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Trailer Rentals Near Me

Best Trailer Rentals Near Me

Trailers can make life a lot easier for you. Whether you’re moving or camping, they allow you to fit a whole lot more than your car or regular truck could bring along for the ride. Before finding trailer rentals near me, make sure you have a vehicle that can pull one. Otherwise you might need to rent a full moving truck or an RV instead. Let’s see how we’re able to find trailer rentals near me.

One key piece of advice before going on to look at the map – call ahead! Book your trailer before someone else does. This is especially important if the date you need it is quickly approaching. Don’t lose out on your trailer, act now!

Trailer Rentals Near Me – Use The Maps

Whether you need a trailer for moving or you need a trailer for camping, the above map has exactly what you need for either! Use the Google Map above to find out exactly where you can rent your next trailer, locally.

Moving Truck Rentals

ProsWe have found around half of the people looking for trailer rentals near me are actually looking more specifically for moving truck trailers and moving truck rentals. Our map includes these kinds of rentals.

  • Pick the size you need
  • You have it when you need it (assuming you booked in advance)
  • If moving to a different city, you can often drop it off at your destination


  • Typically more expensive than borrowing a friend’s truck for a case of beer
  • Often have to pay for both time and distance

The other half of people looking for a trailer rental near me is actually looking for a camping trailer or an RV rental near me. Whether you have a truck that can pull it with you (which is technically the trailer), or you’re looking for one that has the driver’s seat built in (RV), there are plenty of places near you to find one.Camping Trailer & Motor Home Rentals

Call ahead

Book that trailer as soon as you have dates in mind. Don’t let the availability of a trailer dictate when you get to take your next trip. This can be done months in advance if you want or need to.

Plan the route

It’s sometimes fun, but not always practical to just start driving without any direction in mind. Make sure you at least get to see some great places by planning ahead. Once you’re in an area you want to spend time, then ask a few locals for any hot spots that might not be in the tourist books!

Don’t rush it

If you end up somewhere you love, don’t feel like you need to take off right away in order to stay on schedule. Some things are worth sticking around for in exchange for less time somewhere else. Plan for a few of these by allowing for “floater” days on your next trip.

Learn the amenities (ie. the bathroom!)

Don’t assume that all is normal when it comes to the household amenities of a trailer. The idea is to fit as much as possible into the small, portable space of a trailer – with this often comes compromise. Not everything will be built exactly as you’d expect it in a home, so make sure you thoroughly check everything out before taking off on that next trip. Check out this article on tow hitches so you’re aware how to connect your trailer.

Trailers vs. Tenting

  • Some argue tenting is a better way to “get in touch with nature” and rough it
  • Trailers come with many amenities, luxuries and conveniences you just don’t have with tenting
  • Tenting is often significantly more affordable
  • Using a trailer can be much more comfortable, especially if expecting to stay for long periods at a time