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Wells Fargo Near Me

Wells Fargo Near Me – Using The App

Let us help you locate the nearest Wells Fargo to your current location. Find a Wells Fargo near me by making use of the below web app. If you don’t see one near you and you’re looking to join the bank, you might simply be out of luck. If you are a bank member and are traveling to any major city in North America, or through most hubs of the world, you shouldn’t have an issue locating one of their branches below.

Wells Fargo Information

Welcome to Wells Fargo, the world’s largest bank! At least by market share that is. They currently have almost $194 billion in equity as of 2015. They are a strong, aggressive institution that works hard with your money to get the best returns possible. Due to the 8,300 branches and over 13,000 ATM’s, you would be hard pressed not to find a Wells Fargo near me.

An interesting piece of history is that the two founders, Wells and Fargo had started American Express together only two years prior to forming this bank as we know it today. But you’re not here for a history lesson, so check out the below map to track down the nearest Wells Fargo. Maybe even open an account while you’re there!

Bank Facts

  • Current CEO: John Stumpf
  • Founded by: Henry Wells & William Fargo
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California, USA
  • Founded In: March 18, 1852 in New York, USA
  • Assets: $1.849 trillion

What Does the Wells Fargo Offer?

  • You can pretty much guess if it involves money changing hands, you can find Wells Fargo there!
  • They do offer the standard retail banking package, including lending products, credit cards and more.
  • The also offer Asset and Trust Management for the people with big time money (companies too).
  • For businesses they have a very successful commercial financing arm as well as an entire division devoted to employee benefits. No more needing to have multiple banks or insurance companies dealing with your employees (or interupting their productivity!).
  • You also better believe they have a massive investment banking division.

Wells Fargo in The News

Taking it back in history only slightly would be the other larger scandal due to acquisition of Wachovia. During the 2008 financial crisis, the US government sanctioned the buy of Wachovia Corp by Citigroup (aka. Citibank for retail clients), but Wells Fargo stepped in to the buy, citing a 7x larger valuation of Wachovia. This valuation nearly 4x the ROI for shareholders. Not longer after forcing their way into an acquisition over Citigroup, they found that Wachovia had been violating a number of procedural laws including failure to disclose a large amount of information and documentation to mortgage clients. No surprise amid the 2008 catastrophe. Millions of dollars in fines were issued, but Wells Fargo continued along yet again with business as usual.The current scandal reports that Wells Fargo employees (approximately 5,300) have been opening unauthorized bank accounts and credit cards in their customers’ names in order to generated additional sales figures and revenues from fees. This has all been taking place since at least 2011. Over 2 million fake accounts have been opened to date. Record fines of over $180 million have been slapped against Wells Fargo due to the uncovering of this scandal. That being said it appears to be business as usual as the move forward past this.

Would An ATM Suit Your Current Needs?

Find an ATM near you and you can cut the wait at the teller line. Especially if you only have the need for some cash, you can get everything you need from an ATM. If you find one of the 13,000 Wells Fargo ATMs you can actually do even more, including pay your bills and make deposits. The options are also endless with online banking these days, don’t feel like you need to go into a branch for all your banking needs. Obviously though, sometimes it’s a lot less of a hassle to speak to a real person, peace of mind too.