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Hair removal is an integral part of the life of a human being. Most people relate smooth skin to some form of civilized mind. However, different other people do not see the need for constant hair plucking, after all the hair is going to grow again. However, for the “civilized mind,” if I may say it as so, hair removal is an exercise that is taken very seriously. Summer is characterized by very revealing attire because of the rise in temperatures making people want to enjoy the time while it lasts. Many individuals, more so ladies believe that having hair on themselves can be quite embarrassing. So you might hear them talk of waxing, sugaring or just shaving. When people speak of waxing near me, do you understand what that means? For someone with little knowledge of this self-care procedure, waxing refers to a hair removal technique that uses some form of wax smeared on the skin.

After the wax is applied on the surface, it sticks to the skin coagulating with the hair follicles. It is left on for some time then ripped off with or without a cloth strip. Painful huh? Well, most users say it comes with the effectiveness of removing hair they wanted. Waxing spas are all over, and there is a need for you first to understand the different kinds of waxing procedure present so that you can get hooked with a spa near you. Regardless of whether you want to set up a waxing spa or you just want to be affiliated to one, it is paramount to understand better the waxing frontier before doing anything else.

Finding A Waxing Salon Near Me

If you want to find the places offering waxing near me, you can use the below search function to make it happen.

Types of Wax

It might not be necessary that all these spas be near you, but it is important to have a bit of information on them still.

Hard wax. I understand how military that sounds, but it might surprise you that it is not as “hard” as it sounds. First of all, the word comes from the material of wax and not on the design type of skin. Secondly, it is mostly used for certain types of skins structures whether very sensitive or slightly sensitive. Estheticians apply this hard wax to the skin and let it sit for a while to dry and harden, in the process merging with the hair follicles. They will then yank it off using their fingers tearing it off with the hair strands. Mostly, the type of procedure is used for individuals with sensitive kind of skin. So for a spa goer and the the business minded beautician, the hard wax is preferred for the tender skin.

Soft wax. I probably should have started out with this because the name sounds more appealing. This form of waxing can be referred to as strip wax which is heated up gently to resemble honey. It is then smeared on the skin surface where hair removal is intended and then covered using a muslin cloth. The estheticians then pluck the material which will have made an amalgam with the wax off. This form of waxing is aimed at plucking the shallow hair giving it a more practical approach when one needs to wax the legs or even the back. It is less painful than the hard wax, but pain depends on the kind of individual’s receptiveness to it. Additionally, for soft waxing to be done, powder is applied to the skin to aid the honey-like wax stick properly with the hair follicles.

Sugaring Wax. If you are more into all-natural procedures been done on your body, then the sugaring wax is the way to go. It uses natural occurring elements such as sugar, honey and lemon juice to produce a sticky substance used for performing the waxing procedure. With sensitive skin, it is the best since it used compounds that are natural hence friendly to the skin. This form of waxing is suitable for profound waxing because it is not technically painful as the rest procedures. It is also very effective in smoothing the skin.

The different types of waxing procedures offer the array of choice for various kinds of people. For business purpose, one has to decide the kind of direction they would like to take when waxing is concerned and also the specialization that a therapist might want. I would like to point out the different styles of waxing in brief.

Popular Waxing Options

Eyebrow Waxing. A very simple procedure that even hair dressers without a variety of waxing services may still offer. It involves cleaning up stray hairs and shaping the eyebrows if desired. We have an article if you want more details on eyebrow waxing or to find specific eyebrow waxing locations.

The Underarms. A very common one for women that get tired of shaving their arm pits. This is exactly what it sounds like.

The Back, Chest, Shoulders, etc. Most common for men, the bigger body parts can also be waxed. Some people have a lot of hair on their back that they don’t like and want to get waxed off (it’s hard to shave your own back!).

Thighs (Inner, Outer). There are many varieties of the leg wax, from inner and outer thigh to calves as well and any combination thereof.

Bikini Wax. This is a cleanup kind of hair removal whereby you remove hair from the legs and running all through the bikini line. However, the full bikini wax can resemble the Brazilian wax to an outsider because of the entirety of hair removal. Learn more about the bikini wax here.

Brazilian Wax. This is the style preferred by most ladies who do not want any hair on their groin region. Read more information about Brazilian Waxing here.

Brazilian With Landing Strip. For an adventurer out there, this might be interesting for you. It involves creating different symbols on the skin using the waxing strip. One tells the esthetician the type of “artwork” you would like your hair to conform to and he/she does it. It is probably not a good idea because some hair will be left on you but who knows maybe you are the adventurer type. This is much like the Brazilian with a strip left.

How much does waxing cost?

With a good knowledge of waxing procedures and styles, the price is also important to understand. Since it is a business, there are different forms of discrimination with some spas charging higher that other yet doing the same procedure. On average the cost of waxing process range between $15 to $80 all depending on the type of waxing and also the location of the spa.

Parting Thought

For the explorer either from a personal perspective to a corporate one, it is fundamental to understand the general traits to waxing that I have tried to explain above. However, one needs to decide on the area you are interested in so that you get more detail. For corporate purposes, a prospecting spa owner needs to understand in depth procedures regarding waxing.