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Waffle House Near Me

What is Waffle House exactly and how can I find Waffle House Near Me you might wonder? Waffle House is a private restaurant company that was founded in the year 1955 in Atlanta, Georgia and has its headquarters in Norcross, Georgia in the United States. Waffle House has a chain of restaurants across the United States of America with most of which are located in South America region. The total numbers of locations are 2100.

Waffle House Near Me – Using the map

Waffle House was founded by two people namely Joe Rodgers Sr. and Tom Forkner and up to date, they still own the majority share of the company. Waffle House has grown so big and has captured the attention of a lot of people. This has consequently increased the number of customers they have across the United States. Being one of the best restaurants serving waffles, it has sure made a name for itself. To add on to this, Waffle House has been featured in a number of shows as well as musical clips. This goes to show you that it is more than just a great restaurant; it is a brand that people are proud to associate themselves with at any given occasion.

The name Waffle House came into existence after an observation was made by Forkner that indicated waffles were the main thing that brought in the money. The rate at which they sold waffles in a day as compared to other items on the menu was simply amazing. The name has ever since been a great label as well as a brand.

Waffle House Near Me Now

In order to reach fast to Waffle House near your location we have provided for you an interactive map that you can use. These maps are the most accurate and they will give you fastest route to Waffle House locations.

With the great love people have for the restaurant, it has called for them to make their accessibility easy for their customers. Having a vast number of locations is one thing, being easily located is another. Therefore, Waffle House has developed channels that their customers can use to find their vast number of locations wherever they are without struggling or getting frustrated.


I know that when you have that craving for a waffle straight from waffle house you just have to have it or else you will not feel great. Therefore, regardless of where you are, you can always be able to find a location for a waffle house near you. Some of the ways you can use to get a location include:

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Use of google map: google map is an application that was designed and implemented by google to help people in finding places across the world. Over the years it has grown to be famous and well liked among people that it is primarily the major thing people think of when looking for locations. To access this application, you can either download it to your phone or you can use it directly on your computer. Either way, it works pretty much the same way.  First and foremost you will need search information and in this case, it is, ‘waffle house near me’. This information is fed in the search box and then you click on the search ‘button’.

It will just take some few seconds and your results will be displayed. As the name suggests, the results will be displayed on a map using red pins. You are required to click on one of the red pins so that the map can zoom in to give you a better view of the exact location. The roads, street as well as the lanes that lead to the store will be clearly displayed such that you can be able to follow them and get to the waffle house that is nearby. If you stick to the guidance of the map for directions, you will not lose your way.

Use of their store locator: a lot of companies have websites that help them get all the information about their business out to the public. It is a genius way of marketing as people always look up to the internet for any sort of information and being online increase the chances of landing more customers. By using waffle house locator, you will simply have to click on locations and a map will load giving you the answers you wanted. Unlike other store locators, this one works together with google maps to give you results. The moment you click on locations, it will use your IP address to generate a number of locations for waffle houses near you. It is very simple to use and you do not need to input any kind of information in the search box.

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Traditional ‘ask around’ method: actually, it is not as traditional as it just sounded. It is only that technology has made it a thing of the past for a while now. Even so, it is still an easy, fast, convenient method that will always get you the results you want. A number of people are actually very shy when it comes to asking strangers for direction and they would rather figure it out on their own.

This should not be the case because, a while back, before technology set in and took over life, people relied on asking around to get directions. All you have to do is walk over to someone and ask for the directions to a nearby waffle house or pick up your phone and call your family member, relative, friend, colleague or neighbor and you will have an answer. It is as simple as that and you will not experience any hurdles or frustrations unless you are an antisocial person, only then will this method frustrate the life out of you.

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Use of other websites: there are a number of websites that have been created that list business and also restaurants. These websites come in handy when looking for certain specific places as they can give you the addresses as well as the contacts of the places you are looking for. www.menuism.com is one of such websites. By logging onto their website, you will come across a number of states that have waffle house locations. Against each name, the number of restaurants available there is indicated. You can, therefore, click on the state that you are in and go through the results displayed. Alternatively, you can search for a location using your city or state. After entering the above information, you can then click the search ‘button’ and wait for your results. Whichever method you choose, you will get the answer to what you are looking for. hourscenter.com is also another great website that has a listing for waffle house locations. This site has a total of 1955 locations. You can search for waffle house location by using your state or by using your city.

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Typically, there is a list of all the states, twenty-nine in number as well as major cities within those states so it is up to you to choose the one to go with. It is an easy site to use and it will guarantee you good results. www.hours-locations.com,  is also a great website to carry out your search with. For this, you will need the name of the store you are searching for as well as your state, city or zip code. Upon feeding this information on the search box, you can click on the search ‘button’ and wait for a few seconds as your search results are being generated. You can also select a state, and then select a city and you will be directed to a results page giving you information like the address, contacts and the working hours of that restaurant. www.zomato.com and www.yelp.com  are also some of the other websites that you can use for your search.

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Regardless of where you are right now, it is vital that you are able to find a waffle house location around you. As discussed above, all those methods are applicable at any given time. Whether you ask around, use google map, use waffle house locator or use the other mentioned websites, you will still land on the same answer that you are looking for. The vast number of locations has made it even an easier task to find one right around the corner as compared to if it was scarce. It is also good to note that waffle house is not just found in any country. It serves specific places so before you get to the search, be sure that that area has a waffle house restaurant. That aside, I am confident that when you use any of these methods, you will have good results. For the methods that need you to have search information, ensure that you input the right information do as to get the right answers.

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In the event that you are looking for the closest waffle house, I would advise that you ask around and if this does not sit well with you, you can use google map or waffle house store locator. These two work quite the same. Using your IP address, they will generate search results that are closest to you. Even so, the term ‘closest’ is relative. No matter the distance you will have to cover so that you can get to the first nearest location, that is the restaurant closest to you, it is regardless of distance. On the brighter side, the vast number of locations available makes it more likely that the restaurant will be much closer to you.

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There is no telling exactly when you may want to have a something to eat from waffle house. A craving can come up either during the day or during the night. For this reason, waffle house had to devise a way that will help them take care of the needs of its clients at all given times. The way out was to work around the clock. This has been a great success for the business as well as a great move for the good of the customers. There are a number of websites that you can use to find 24 hours waffle house near your environment. www.trioadvisor.com is a great place to start. www.eater.com and www.yelp.com are just but a few of the websites that can help you with this search. This way you are in a position to enjoy your meal at these restaurants without the worry of time.