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UPS Near Me

What is UPS and how can I find UPS Near Me now you ask? UPS also referred to as United Parcel Service, Inc. is a type of public company that is in the courier industry that offers services like courier, freight and logistics services. As a public company, it has strived to make a mark as the largest company involved in the delivery of packages with its roots running deeper to cover a total of over two hundred and twenty countries; it simply has its roots across most if not all continents of the world.  For this reason, they are capable of delivering up to fifteen million packages all around the world in a day and to almost eight million people.

UPS Near Me – Using the map

UPs being the largest company that delivers packaged goods all around the world, with its services covering over two hundred and twenty countries, the chances of it being nearer to you is very high and can only mean that you will not fail to locate one around. With the use of google maps, their company owned website or even asking around the neighborhood, you will always be guaranteed to find an UPs store near you.


There are a number of ways that you can be able to trace down the nearest UPs store near you. No matter where you go, the need for the services offered by this company may arise at any given time and therefore this goes to say that you need to always be aware of where to find their stores so that when the need arises, you will not be left stranded or wondering. There are a few ways that you can employ to ensure that you are able to get a location.

UPS was founded by James E. Casey, 109 years ago and ever since it has grown and it keeps growing under different managements. It is headquartered in Seattle, United States. Because of their brown theme color associated with the worker’s uniforms as well as their delivery trucks, the company attracted the nickname ‘brown’.

Over the years it has become the number one choice for people and companies for package delivery option as well as the provision of solutions to supply chain management.  As it grew in popularity and attracted a lot more clients, it expanded to include their own airline as well as air cargo so that they can effectively make deliveries across the different countries in different continents.

The different modes of transportation used by UPS to ensure that their service delivery is smooth and without any delay include:

Delivery vans: these are vans that deliver different bulky packages to the designated areas and they always vary in shape as well as sizes. Most of the designed are directly dependent on the path the vehicle will have to travel in order to deliver the package. Other than this, the weight of the package will also determine the kind of van to deliver it.

Bicycles: in the year 2008, the company implemented the use of bicycles as a means of faster delivery of small, lightweight packages and especially Vancouver and other cities around Oregon. These saw to it that the packages that could be easily delivered did not depend on other forms of transportation if they can easily and quickly be dealt with by a bicycle.

Trains: the more the company grew, the more the need for alternative modes of transportation and this brought in the use of trains. UPS formed alliances with companies in charge of certain specific railroads through signing of contracts so that they can use trains for delivery and this was especially around the United States.

Cargo airlines: the move to have cargo airlines saw to it that the company came out as one of the top companies, precisely ranked as number one because it opened it up to many other countries. The cargo airlines are made up of approximately two hundred and thirty-six (236) aircraft and they are capable of serving two hundred out of the two hundred and twenty countries.

First and foremost there is the traditional method that involves asking around. You may be new in a place or have been there for a while but have never quite figured out where the store is located; the people who have been around longer than you are in a better place to point you towards the right direction. The people you can ask are family, friends, colleagues and neighbors. Whichever category is best for you will work perfectly. This method as old as the Stone Age period but even so, it is very easy, fast, and effective and will cost you nothing. To a greater extent, it can prove to be better because information like charges and their quality of service can be made available to you in the middle of all the talk and therefore you can seek their services knowing exactly what to expect. The funniest thing or the best thing about this method is that you can also know the strengths and weaknesses of this store even before you ask because people have a tendency of giving out all the information they have even when they have not been asked to surrender all the dirt they have about a particular place.

There is also the use of Google Maps. This is an application that was developed by google, usually used to find places under the sun no matter where you are and what you are looking for. It is very easy to use because of its user-friendly interface and all you have to do is input the search title in the search box and click on the search button. The most encouraging thing about this application is that it never fails to give you a result. With the use of your IP address, google maps are able to give you a feedback that will impress you. The results that will be displayed will be one that is distance friendly in the sense that, it will be based on your current hour location. On the map, a red pin will be displayed and when you click on it, there will be a zooming into the exact location. The roads, streets, and lanes that can lead you to that location will be clearly shown and from there you will be able to know which route to take and end up at the UPs store nearest to you.

You can also use specific websites like www.loc8nearme.com, and in this website, our specification will be UPs stores near you because it has a listing for so many other types of stores. In this website, you will have to enter your current address and then click the search button so that the results can be generated. This website is easy to use and very detailed as it also gives the working hours for most UPs stores which are usually Monday through to Sunday as from 8.00 am-5.00 pm. These time frames, however, vary from store to store depending on where the location of the store. This goes to say for more accurate working hours, one will have to visit the UPs website.

Using the UPS application: with the fast growing technological advancement, with the western countries being on the forefront, UPS has taken advantage of the technological penetration into the business sector. Consequently, it has developed an application that can be used by android mobile phone users as well as iOS users by downloading it from the play store or apple store respectively. This application comes in handy while trying to locate UPS store near you while it also gives you their operation hours so that you can have proper and perfect timing. The application can also help you track down your shipment so that you can always be updated on the progress and processes.

Finally, you can also visit the UPs website, www.UPS.com, so that you can use their store locator to search for their store around your current location. This is a great way because all you will ever need to know about this store will be available to you including the most accurate working hours for that store near you. In the event that you use this website, you will have to enter your address or your phone number so that a search result can be generated by their store locator.  It is just as effective as the other methods if not better.


Even so, the most advisable way is for you to visit their website, choose the country that you reside in and then enter your details in the search box. Every state in the United States has these services and also many other countries. Being sure that the company operates in your country is not enough, getting more specific details about their locations in that country will help you determine which one is the nearest to you for convenience purposes.


There are a lot of locations where you can drop your shipment or pick them up all across the world because, in every country where it is operational, there must be a shipment drop off or pick up point for their customers or else, what would be the need for their services in the first place? To narrow the topic down to the United States, there are almost forty thousand locations where you can access shipment services offered by the company whether nationally or internationally. In all these locations you can either send or receive shipments even past the regular working hours. In order to get the exact locations for your UPs drop box, kindly visit their website and from there you will have better details concerning what you intend to do.


The same principle of searching through the UPs website applies even when searching for the nearest drop offs. Also one can also search for the nearest UPS Access Point locations or their Access Point Lockers that are also used for making drop-offs or pickups. As mentioned earlier, you search can never be in vain because at the end of the day, you will get a location that will be convenient for you so that you can comfortably access the services offered by UPS.