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Top Universities & Colleges Near Your Area

A University is an institution for higher education and research. Italy in the medieval ages first saw the inception of a University. The term was coined from the Latin phrase ‘universitas magistrorum et scholarium’ which means the “community of teachers and scholars’. The importance and the growth of university rapidly propagated since then. In modern times, it has become an integral part of the society. If you want to find the right closest college, you can search in your web browser “university or college near you”, it will show you a bunch of list where you can find the best for you.

Find The Best Universities & Colleges Near Me Places – Use Google Map To Find Nearest Colleges Location

Use the google map finder to locate university or college near you.

What Are The Benefits Of University & College Education Around Your Area?

  1. It will give you a chance to specialize.
  2. Tertiary education makes you well-equipped in professional fields. Your dream career starts from here landing you in a financially secured and respectable job.
  3. Higher education gives your autonomy. If you consider yourself as a great thinker, you can pursue research work in your field of choice.

Most Popular Streams Of Study To Take An Undergraduate Courses in A College & University Near My Location?

The Undergraduate program is usually divided into two types:

  1. Associate Degree that takes two years to complete
  2. Bachelor’s Degree that takes four years for successful completion.

Following is a list of the bachelor degree courses that can be pursued in many universities around the world:

  • Science: This field encompasses many different subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Environmental Science, Geological Science, Biology, Bio-informatics, Economics, Information Science, Agricultural Science, Health Sciences, and many others. At the end of the course, you will get a degree on Bachelor of Science.
  • Arts: This also has many sub-groups like Fine Arts, History, Social Studies, Literature, Political Science, Education, Library Science, Music and many more. After successful completion of the course, the degree that you will be honored with is called Bachelor of Arts.
  • Engineering: At the undergraduate level, the degree is called Bachelor of Engineering. Information Technology, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Architecture are some of the well-known fields in which you can pursue an engineering degree.
  • Business: The degree is usually called Bachelors of Business Management. There are several streams of Business Administration Degree like Entrepreneurship, Operations, Business Analyst, Finance, Advertising, Marketing, Business Law, Human Resources, Agribusiness and many more.
  • Commerce: The degree is called Bachelors of Commerce. International Business, Marketing Management, Accounting, Economics, Information Science, and Tourism are some of the well-known specializations in this field of study.

Apart from an undergraduate course, universities provide graduate, post graduate and doctoral degree in a variety of disciplines.

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The Top 10 Universities in The World

Times Higher Education recently published their list of top 10 universities of the world, 2016. Their results are based on five principal parameters like:

  1. Citations received
  2. Research granted and pursued along with Research outcome
  3. Teaching
  4. International outlook
  5. Industry Income

Following Are The Top 10 Universities:

  1. California Institute of Technology in US
  2. Oxford University in UK
  3. Stanford University in UK
  4. Cambridge University in UK
  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology in US
  6. Harvard University in US
  7. Princeton University in US
  8. Imperial College of London
  9. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology: ETZ Zurich
  10. University of Chicago in US
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