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Vape Shops Near Me


Well, a lot of articles say that it is a safer option than a cigarette. Well, in the beginning, you may wonder if it’s really safe or a good substitute to a cigarette.

Vape was first introduced in the early 2000s. The reason why people are choosing this is because it doesn’t contain tar that causes cancer. There are also different kind of juices you can choose from which only contains a small to almost no nicotine at all. Since there are plenty of flavors you can buy from different vape shops, you can try and play around to know which will be your favorite. What is good with these juices is the fact that they are made out of baking ingredients. You are ensured they are a lot of times safer than cigarettes. With vape, an extra battery will do so you don’t need to have lighter with you all the time.

Vape Shops Near Me – Using the map


We all know that smoking kills. Most smokers find it difficult to quit smoking. For them, smoking helps them a lot when they are stress as it relaxes them. It got them through problematic times, through sleepless nights and it expanded their new circle of friends.

Smoking, for most, is a thing and a part of their daily activities. However, if you already have a baby, there are chances wherein you will opt to quit. Aside from it can risk your health, you will also not want your baby to get exposed to it. You would not want your baby to inhale the toxic air and even to see you smoking. If you eliminate it straight away, it will definitely be tough. So what you can do is to lessen the times you smoke and try it occasionally. However, since the effect of smoking is to satisfy your mouth, you may also feel this attempt of binge eating instead which is unhealthy. A better alternative for this is to chew a gum or have a menthol candy in your mouth.

Vaping has a lot of benefits. It is slowly being talked about. What you can conclude from here is that it is better, it is healthier than smoking. It may not be new to you at all as there are a lot of news out there that proves vaping is 90% healthier than your usual cigarettes. Well, there are some who only opt to use vape not because they want to choose this as an alternative to smoking but only to look cool. Personally, I don’t know why you have to vape when you never tried smoking in your life.

Where is the nearest Vape shops location

Technology made our lives easier and if you want to know something or looking for places you are not familiar with,  well, you can simply search on the internet. You can find everything online. And If you want to find out where is the nearest vape shops, you can use google maps or plainly ask around, you can try to ask your family, relatives or friends the nearest vape shop they know or vape shops they are familiar with.  However, in the Philippines, vape shops don’t sell vape to minors.

Vape shops locations near me now

It is not as difficult to find a vape shop near you.  For instance you may be in need of a Vape please note the following Vape Shops that are near you.

A.      Dark Vaper Shop

Dark Vaper Shop is a magic and Star Wars-themed Vaped shop located in the PhilippinesDark Vaper Shop is owned by Jeffrey Tam. He is a Filipino Artist and a world-renowned magician. As a matter of fact, he is still Asia’s defending champion for Close Up Magic. He is a Filipino pride to won several world championships. On this pastime, he raps and does tattoos.

The theme of this vape shop was inspired by Star Wars as he was also a fan of it. He has a collection of shirts, posters, and figurines. He even renovated his walk-in closet into a Star Wars showroom. As time passed by, he began to have thoughts of Star Wars themed-vape shop. He asked his constructor and business partner Randy Bernal, to help him make his dreams come true.

He started his vape shop last 2008. His decision of building a vape shop started from his personal transition out of smoking. In fact, he was the one who introduced vaping to his place. For him, a kind of business plan that would help others smokers to quit their habit will surely be a win-win. When he personally started vaping, his health was 10x better and his lungs cleared out.

Finally, Dark Vape came out to the scene. The vape shop was awesome. You can see a lot of recycled woods, crates, and bottles. The ambiance is good, you will definitely enjoy vaping. It’s a good place to chill with your friends, check out their mods, atomizers, juices, and of course, sharing of stories.

The vape shop sells MODs, batteries, e-liquids, atomizers, charger, and etc. Most are locally produced, others are imported from countries such as Malaysia, Canada, and the US.

For the price, the vape starter pack ranges from P7,000-P8,000. This includes all the essentials. The e-liquid ranges from P130-P600 depending on the flavor and amount. Their bestsellers are their local and home-made e-juice called EDU Mansanas (Apple), Lakatantastic (Banana), and Strawgatas (Strawberry Milk). They are able to sell an estimate of 5,000 bottles a month.

