particular place. If it is not safe enough to be walking around looking for a tire shop in the middle of the night, kindly stay in your car and use the other methods mentioned above.