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Zoo Near Me

Find A Zoo Nearby

No matter where you live in the world you can still experience and see the joys that nature’s best has to offer in terms of wildlife. All you need to do is find a Zoo Near Me and get in line! The zoo will take care of the rest and make sure you have the best experience possible.

Find A Zoo Near Me On The Map

I would like to think that it’s pretty obvious why you won’t find a zoo around just any corner out there. Every zoo first and foremost needs a lot of land. Gone are the days of jamming animals into cages for people to poke and prod at. These animals are given a large area to live as natural a life as possible. That being said there are also laws and regulations about a zoo being too close to residential areas. They are often on the outskirts of a community or at least in a theme park related area of the city.

Precautions At The Zoo

There are safety warnings all around the zoo at all times for a reason. Respect the rules and the animals will respect you. While there can always be a very small risk of unforeseen circumstances, zoo’s will have a number of safety procedures for emergencies should something actually happen. The important thing to remember are to follow the posted rules: if the sign says don’t feed the animals, don’t feed the animals; if the sign says don’t climb the fence, please don’t climb the fence; if the sign says don’t stick your fingers in the cage, you will likely want to avoid sticking your finger in the case. Follow the rules and the zoo can be a very fun and safe place to visit.

Animals You’ll See At The Zoo

  • Lions – the kings of the jungle, found at almost every zoo you can think of.
  • Tigers – another classic and one of my favorites. Cute as a “kitten” but their paws could rip your face right off if you get too close to an untrained tiger.
  • Zebras – a zoo classic! These striped animals are almost always at your local zoo.
  • Alpacas – more commonly found at your neighborhood petting zoo, but still a great addition any time.
  • Ostrich – again more of a petting zoo and a little bit of a wildcard of an animal, an ostrich can be quite the fun experience to watch.
  • Sometimes Elephants, Giraffes, Camels and other safari-like animals – depending on where you are in the world, you might see some of these animals nearby.
  • Penguins – again, depending on your location, a penguin or two isn’t uncommon to see at the zoo!
  • Bears (black, koala, panda, etc.) – many of the smaller zoos have grizzly and black bears while bigger zoos have koala and panda bears and they’re always fun to watch play around.
  • Monkeys (Apes and Baboons) – so much fun because they seem so human-like, watch how the interact with each other and how they approach you near their cages.
  • Insects! – Many zoos will have an insect room that you can see but often not enter. This might include spiders and snakes as well.
  • Water animals such as seals and walruses – Always fun to see on a hot summer day, they seem so happy to be swimming in their refreshing pools.
  • Birds such as peacocks and parrots – there’s usually a sanctuary you can walk through with a number of birds hanging around trying to have a conversation with you.

Does Weather Matter?

When it comes to any zoo near me, the short answer is yes. Weather matters. While it’s not like the zoo will close in rain, you might not get the same experience as animals take shelter (assuming you’re not also allowed in their shelters). You might be able to enter and walk around the grounds but might not be able to see much. If weather becomes too torrential then they may end up denying entrance as it would be just too dangerous to let you in due to slipping and falling and they may simply not want to work outside in that kind of weather. If it’s a big storm they often “batten down the hatches” and make sure the animals are warm and safe.

Famous Zoo’s Around The World

  • San Diego Zoo
  • Berlin Zoo
  • Sydney Zoo
  • Tiergarten Schönbrunn (Vienna)
  • Bronx Zoo
  • Beijing Zoo
  • London Zoo

This is just a taste of some of the world’s greatest zoos! There are so many great zoos you can find near me and other places around the world. It’s not just about going to see animals but about seeing them in their “as natural a habitat as possible”. It can be so interesting to see how animals interact with each other as well.