Before you purchase, you have to make sure you’re at least 18 since minors are not allowed. Even if vaping is a healthier choice to smoking, they are still careful on who they are going to sell it. They don’t encourage minors to do things that may even lead them to smoke sometimes. They don’t want to prompt them.

Dark Vaper is a chilling place for vapers and everyone. You can get a few drinks, hang out and meet new friends. The vape shop is expanding as it invites people to gather. At times, you may also get a chance to see Jeffrey doing magic to entertain you. To witness all these things, go and experience vaping at Dark Vaper Shop located in 2C Kamuning Road, Quezon City 1103 Metro Manila, Philippines.


The joint is found on 8 Santolan Road corner Ortigas Avenue, San Juan, 1500 Metro Manila, Philippines The telephone contact for the Joint is ;+639298969366.

This is a go-to place for all your vaping needs. Vape Joint offers both local and imported vape which are priced accordingly. The price is the same with the suppliers coming from the countries of Malaysia, USA, and the UK. You can also check the prices on the company’s website including its’ shipping fees, taxes, and other costs. Also, the people here are very accommodating and will be there to help you if you need assistance or for any inquiries. This is a vape store to trust. Their staff will surely take care of you. Just like other vape shops in Manila, you can also hang out here and have a good time. The vape shop’s theme is Rasta so you’ll definitely feel the reggae and smoky vibe there.

At first glance, the place seems too nice you that you become quite hesitant going in. The products they display and endorse are those with top quality. You know your money’s worth if you buy to them. They also ensure that in a case of any problem, they can easily be called so you’ll know what to do next.


Located on L3-306 Greenfield District Pavilion, Stall 13, 2/F, Central Gallery, EDSA Mandaluyong, 1550 Metro Manila, Philippines. The shop offers unique blend of Vapes. The contact for the shop is Phone number +639270132510. All vape-related products are on the Vapetronix Vape shop. You’ll be able to buy MODs and atomizers, cotton, wire, and e-juice. They also give vaping tips and assistance if you need to rebuild your device.

What’s good on this vape shop is that the place is not in the center of the mall and is easily reached. You won’t feel discourteous to try out their juices. The mall has also direct access to the Shaw MRT station. Unlike other vape shops, most of their hardware is clones and imitations. All their atomizers are locally-made. They also have smaller gauge wires and Muji cotton. Both are priced right and are commonly available in their shop. Also, they have a wide selection of juices. Some are branded testers so you can still enjoy the quality of juices without compromising the price.


The shop is located at Frontera Verde, C5, G/F SM Hypermart, Pasig, 1604 Metro Manila, Philippines. This vape shop may not be as very much intimate as other vape shops as this is located in a mall, but this one will surely be liked by most vapers because of they are one with the widest selection of atomizers. Each of the atomizers is labeled with proper names and prices so you can canvass from which to which. However, most are imitations and clones which are cheap. There are few originals from China and are slightly costly from the rest. Their mods are most likely original but for vaping beginners, they can offer you older ego sticks and atomizers which are cheaper. They have limited juice selection but they have homemade flavors. This shop is a good place to stop by while you are window shopping around the mall.


Located at Lower Level, Theatre Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center, Ortigas Ave, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines. The vape shop offers some of the unique types of vape.  It’s been a decade since vaping has been a large fad to industry. People are tempted to try vaping as it promises to be a healthy alternative to a cigarette. Well, there are a lot of vaping shops in Metro Manila and here is Chief Vapers located in Theatre Mall to be one of the top-of-the-line. This vape shop has a wide selection of e-juice both locally and internationally made. Two of their best sellers are Mason’s Drop and Cloud Chaser. Both have these RY4 hybrids (Strawberry4 and Bavarian RY4). They also sell Ego One for beginners.

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Vape shops near me now

If ever you come to visit the place, you’ll be meeting the staff who are very friendly and are willing to help you out in any way from recommending the juice based on your likings to proposing builds to wicking and coiling.

For customer’s convenience, they also have a couch. Customers and buyers can sit down comfortably, vape and chat with the people you meet. So if you want to buy an affordable vape and its essentials, this is a good place to go.